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Kelly's Centra and cafe

+353 74 912 2026
Carnamogagh Upper, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal Ireland
Open Today: 06:00 AM - 01:00 AM

Quick Facts About Kelly's Centra and cafe

Kelly's Centra and Cafe Place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the main strengths mentioned is the welcoming staff. Customers frequently mention the friendly and attentive service they receive. This is a significant positive aspect as good customer service can greatly enhance the overall dining experience.
Another strength is the shop's busy atmosphere, which implies that the products offered are fresh. This is an important factor for customers who value freshness and quality in their food. The fact that the shop is consistently busy suggests that the food is popular and well-liked by customers.
The quality of the food itself is also praised by customers. Multiple comments mention the tastiness of the food, indicating that it meets customers' expectations in terms of flavor.
Despite these strengths, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed. One recurring criticism is the cleanliness of the establishment. Customers frequently observe that the tables, seats, and windows are not properly cleaned. This lack of cleanliness is a cause for concern, especially if it occurs consistently. It is important for the management to improve their cleaning practices to maintain a hygienic environment for customers.
Another weakness mentioned is the unaccommodating attitude towards vegetarian customers. One customer specifically points out that they were unable to make a simple substitution in their order because there was no vegetarian option on the menu. This kind of inflexibility and refusal to accommodate dietary preferences can be frustrating and disappointing for customers. To improve customer satisfaction, it is important for the staff to be more accommodating and considerate of different dietary needs.
One comment criticizes the quality of the fish and chips, claiming that the fish was dry and the batter was soft. This suggests that there might be inconsistency in the quality of the food. This inconsistency could result in customers being disappointed with their meals and might prevent them from returning.
Another comment brings up the issue of the pricing, suggesting that the establishment is not the most reasonable place in the area. This comment implies that the prices might be higher than what customers perceive as reasonable. This could potentially deter price-sensitive customers from choosing Kelly's Centra and Cafe Place over other options in the area.
In conclusion, Kelly's Centra and Cafe Place has strengths in terms of friendly staff, fresh products, and tasty food. However, there are notable weaknesses related to cleanliness, accommodation of dietary preferences, consistency in food quality, and pricing. Addressing these weaknesses would be crucial for the establishment to improve and maintain customer satisfaction.

Best TL Reviews

Staff are very welcoming
The shop very busy which tells me all products are fresh
And the food is good
The dinner is clean
Food is decent and the staff are really attentive and nice. The service was brilliant. But some constructive criticism is due. I have been here easily over 10 times. Every time I come in the cleanliness is not good. I've often heard other people saying that too.
When staff clean tables they need to lift condiment baskets too and wipe salt and pepper shakers. Under tables need swept and the seats need wiped and windows. I understand there does be kids and it gets busy but for it to be like that every single time it's saying something.
Would love to see improvements on the cleanliness.
Had to face an extremely rude behaviour from the member of staff. I am a vegetarian and just wanted to swap the meat option from a full Irish breakfast menu because they didn’t have a vegetarian option in their menu. The man refused saying he cannot do that and I would have to choose from the menu. I reiterated that they do not have a vegetarian menu to choose from. I once again asked if I could even have just beans hash browns and toast that’s all. He plainly refused. I was extremely disappointed and upset with the whole situation. At the end of the day we went there to have a nice meal for fathers days with kids. But this experience had me and my family really upset. Will never go there for sure.
Busy shop with a lot on display and nice food
food is very tasty
Just ate here this afternoon. Got small fish and chip. The fish was so dry and the batter soft. Not impressed with the food or service. Certainly wouldn't return.
Always stocked with your favourites
A kind of a hit and miss sort of place where they weigh the food ???????????? which is a big RIP OFF not the most reasonable place in Letterkenny. Not really what it's made out to be. Used to be a great spot but standards have dropped way down but it's all about money......

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