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O'Shea's Shop & SS Ltd.

+353 66 712 2892
N86 Main St, Ballyvelly, Blennerville, Co. Kerry Ireland
Open Today: 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Quick Facts About O'Shea's Shop & SS Ltd.

O'Shea's Shop & SS Ltd. has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. The strengths include friendly and helpful staff, a pleasant shopping experience, a good assortment of items for travelers, a sit-down area, fresh food, and a variety of products including coffee, tea, cold drinks, hot food, salads, ice cream, and wines. Additionally, customers have praised the cheerful and friendly service they received during their visits.
However, the weaknesses of O'Shea's Shop & SS Ltd. can also be identified from the comments. One of the main weaknesses is the issue of slow service and long queues. One comment mentions a slow-moving queue, and another describes a large queue where staff prioritize serving ice creams instead of attending to customers. These issues can be frustrating for customers, leading them to advise others to avoid the place. This could potentially impact the reputation and customer satisfaction of the establishment.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the behavior and attitude of some staff members. Several comments mention unpleasant and rude staff experiences. One customer recalls encountering a young staff member who had a serious and unsmiling face, making the shopping experience less pleasant. In another comment, a customer reports an incident where a staff member made derogatory remarks, criticizing the customer and displaying unprofessional behavior. These instances of poor customer service and inappropriate conduct reflect negatively on the establishment and can deter customers from returning or recommending it to others.
Furthermore, it is mentioned that some staff members seem to be disinterested in their work and lack enthusiasm. One comment suggests that the staff at the deli counter are moody and rarely smile. This lack of enthusiasm and customer care skills can contribute to an overall negative experience for customers.
In terms of pricing, one comment complains about the cost of items. The customer expresses disbelief over paying €5 for a salad sandwich that seemed to lack proper ingredients. This raises concerns about the value for money provided by the establishment, potentially driving customers away in search of better options.
While there are positive aspects such as a good assortment of products and tasty homemade treats, the negative comments regarding rude staff, slow service, and high prices overshadow these strengths. Improvements in customer service, staff training, queue management, and pricing transparency could rectify the weaknesses and enhance the overall experience for customers at O'Shea's Shop & SS Ltd.

Best TL Reviews

Staff are always friendly and helpful. Very plesent shopping experience all round.
This is the worst petrol station in th country. Always a slow moving horrible queue staff serving ice creams instead of caring for the customers in the huge queue. Avoid at all costs. What a kip.
What unpleasant rude staff..Today we decided to get a sandwich here while out for a drive..I asked for ham salad. the young one behind the counter had a face like iron...no smile or chat..A salad sandwich which consisted of Coleslaw grated cheese and 1 slice of ham.. ........€5.00 Unbeliable..
The staff here really need to be sent away on a course to help them be a little more pleasant..I cannot understand if you hate a job so bad .. why take the position.. It isnt right to take your hatred out on a customer.
I was very distracted this morning waiting on bad/good news on a close friend but I went in and ordered a wrap I gave my order twice and got a message that I was waiting for a girl with red hair and tattoo who was servering me all of a sudden got very rude that I didn't hear her ask me what I wanted even tho I had told her twice but she was too busy talking to other staff about biting your own tounge to hear me .I then said it to her again and she continued to talk about to her co worker another girl about me not listening needing to get my hearing checked and that I can go hungry for all she cares this was very rude I was always respectful when I go in there multiple times a week but I won't be returning and I'll be telling others to stay away too
I find the staff very unfriendly. I just don't know, they seem to be not enjoying what they do. Its important to be nice to people. It doesn't cost anything.. The staff who work the deli Counter are just moody and never seem to smile.. please train your staff in Customer care. It will go a long way..
Good assortment for travelers. Sit down area. Fresh food. Coffee tee. Cold drinks.
Had to wait in line but to be fair quickly done .lot's off stuff you can get here if you are heading out off Tralee and forgot to get Diesel petrol and groceries. Also good coffee rest room which is only for customers. Hot food salads ice cream wines ,everything really ..
Popped in for coffee yesterday and picked up some very tasty home made treats and wonderful Skellig preserves. Cheerful, friendly service. Will definitely return again

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