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Roselawn Shopping Centre

104 Roselawn Rd, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, D15 DK8K Ireland
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Quick Facts About Roselawn Shopping Centre

Roselawn Shopping Centre has several strengths that make it a convenient and popular place for local residents. First and foremost, it is a typical small to medium-sized shopping center with Tesco as its main store. This is a significant strength as Tesco is a well-known and trusted brand, providing a wide range of products and services. Having such a major retailer as the anchor store in the shopping center ensures a steady flow of customers and adds to its appeal.
Additionally, the presence of a book store and a pet shop further enhances the shopping center's attractiveness. These stores cater to specific needs and interests, attracting book enthusiasts and pet owners. This variety of stores ensures that the shopping center offers a diverse range of products, increasing its appeal to a wider customer base.
Another strength of Roselawn Shopping Centre is the availability of adequate parking. This is a crucial feature for any shopping center, as convenient parking can significantly impact a customer's decision to visit. The availability of parking spaces ensures that customers can easily park their vehicles and access the stores without any hassle. This convenience is likely to attract more shoppers and contribute to the success of the shopping center.
Furthermore, many customers appreciate the convenience offered by the shopping center. Commenters mentioned that it is a handy spot to get most things one may need. The availability of a variety of shops, such as a pharmacy, coffee shop, hairdresser, newsagent, butcher, and fish shop, ensures that customers can meet their daily needs in one place. This convenience saves time and effort, making the shopping center a go-to destination for locals.
The shopping center's location is also mentioned as a strength. It is described as a local and handy spot, making it easily accessible for nearby residents. Being situated in close proximity to Castleknock area adds to its appeal, as it serves a sizeable population that can conveniently access the shopping center. This proximity to residential areas allows customers to visit frequently and conveniently.
Additionally, positive comments were made about the customer service provided by the Tesco staff at Roselawn. The mention of the "best Tesco people, ready to help you all the time" indicates that the customer service experience is commendable. Friendly and helpful staff contribute to a positive shopping experience and encourage customer loyalty.
However, there are also a few weaknesses that were not explicitly mentioned in the comments. One potential weakness could be the size of the shopping center. While being small to medium-sized offers convenience, it may also limit the range of stores and services available compared to larger shopping centers. Customers seeking niche stores or a wider variety of options may find the selection limited.
Another weakness that can be inferred is the absence of major clothing or fashion retailers. The comments do not mention the availability of such stores, which could suggest that the shopping center may not cater to customers seeking fashion-related products. This lack of variety in certain categories may reduce its overall appeal to some customers.
In conclusion, Roselawn Shopping Centre has several strengths that make it a popular and convenient destination for local residents. These include the presence of trusted and diverse anchor stores like Tesco, a book store, and a pet shop. The availability of adequate parking and its convenience for locals are also commendable aspects. However, limitations such as the shopping center's size and the absence of major clothing retailers may hinder its appeal to certain customers. Overall, Roselawn Shopping Centre offers a convenient and comprehensive shopping experience for local residents.

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Typical small to medium Shopping centre with Tesco as it's main store. Has a book store and a pet shop. There's also adaquate parking
Very handy for local ppl
Everything at one place
Hardware shop
Pat shop and a lot more
Handy spot to get most things u may need.
It is local and you can handy. Big enough Tesco, pharmacies, coffee, hairdresser, news agent, butcher, fish shop, pub, amongst others.
A buck local shopping centre. A quiet place to enjoy a cup of coffee or get shopping, medicine or have a drink.
Great place to do your shopping and spend some time with your family. Plenty of car parking and different varieties of shops located at one place. Close to castleknock area.
Just the best tesco people, they are ready to help you all the time.
An extremely convenient line of shops, clinic and a pub if you live nearby. Awesome area!

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