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184 Upper Salthill RdGalwayH91 F6P3 Ireland
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Quick Facts About Grafton Hair

Grafton Hair Place has received several positive comments, highlighting their strengths and also a few negative comments that indicate their weaknesses. Below is an analysis of these comments to provide a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Grafton Hair Place.
1. Excellent customer service: The staff at Grafton Hair Place is highly praised for their helpfulness and attentiveness to their clients. They are willing to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.
2. Skilled and experienced staff: Several comments mention the expertise of the staff members. They have experience in various haircuts, styles, and services for both men and women. This indicates that the salon has a team of professionals who are knowledgeable and competent in their work.
3. Good hairstyling results: Many clients express their satisfaction with the results of their haircuts, colors, and styling at Grafton Hair Place. This suggests that the salon is capable of delivering high-quality hairstyling services.
4. Reasonable pricing: One comment mentions that Grafton Hair Place is reasonably priced. This can be seen as a strength, as it indicates that the salon offers value for money and is accessible to a wide range of customers.
5. Positive recommendation: Several comments mention that the clients highly recommend Grafton Hair Place. This word-of-mouth recommendation serves as a strength for the salon, as it indicates that satisfied customers are willing to endorse their services.
1. Inconsistency in service quality: One comment mentions a negative experience with wedding nails, stating that they looked sloppy and started peeling off after a few days. This indicates a possible inconsistency in service quality, with some services falling short of expectations.
2. Negative attitude: One comment mentions a negative experience where the client had to wait for 40 minutes and received a half-hearted apology from the staff. This suggests that the salon may have a blasé attitude towards customer service, which can be perceived as a weakness.
3. Lack of cleanliness: The comment regarding the makeup application mentions that the room was not clean. This raises concerns about the salon's hygiene standards, which can be perceived as a weakness in maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for clients.
Overall, Grafton Hair Place has several strengths, including excellent customer service, skilled staff, good hairstyling results, reasonable pricing, and positive customer recommendations. However, the comments also indicate weaknesses such as inconsistency in service quality, a negative attitude towards customer service, and concerns about cleanliness. These weaknesses should be addressed by the salon to ensure consistent quality and a positive customer experience.

Best TL Reviews

I can't praise the staff here more. Nothing was too much hassle for them, I wanted a colour change and stephen took every measure possible to give me the best results. First time in years that I have walked out of a hairdressers feeling happy. I have found my new salon ????
To be honest only came here a Marie moved to join the staff. Is a great addition. Great with kids makes them feel at ease. Very experienced in gents hair cuts and styles. In fact from talking to her has a vast experience in both men and women. Rest of the staff were very attentive to their clients. Highly recommend Grafton hair for all.
Got my nails done here for my wedding over the summer. The lady was friendly who did them but I did not like how they came out. They looked sloppy and rushed. They also started to peel off 4 days later which is super annoying since it was shellac. Maybe they’re good for other services, but wish I went somewhere else for my wedding nails..
Best cut and colouring in Galway and I've tried a tonne over the last 20 years of getting highlights! I've been going here now for 4 years and I'm happy out! Highly recommend Richard and his team.
Recommended - skilled and helpful staff. Searching to have blowdry for the Galway races, found this in an internet search. All staff were helpful and professional from the moment we made the booking - they called us back to offer cancellations which we had requested. On the day, 2 of us were so well looked after by Leah and Deirdre with beautiful blowdrys and curls - just what we wanted, which lasted days - we were thrilled, thank you, Karen
Awful experience. Booked in on a Saturday evening as I had a family party that evening in a nearby hotel. I was told that the lady doing my hair was running behind. Assumed it would mean a 5-10 minute wait. 40 minutes later, I was finally approached at which time it was way too late so I said I’d have to leave it. I probably wouldn’t even have bothered with a bad review if it weren’t for the blasé attitude of the staff. I got a half hearted insincere apology. They were more concerned with knocking off for the day than providing any kind of customer service. Won’t be recommending and won’t be returning.
I got my hair & make up done at this salon last Thursday, New Years Eve as I was attending a wedding. My make up was a disaster. It was put on in a basement with no natural light & men's Nivena after shave balm was used as a primer.. I was disgusted. The room itself was far from clean also. My hair was somewhat nice
Regularly get hair & beauty done here. Always very happy with results. Staff very professional, friendly & excellent in what they do. Very reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

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