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Gents of Dublin

+353 87 401 3131
360 N Circular Rd, Phibsborough, Dublin, D07 W3C9 Ireland
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Gents of Dublin

Gents of Dublin, based on the comments provided, has several strengths that contribute to its overall positive reputation. One of the main strengths highlighted by customers is the quality of the haircuts and the affordability of the prices. This combination of factors makes it an attractive option for individuals seeking a good haircut without breaking the bank.
Another strength of Gents of Dublin is the short waiting time, even during peak hours. This can be a major advantage for customers who have busy schedules and limited time to spare. Additionally, the ease of communication with the barbers is noted as a positive aspect, as customers find it simple to explain their desired haircut and have their expectations met.
The professionalism and skill exhibited by the entire team at Gents of Dublin are also mentioned as strengths. Customers were impressed with the friendly and skilled barbers who provided great haircuts. The fact that the barbers checked the hair condition and offered advice on hair care products without pushing for a sale is seen as a positive attribute.
The friendliness and welcoming nature of the staff contribute to the overall positive experience at Gents of Dublin. Customers felt comfortable and appreciated the personalized approach of the professional barbers. The barbers were accommodating and created a pleasant ambience, making the establishment a enjoyable place to visit for a haircut.
The positive experience with specific barbers is also highlighted in the comments. Both Jordan and Chris were mentioned for their skill and ability to deliver the desired haircut without engaging in small talk. The attention to detail, precision, and diligence exhibited by Jordan were particularly praised, as well as his ability to engage in conversation that made the customer feel at ease. Dillon and the team were also commended for their professionalism and their pleasant nature.
The fact that Gents of Dublin is a family-run establishment with a rich history dating back over 100 years is seen as a strength. This adds a unique and interesting aspect to the barbershop, further enhancing the overall experience for customers. The warm welcome extended even in difficult weather conditions, such as offering warm clothes to a customer who was soaking wet after rain, is seen as an example of the exceptional customer service provided by Gents of Dublin.
Despite these strengths, it is important to consider any potential weaknesses of Gents of Dublin that may not have been mentioned in the comments. One potential weakness could be the limited range of services offered. While the comments mentioned haircuts, styling, and skin fades, it is unclear whether Gents of Dublin offers other services such as shaves or beard trims. This could be a potential drawback for customers seeking a comprehensive grooming experience.
In conclusion, Gents of Dublin has several strengths highlighted by the comments of satisfied customers. These strengths include affordable prices, short waiting times, easy communication with barbers, professional and skilled staff, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and a family-owned heritage. However, it is important to note that potential weaknesses such as a limited range of services should be taken into consideration when making a decision to visit Gents of Dublin.

Best TL Reviews

Great haircut for an affordable price, I visited the place after office hour and didn't need to wait for long. Really easy to explain to the barber about what I want for my hair. Recommended place to get your hair done.
Got a hair cut from Jordan at Gents of Dublin, he is amazing, very patient and professional.
Entire team at Gents of Dublin are very friendly and skilled. I could say I had one of the best haircuts in Dublin so far. They have checked my hair condition and advised me on better hair care products(Didn't tried to sell their products).
I would highly recommend Gents of Dublin if you are in Dublin.
Chris was a nice barber. Gave me the cut I wanted and no small talk.????????????
I got a haircut from Jordan; I must say he is very good. He is diligent, precise, puts the time in (it was a long job, as there was a lot of hair). And ultimately, he shaped it very well, taking in all angles in the process. He is also a really great chat and conversation - felt like I knew him all my life! Very pleasant and accomodating. Overall, making the establishment having a lovely ambience. Oh and additionally, the antique photos and memorabilia make it a most unusual place to behold.
Dillon & the team are really professional and nice. I will strongly recommend them !!!
Fantastic team! Got my haircut and couldn’t be happier! Jordan is an amazing and lovely person, very kind and patient, taking care of every little detail in order to give me the best result. Extremely talented, professional and high skilled team! Highly recommended!
This family run saloon (for over a 100 years) offers a wide range of services. The staff are friendly and welcoming. I got a skin fade and it was one of the best skin fade I have gotten so far in Dublin.
Recommended for all type of hair cuts and styling.
Family owned barbershop, located in the most convenient spot. They have a professional barbers with individual approach, and great music. By the way, thanks for a warm welcome, I was soaking wet after pouring rain and they offered me warm clothes. Highly recommend that place.

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