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Four Seasons Nail Salon

+1 801-363-0659
464 600 E suite b, Salt Lake City, UT 84102 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Four Seasons Nail Salon

1. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere: Multiple comments mention the positive and friendly atmosphere at Four Seasons Nail Salon. This creates a pleasant experience for customers and contributes to a positive overall impression of the salon.
2. Skillful pedicures: Several comments praise the pedicures at Four Seasons Nail Salon, stating that they were amazing and well-executed. Customers appreciate the quality and skillfulness of the pedicures provided.
3. Long-lasting gel manicures: One customer mentions that their gel manicure lasted an impressive 17 days without chipping or peeling. This indicates that the salon provides high-quality gel manicures that have good longevity.
4. Clean salon: A customer comments on the cleanliness of the salon, noting that it is well-maintained. This indicates that Four Seasons Nail Salon prioritizes cleanliness, which is important for customers' health and satisfaction.
5. Reasonable prices: One comment mentions that the prices at Four Seasons Nail Salon are reasonable. This suggests that the salon offers competitive pricing, making its services accessible to a wide range of customers.
6. Accommodating to male customers: A male customer mentions that he had a positive experience at the salon and appreciated the care and attention he received. This demonstrates that Four Seasons Nail Salon is inclusive and caters to male customers as well.
1. Inconsistent quality of manicures: One customer had a negative experience with their manicure, stating that the nails were cut too short and their cuticles were accidentally cut, resulting in bleeding. This indicates that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of manicures provided by the salon.
2. Prejudice and poor treatment of customers: A comment describes the salon's staff staring, whispering, and mistreating a male customer, implying prejudice and discrimination. This reflects poorly on the salon's professionalism and customer service.
3. Limited attention to customer feedback: A customer mentions that the salon staff did not listen to their concerns or make efforts to address their dissatisfaction. This suggests a lack of attentiveness and poor customer service, as the salon staff disregarded the customer's opinions and needs.
4. Nail positioning and growth: A customer expresses dissatisfaction with the positioning of their nails, stating that they were not close enough to the cuticle and already looked grown out shortly after getting them done. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the attention to detail and precision of the salon's nail technicians.
5. Lack of compensation for mistakes: A customer mentions that the salon did not acknowledge or compensate them for the injuries caused during the manicure. This reflects a lack of accountability and customer care on the part of Four Seasons Nail Salon.
In conclusion, Four Seasons Nail Salon has several strengths, including a welcoming atmosphere, skillful pedicures, long-lasting gel manicures, a clean salon, reasonable prices, and an inclusive approach to male customers. However, there are also weaknesses, such as inconsistencies in the quality of manicures, potential prejudice and mistreatment of customers, limited attention to customer feedback, inconsistencies in nail positioning and growth, and a lack of compensation for mistakes. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and reputation of the salon.

Best TL Reviews

I came in for my birthday yesterday. I liked the atmosphere among the people who worked there and they were nice despite being really busy. The pedicure was amazing, but the manicure was not. I left the salon bleeding on three fingers and they charged me the same amount. I know the man doing my nails didn’t intend to cut my cuticles and nails so short, but now that it’s the day after, I’m trying to do things with my hands and they hurt. I think the fact that they didn’t even acknowledge that I was bleeding or try to compensate me is part of why I’m bummed out.
My best friend recently got his nails done here. Upon walking in, the entire salon stared him down with dirty looks and whispered about him. They had an inexperienced, impatient woman do his nails. All he needed was a simple fill. She totally botched his nails and rushed him into picking a color, which he ended up not being what he wanted.
I am beside myself with anger that an establishment would treat someone so poorly for no reason other than their own prejudice. Nails are for anyone who wants them, man or woman. I will never be going here, and will tell every person I know to never go to this embarrassment of a salon. Do better.
They take their time and always do the best job. I’ve tried so many other nail salons closer to me after I moved out of SLC and this is the only place I trust. 100% worth the drive because they never disappoint. They’ve always been so friendly too
I walked in 17 days ago and got a gel manicure. He actually used a powder dip on my thumbs to strengthen them. I am amazed how good they still look no chipping no peeling at all!
Not the best picture but you can kind of see the nail isn’t that close to the cuticle. Other nails were worse and this photo was taken the same day as getting them done. I wish they were just closer to the cuticle. They already looks grown out and need of a filler in one day. ☹️ BUT I LOVED my ombré coffin tips which almost makes up for the Almonds I didn’t like.
I would give a zero if I can the lady don’t listen when you say you don’t like it or what needs to be fixed. It’s ooh it’s fine. When in reality they’re not paying for it or wearing it. POOR customer service and will no return
Went in to get my manicure done and was fairly impress. Clean salon. Prices are reasonable. The nail tech working on my nails did a great job of reshaping my nails and removing the cuticles. She didn't even cut or pierce me throughout my manicure! Which was great! When she was done, my nails looked absolutely elegant!
Definitely my new nail salon! As a male, some salons skimp on service and you don’t get a total value. Here, they make sure your well taken care of and do a fabulous job! I got a pedi and the polish lasted until my next pedi 8 weeks later and never cracked or chipped!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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