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Quick Facts About Lithia Nails

Lithia Nails appears to have both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned by multiple customers is the cleanliness of the salon. This is an important aspect of any nail salon, as customers want to feel comfortable and confident in the hygiene practices of the establishment. This positive attribute is likely to attract potential customers who prioritize cleanliness in their choice of nail salon.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the quality of the nail services. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the longevity and durability of their nails after visiting Lithia Nails. This indicates that the salon is able to provide good quality manicures and pedicures that meet the expectations of customers. Additionally, the comments indicate that the prices at Lithia Nails are reasonable, as one customer mentions preferring Lithia Nails over more expensive nail technicians.
The presence of skilled nail technicians is also highlighted in some of the comments. Customers have mentioned specific employees who provided excellent service and displayed attention to detail. This indicates that there are talented and attentive nail technicians employed at Lithia Nails, which can be seen as a strength of the salon.
On the other hand, there are some notable weaknesses mentioned in the comments as well. One recurring issue is the presence of rude or aggressive employees. Multiple customers have described negative experiences with certain nail technicians who were rough, unresponsive to requests for gentleness, and even became irate and yelled at customers. This indicates a lack of professionalism and customer service skills among certain staff members, which can be seen as a significant weakness of the salon.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of accountability and poor customer service exhibited by some employees. In one instance, a customer experienced gel nail polish and toe polish coming off shortly after the service. When the customer called to address the issue, the employee was dismissive, rude, and even lied about the cause of the problem. This lack of professionalism and poor customer service reflects poorly on the salon as a whole and can contribute to a negative reputation.
Additionally, one customer mentioned an incident where a nail technician damaged their natural nails during an SNS nail application. This indicates a lack of expertise and knowledge among certain staff members, which can be seen as a weakness of the salon.
Overall, while Lithia Nails has some positive attributes such as cleanliness, quality service, and skilled nail technicians, it also has some significant weaknesses including rude and aggressive employees, poor customer service, and a lack of expertise in certain areas. These negative aspects can greatly impact the customer experience and may deter potential clients from visiting the salon.

Best TL Reviews

My first time coming to this salon. This place was clean. However , the person I got whose name is Winston. He was so aggressive and rough. I told him many times that he is either holding my hand to tight, cutting me or filing my nail to the skin to much. He didn’t listen. I asked him if there was any way he can please be more gentle . After requesting him to be gentle because he already cut me. I requested for another person. He gets irate to the point he throws the machine on the table and it cuts me . He screams at me and tells me to get out. There were witnesses in the salon at the time who were also confused and scared. I was scared. I am really considering making a police report . I did not feel safe. The person (Theresa) who was able to just finish the two that I had left was sweet, gentle and did a good job. I feel bad she has to be an environment like that.
I brought my 6 year old daughter here to have her nails/toes painted with gel polish. The gel nail polish came off after 3 days and the toes after 1 week. I called after the 3 days and a guy did not say sorry. He was just like come in so we can fix it. I asked his name. He responded "why do you need to know my name". I responded "so I know who I spoke with" he said "Kevin and hung up". I drove back to the place ( which is 25 minutes from my house) to get it fixed. They lied and said the reason why it came off because my daughter was moving the first time. Which was a huge lie I was standing by her the entire time. They were super rude when I came back. Kevin told me the gel will not come off unless you drill it. I would never recommend this place to anyone. I do not like supporting rude people. And they had the nerve to lie on my daughter that she was moving. Yeah right. ????
First and foremost I was very excited to see a woman of color inside of this nail salon (Belinda). I was treated with the upmost importance during my first experience. Belinda is very attentive and very detail oriented when working on my nails and or toes. Not only does Belinda do 1 color nails she’s also trendy with nail shapes and art. You have to check her out. You won’t be disappointed!
Everyone at Lithia Nails is always so friendly and does amazing nails. My nails always last so long and are great quality, I’ve been to expensive nail techs before and I still think Lithia Nails is better. Their prices are good, the first photo is when I got my most recent set done and the second photo is 3 weeks later (nothing has broken off yet????).
Love this place! Been coming here since last year and Kevin always fulfills the vision of what I want. The salon is beautiful, clean, and the wait is never long. I’ve lived in Douglasville my entire life and I won’t go anywhere else to get my nails done.
My first time being here and I had a wonderful experience!!! Nina took care of me and she did an amazing job on my nails !!! I will definitely be coming back to her . I totally recommend this place ❤️
I enjoy going to Lithia Nails but after today, I am done and I hate it because it is a very nice salon. I get the same thing every time, a pedicure and sns nails on my real nail. The guy who started my nails had no clue what he was doing. He removed the sns polish as if I had fake nails and broke every real nail I have. If he doesn’t know how to do sns, he should not be practicing on a customer. I am not sure where Kevin the manager was today but I requested a call. I find that many of the nail shops in Douglasville do not value their customer base. Sorry Lithia nails but you have lost a loyal customer.
Great customer service, clean and elegant decor, service was fabulous, and feet felt and looked great. They bring treatment products out on a tray with flowers (perfect touch????). Service wasn't rush and I was handled with care. Very ambiance atmosphere, as most ppl were calm or sleep. I really like the kids spa chairs (another plus????). Best spot in Douglasville so far for pedicures and I have been to several places.

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