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Asian Food Mary St (Halal Shop)

+353 1 878 1099
Mary St, North City, Dublin, D01 DH76 Ireland
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Asian Food Mary St (Halal Shop)

Asian Food Mary St, a Halal shop and South Asian grocery store, has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, one comment mentions that the shop has fresh vegetables available on certain weekdays. This indicates that they prioritize the quality of their produce and strive to offer fresh options to their customers. Additionally, the presence of Indian groceries in the store is noted, suggesting a diverse range of products for those seeking specific ingredients.
Another positive aspect highlighted in a comment is the presence of a Mosque (Masjed) inside the shop. This can be seen as a convenience for those who want to pray while shopping or for Muslim customers who prefer to support businesses that cater to their religious needs.
The comment praising the halal meat suggests that Asian Food Mary St offers high-quality meat products that are deemed clean and have friendly staff. This is crucial for customers who require halal meat and expect it to meet specific religious standards. A shop with a stellar reputation for halal meat can attract a loyal customer base, further strengthening their business.
Furthermore, one comment mentions that the new management has improved the service and reduced prices. This demonstrates that the shop is responsive to customer feedback and willing to make changes to enhance the overall shopping experience. Lower prices can also attract more customers and potentially increase sales, providing a competitive advantage.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one prominent issue mentioned is the rude service experienced by a customer. Rude behavior from staff can lead to a negative customer experience, discouraging potential visitors from coming back to the shop. It is important for businesses to prioritize good customer service to maintain a positive reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.
Another weakness highlighted is the expiration of products on the shelves. This indicates a lack of attention to detail regarding stock rotation and restocking. Customers rely on shops to provide fresh and safe products, and the presence of expired items can damage the shop's credibility and trustworthiness. Having someone responsible for checking expiry dates regularly is crucial to prevent this issue.
A controversial comment points out that the owner sells Israeli products and does not show concern for the situation in Palestine. This can be seen as a weakness, as it may alienate some customers who are politically involved and passionate about such issues. Inclusive and socially responsible practices are increasingly important to customers, and a disregard for certain causes can impact a business negatively.
Another negative comment criticizes the prices of products, stating that they are overly expensive, except for meats, which are deemed substandard. High prices may deter customers from purchasing from the shop, especially if there are more affordable alternatives available. The comment also suggests that the shop is part of a "Halal cartel" and refers to the owners as "thieves," indicating a negative perception of the shop's pricing practices.
In conclusion, Asian Food Mary St has strengths such as fresh vegetables on selected weekdays, a mosque inside the shop, quality halal meat, and efforts from new management to improve service and reduce prices. However, weaknesses include rude service, lack of attention to product expiration dates, controversy surrounding the sale of Israeli products, and perceived high prices for non-meat products. Addressing these weaknesses can help the shop further enhance its strengths and attract a larger customer base.

Best TL Reviews

One of the Halal shop and South Asian grocery store. Fresh vegetables are good on few weekdays only. Indian groceries are also there but not much options available.
Extremely bad experience. Rude service. Owner sells Israeli products and does not care about what is happening in Palestine as "business is business". Refused to give Ramadan timetable. How can we call this Halal?
Expiry date of majority of products is passed. Don't know why they don't have someone checking the due dat of expiry!
One of the best halal shops in city centre with Mosque (Masjed) inside. Since the new management came, the service is improving and the prices are now reduced too. Definitely recommend
Best halal meat in Dublin City clean and friendly staff ????????
I normally buy vegetable and pieces from this store. Beef is 1 euro dearer then spice world down talbot street. However if you are after chicken or vegetable or even Brazilian products then I definitely recommend to shop from here. Now another good product is dates, you will find a good range of dates, olives,and probably best Arabic cheese and butter. I highly recommend to visit once if you haven't already been recently as new management has changed almost everything with better hospitality.
Love the new range of mexican and brazilian products they have brought recently, good fruit too
Like most Halal cartel shops in Ireland! Rip off! Prices are just crazy except meats which is sub standard anyways and I don't care to eat Halal or not. I only go to Halal shops if really needed avoid those thieves at all cost.

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