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Harvest Market

Terminal 2, Departures Airside, Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin Ireland
Open Today: 04:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Quick Facts About Harvest Market

Strengths: 1. Some customers enjoyed their meals at Harvest Market and found the food to be tasty, particularly the burgers and certain Irish dishes. 2. The staff was described as lovely and friendly by some customers, creating a positive atmosphere. 3. Harvest Market offers a range of Irish foods, allowing customers to sample local cuisine even while at the airport. 4. The soup and soda bread, as well as the coffee, were praised as hearty, warm, and refreshing after a long day of traveling. 5. The restaurant is set up nicely, providing a pleasant environment for customers to enjoy their meals.
Weaknesses: 1. A recurring issue is the long wait times for food. One customer had to wait 45 minutes for their fries as a side dish and had to ask twice before receiving them. Additionally, the fries were not cooked properly. Another customer complained about their lasagne not being hot. 2. Many customers commented on the high prices at Harvest Market, feeling that it was too expensive compared to other dining options, both at the airport and in town. 3. It was noted by some customers that the Pizzateig (pizza dough) was not fully cooked, which affected the overall quality of the dish. 4. Some customers found the restaurant to be not particularly clean, with one specific comment about the cutlery being grotty. 5. The portion sizes were described as small for certain dishes, such as the chicken. 6. A few customers found the atmosphere at Harvest Market to be lacking, with one person describing it as cold. 7. In one review, it was mentioned that tables were not being cleared, indicating a lack of efficiency and attentiveness from the staff. 8. Another recurring complaint was the poor quality of the coffee served at Harvest Market. One customer even mentioned that there were no lids available for the coffee cups. 9. Several customers expressed disappointment with the overall quality of the food, stating that it was not great, cheap, or even inedible in some cases. One customer specifically mentioned that the full Irish breakfast and porridge were not up to par. 10. The issue of being understaffed was raised by a customer, leading to longer wait times and potentially decreased customer service. 11. It was suggested that the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) should monitor and ensure the quality of the airport's catering services.
Overall, Harvest Market has some strengths, such as friendly staff, a range of Irish food options, and some positive feedback on specific dishes. However, the restaurant faces several weaknesses, including long wait times, high prices, cleanliness issues, subpar food quality, and inefficiencies in service. These concerns should be addressed in order to improve the dining experience for customers.

Best TL Reviews

Nachmittags 45 Minuten auf Pommes als Beilage gewartet, zweimal nachgefragt, die kamen dann mal und waren nicht mal durch...Lasagne war dagegen kaum heiss....nach Beschwerde gab es dann den Vorschlag eines obligatorischen Kaffees (abgelehnt) ...leider nicht zum ersten Mal enttäuscht.
Viel zu teuer. Pizzateig nicht gar. Nicht besonders sauber.
Burger was good. The chicken ok but a small portion. The staff was I bit sleepy. It was in the afternoon and I guess someone was tired. Not so good atmosphere. Rather cold.
I enjoyed my lunch at the Harvest Market in Terminal 2 of Dublin Airport. The soup and soda bread (with real butter), and coffee were hearty, warm, and tasty. It was a very refreshing after a long day and night of travelling. The prices were a little high compared to a restaurant in town, but they were completely in line with what is normal for airport restaurants.
20 euro steak. Cooked to order and somehow comes out cold and overcooked. Don't bother. Compelled to review. 1 star for the balsamic vinegar dressing.
We traveled v early in late September and ate here when we wouldn't normally. I had porridge with seeds and Honey and it wasn't great. Husband had the full Irish and he said it also was not great and despite being expensive the meats etc were v cheap n nasty. The coffee was also atrocious with no lids. Its a shame as its a nice set up and the staff were lovely. But tables were not being cleared and we definitely wouldn't eat here again. Next time will bring a snack and get a lovely Butlers coffee instead.
I travel a fair bit and I have to say that this is some of the worst airport food I've had in a long time. My pre-made salad baguette had been sitting there so long that the bread was completely soft and the salad wilted. My son's Margherita pizza must have had nearly a pound of cheese on it and was inedible without surgery. All the cutlery was really grotty. The place was completely understaffed too. For all this plus two soft drinks we paid €26. Avoid, avoid, avoid. DAA are clearly not keeping tabs on the businesses providing their catering.
Good selection of Irish foods in an airport. Food tasted good.

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