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C & C Beauty and Beyond

+1 404-292-6336
Stonewood Village Shopping Center, 5976 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Quick Facts About C & C Beauty and Beyond

C & C Beauty and Beyond is a store that specializes in beauty products, including popular brands like EBIN. Based on the comments provided, there are several strengths and weaknesses that can be identified.
1. Wide Range of Products: Customers appreciate that C & C Beauty and Beyond offers a variety of beauty products, including popular brands like EBIN. This allows customers to find everything they need in one place, saving them time and effort.
2. Customer-Oriented Staff: Several comments mention the friendly and helpful employees at C & C Beauty and Beyond. This indicates that the staff is attentive to the needs of the customers and provide good customer service.
3. Convenient Shopping Experience: Customers appreciate that the store is easy to navigate, with products being easy to find. This allows for a quick and efficient shopping experience, which is appreciated by busy customers.
4. Availability of Popular Products: The comment about the EBIN 24 Hour Edge Tamer being sold every 3 seconds highlights that C & C Beauty and Beyond carries products that are in high demand. This suggests that they keep up with trends and stock popular items.
5. Variety of Beauty Products: Customers value the fact that C & C Beauty and Beyond carries a wide range of beauty products. This includes items like tinted lace, foaming lotion, and lock'n pomade. The availability of such products allows customers to find what suits their individual needs and preferences.
1. Lack of Hair Growth Products: One customer mentioned that they were unable to find hair care products for hair growth. This suggests that C & C Beauty and Beyond may have a limited selection in this area. This could be a weakness for customers specifically seeking hair growth products.
2. Poor Quality Human Hair Wigs: Another customer expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the human hair wigs purchased from the store. They reported issues with tangling and matting, which indicates a low-quality product. This suggests that C & C Beauty and Beyond may not thoroughly vet the quality of all the products they carry.
3. Owner's Behavior: One customer mentioned feeling uncomfortable because they felt followed around the store by the owner. This behavior made the customer feel targeted and led them to question the owner's motives. This indicates a lack of professionalism and could potentially discourage customers from returning.
4. Potential Racial Profiling: The comment about the owner following a customer from the black community raises concerns about potential racial profiling. This behavior is discriminatory and unprofessional, and it is important for businesses to treat all customers equally and respectfully.
In conclusion, C & C Beauty and Beyond has several strengths, including a wide range of beauty products, customer-oriented staff, and a convenient shopping experience. However, there are also notable weaknesses, such as a lack of hair growth products, poor quality human hair wigs, and concerns about the owner's behavior. Addressing these weaknesses and ensuring a respectful and inclusive environment can help improve the overall customer experience at C & C Beauty and Beyond.

Best TL Reviews

Now, you can purchase EBIN's all best quality products at "C & C BEAUTY AND BEYOND"!!
This store is literally AMAZING!!!
The owner and managers and employees are really customer-oriented and kind and professional. Also, you can purchase all beauty products here!!
EBIN's edge tamer is sold every 3 seconds!!
Very good coverage and accurate color match!!
You can mix colors to match a wide range of colors!!
Pump it or Spray it for long lasting volume and body!!!
The best quality gel appraised by BRAIDERS!!
Customer service was great and they had everything I was looking for and more. Products were easy to find so I was in and out. I will definitely be back.
Great store. Have everything I need. Good customer service.
Not good quality for hair growth I didn't find any hair Care for my Wifey's hair
Employees are very nice and helpful everything you need to be beautiful is here, but i bought a couple of human hair wigs about 3 months ago and both of them are very bad they both always tangle up and matted up real bad and i do believe that they are scamming people i don't recommend anyone to buy human hair wigs from this store NOT RIGHT ????????????
The man I assume is the owner followed me around the store. The first time I said something to him but continued to shop. Two aisles over, here he is again pretending like he’s working but staring at me. I dropped the handful of items where I stood and explained to him that everyone is not a thief and that he shouldn’t set up shop in our black community where he depends on our black business to support his family. He laughed and waved goodbye. I will not be back.
The Best beauty supply store for EVERYTHING...I love it????
Grt products. Nice customer service. The store always has all of my hair products and other cool items to buy. Sunglasses, nail polish, bath products too.

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