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Mahon Point Farmers Market

+353 86 168 5312
Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Mahon, Cork Ireland
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Quick Facts About Mahon Point Farmers Market

The Mahon Point Farmers Market has several strengths that make it a favorite among customers. One of the main strengths is the wide variety of fresh and delicious food options available. Customers have mentioned purchasing items such as fresh bread, cheese, meat, mushrooms, olives, pasta, and oysters. This indicates that the market caters to different tastes and dietary preferences.
Another strength of the market is the quality and freshness of the products. Customers have specifically praised the fish stall, mentioning that the fish is fresh from the sea and of excellent quality. The stall owners have been described as friendly and engaging, adding to the positive experience of shopping at the market. The prices of the products have also been deemed fair, considering the effort that goes into catching and supplying these items.
The atmosphere at the Mahon Point Farmers Market is often described as lovely and enjoyable. Customers appreciate the range of food and drink stalls available and find the overall experience to be pleasant. The market is held in a covered car park, ensuring that it can operate regardless of the weather conditions. Most stalls accept card payments, but having cash as a backup is advised. Customers have also mentioned the need for more seating options, indicating that the market can get crowded and would benefit from additional seating for visitors.
The market's location and accessibility are another strength. It is mentioned that there is adequate bicycle parking available, making it convenient for those who prefer to cycle. The market offers a range of farm-grown goods, including honey, cheese, and fish, ensuring that customers can purchase fresh and locally sourced products. The market is also well-maintained and clean, contributing to a positive shopping experience.
Despite these strengths, there are also some weaknesses or areas for improvement identified by customers. One of the main concerns mentioned is the portion size and pricing at certain food stalls. One customer mentioned a negative experience with the Street Taco stall, where the portion size was small and not worth the price paid. This indicates that some stalls may not provide value for money or meet customer expectations in terms of portion size. This issue could be addressed by ensuring that all food stalls provide generous portions at reasonable prices.
Another weakness highlighted by customers is the lack of seating options. While the market is praised for its range of food and drink stalls, customers find it difficult to find seating, especially during busy periods. Increasing the number of seats available would greatly improve the overall experience for visitors, allowing them to sit and enjoy their purchases comfortably.
In conclusion, the Mahon Point Farmers Market has several strengths that make it a favorite among customers. These include the wide variety of fresh and delicious food options, the quality and freshness of the products, the pleasant atmosphere, and the convenient location. However, there are also some weaknesses to address, such as inconsistent portion sizes and pricing at food stalls, as well as a lack of seating options. By addressing these issues, the market can further enhance the overall experience for its customers and maintain its position as a favorite farmer's market.

Best TL Reviews

Favourite farmer's market, for sure. I go there every Thursday morning for fresh bread, cheese, meat, mushrooms, and olives. I also get a coffee and fresh delicious pasta.
Lovely treats and good food everywhere. Top tips, bring a bag, cash, and your appetite!
The fish stall is amazing, fresh from Sea on that morning quality is fantastic the sizes are spectacular. The prices are very fair for the work that goes it to catching these beauties and spoiling us with them. Nice friendly chat and banter with the owner and his Sister. You will not get a fraction of what is on offer here, near the prices in supermarkets nor the freshness. You have to visit this stall, even if you are not to fond of fish this is sure to convert you! For fish lovers you have to visit!
Excellent had oysters at the oysters stand
Absolutely fantastic fresh????
Lovely markets with lots of choices. Please get more seats for people.
Nice range of food and drink stalls, always a lovely atmosphere here! It is held in the covered car park if the weather isn't great. Most stalls accept card but bring some cash as backup
Popped over at lunchtime, adequate bicycle parking, tacos, crepe, burger, vegan, stands. Farm grown goods as one would expect, honey, cheese and fish stalls also. The musician had finished or hadn't got going when I was there. Clean, well maintained, not as busy as prior visits, gotta think office workers, working from is having an impact so worth supporting if you're in the area.
Love Mahon Point Market and go frequently enough… produce fresh and tasty.. had a bite to eat and I mean a bite from Street Taco stall. It cost me 12 euros I waited 15 mins for the privilege and the dish was minuscule.. practically no beef in it. Run by two guys laughing all the way to the bank… this was not a good experience Beware

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