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Town Nails & Spa

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10 N Main St, Bel Air, MD 21014 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Town Nails & Spa

Town Nails & Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. In terms of strengths, one customer mentioned that the gel nails offered at the salon last longer and are more affordable compared to the dip powder nails. This suggests that the salon provides a variety of options for customers to choose from, accommodating their preferences and budget.
Additionally, a customer mentioned that the staff at Town Nails & Spa took the time to fix their damaged nail and provided education on maintaining a healthy nail bed. This demonstrates that the salon's employees are knowledgeable and committed to ensuring a positive experience for their customers. They go beyond the basic service of simply doing the nails and offer personalized attention and care.
Another strength highlighted by a customer is the friendliness and customer-focused nature of the staff. The comment mentions that the staff remembers customers and creates a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. This indicates that Town Nails & Spa values building relationships with their clients and creating a positive rapport.
Moreover, a recent remodeling with a new owner is mentioned as a strength by another customer. The comment describes the salon as bright and clean, suggesting that the renovations have improved the appearance and ambiance of the place. This shows that the salon is responsive to feedback and invests in improving its facilities to enhance the customer experience.
However, there are also weaknesses that can be derived from the comments. One customer reported feeling rushed during their visit, even though they had made an appointment. In addition, the comment mentions that the customer's nail polish came off completely shortly after leaving the salon. This indicates a lapse in the quality of service and attention to detail, where the rushed environment may have contributed to a subpar result.
Another customer expressed dissatisfaction with their pedicure experience, stating that their nails were shaped poorly, there was no massage, and there may have been a cut into their cuticle. This comment suggests that the pedicure services at Town Nails & Spa may not meet customers' expectations in terms of quality and attention to detail.
Overall, Town Nails & Spa has some strengths such as offering a variety of nail options, providing personalized attention and care, and creating a friendly atmosphere. However, there are weaknesses related to rushed service, lapses in attention to detail, and inconsistent quality in the pedicure services. These areas of improvement should be addressed by the salon to enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen their reputation.

Best TL Reviews

Dip nails cracked off after 3 days. I’ve gotten gel from here many times and it lasts longer and it’s half the price. Don’t waste your money on the dip powder.
Went here to get nails done with some girlfriends. We made an appointment but were still rushed when business started booming to the point where when I left my polish came completely off one of my nails. I adjusted my review before because I don’t like to leave bad reviews on businesses especially if they tried to correct the situation (which they did however I just got Covid and could not return) therefore. I personally will not be going back but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a chance :)
Before Old Line Barbers there was Andy's Barbershop with just Justin and Andy and a small crew. Andy moved around the corner with his brother to the Town Nails & Spa but don't let the name fool you it's a place for guys too! Andy is in point with his fades and never disappoints!
I messed up my big toe nail and have gotten pedicures other places but town nails took the extra time to completely fix the nail for me and even give me education on how to maintain a healthy nail bed so I don’t mess it up again. These are ladies that truly care about you and your experience and not just your money!
Recently rwmodeled with a new owner. Very bright and clean salon. Great customer service with attention to detail. Very friendly staff who remember you and also take time to care for your nails. Very customer focused.
This place is amazing! Went there yesterday and it was pretty busy but they got to me quick!
This place is a nail dream come true! Rosa and Maria where so sweet and really made our nails perfect! So many options and so many smiling faces! I can’t get over how great my nails look and will be telling my friends about this place!!! If you need your nails done right come here!
Stopped in with my best friend to get pedicures to start off the summer. I felt like my nails spent more time drying than the overall service. Nails were shaped poorly, no massage at all and I’m pretty sure she cut into my cuticle on my big toe when she was nipping them back. Neither of us were satisfied with the service. Spend the money on somewhere that’s actually worth it.

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