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Quick Facts About Beauty Nails

Strengths: 1. Attention to detail: One customer mentioned that the nail technician paid a lot of attention to detail, ensuring that the nails were beautiful. 2. Good customer service: Several customers mentioned that the staff was friendly and professional, providing a positive customer service experience. 3. Cleanliness: Multiple customers mentioned that the salon was clean and well-maintained, creating a hygienic environment for customers. 4. Affordability: One customer mentioned that the salon was more affordable compared to other places they had been to, indicating that they provide good value for money. 5. Policy of fixing broken nails: One customer mentioned that the salon has a policy of fixing broken nails for free, which shows that they value customer satisfaction and are willing to rectify any issues that may arise.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent quality: One customer mentioned that while their nails were pretty, the nail technician trimmed their cuticles too much, causing them to bleed. This indicates a lack of consistency in the quality of service provided. 2. Poor time management: One customer mentioned that despite having an appointment, they were bounced around to different nail technicians, indicating a lack of proper time management. 3. Pricing discrepancies: One customer mentioned that they were overcharged for the service as their nails turned out to be shorter and misshaped than expected. This indicates a lack of transparency in pricing and a failure to deliver the service as promised. 4. Unprofessional behavior: One customer mentioned that a nail technician used a used nail file as a spatula, which violates regulations and compromises cleanliness. Additionally, the nail technician refused to accommodate a customer's request and spoke negatively about the customer in a different language. This indicates a lack of professionalism and undermines customer trust. 5. Limited color options: One customer mentioned that the salon did not have the specific color they wanted, resulting in them receiving a different color. This indicates a limited range of options for customers and a potential lack of preparation.
In conclusion, Beauty Nails place has several strengths, including attention to detail, good customer service, cleanliness, affordability, and a policy of fixing broken nails. However, they also have weaknesses, such as inconsistent quality, poor time management, pricing discrepancies, unprofessional behavior, and limited color options. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and maintain customer satisfaction.

Best TL Reviews

I highly recommend this place if you want beautiful nails!!! The guy who did my nails was so funny and he paid so much attention to detail. This was my first time getting acrilic nails and it definitely won't be my last. I'm so happy and satisfied with the end result and I plan on coming back???? (I included my reference picture to show how good they did!!)
Nails were pretty however the nail tech trimmed my cuticles so much that they were constantly peeing and bleeding. In the picture you can see the skin where they started to peel before they got worse. If you want quantity go here, but quality. Save ya money girl because they are trying to rush you out the door even though it’s 9 am on a Wednesday and nobody else is there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Paid $70 for coffin shape and this is day 2. Had an appointment but it didn't matter, and got bounced around to 3 different nail techs. Maybe a less busy day would be better but come on I had an appointment.
It was clean an beautifully decorated.. the girl who did my nails overcharged for the service since price is determined by length. I paid for a medium long length which is what I wanted but they are super short and mis shaped won’t be returning
The nail technician took a used nail file to use as a spatula to dip into the scrub and foot masque. This against the state board of cosmetology's policy because it contaminates the whole jar for future customers. Then when getting my sns, the nail technician placed a tip that was too small on one of my nails, when asked to put a larger one on she refused. I then told her we weren't a good fit and to remove the product. She agreed, but proceeded to talk about me to all her other coworkers in a different language. I am deeply upset about the lack of cleanliness and professionalism. Won't be returning
I really enjoyed getting my nails done here. They took their time and did the best job I've seen in a long time. They were friendly and more affordable than most places I've been. Best of all they have a policy that if your nail breaks (your fault or not) they will fix it for free! My nails are the green, friends are the pink.
My daughter set up an appointment. She came based on the multiple positive reviews for this business. She said the customer service was nice. However, she will not be returning to this establishment. I posted an image of what she wanted which shows the shape, the length, and the color of a matte pink versus what she got which is not the length, the shape, and the color is blue because they didn't have the color she wanted. On one hand, there is a 20 and on the other hand, there is 00. The designs or the jewels were not added. For a new set of acrylic nails and adding 1 number on four of her nails, she had to pay $65.00 absolutely ridiculous!!!!
Love Jeri and all of the staff! Everyone was professional and everything was very clean. They worked diligently to give me exactly what I wanted. I love my nails!

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