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Hertz Europe Service Centre

+353 1 813 3550
Swords Business Park, Mantua, Swords, Co. Dublin Ireland
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Quick Facts About Hertz Europe Service Centre

The Hertz Europe Service Centre has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One strength of the Hertz Europe Service Centre is that they have a wide network and partnership with companies such as Eurowings, allowing for convenient car rental options for customers. However, this can also be seen as a weakness, as the cancellation of a flight by Eurowings caused difficulties for a customer trying to cancel their car rental agreement. The lack of coordination and communication between Eurowings and Hertz is a weakness of the service centre.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the poor customer service and lack of response from Hertz. Customers expressed frustration at the inability to cancel their rental agreement and the lack of assistance from the customer service team. This shows a lack of responsiveness and a disregard for customer satisfaction, which is a major weakness for any service centre.
A further weakness is the inconsistency in pricing and hidden charges. Customers reported being charged extra fees for minor damages, such as a small scratch, without being properly notified or given the opportunity to address the issue. This demonstrates a lack of transparency and fairness in pricing.
On the other hand, the comments also highlight some strengths of the Hertz Europe Service Centre. One customer expressed positive experiences working there and meeting nice people. This suggests a positive work environment and the potential for good customer interactions.
Additionally, the mention of a canteen implies that the service centre provides amenities for employees, which is a positive aspect of the workplace. A positive work environment can lead to more motivated employees who are more likely to provide better customer service.
However, these strengths are overshadowed by the negative experiences shared by customers, such as the lack of communication, hidden charges, and unresponsive customer service. These weaknesses indicate a need for improvement in the operations and management of the Hertz Europe Service Centre.
In conclusion, the Hertz Europe Service Centre has both strengths and weaknesses. While they have a wide network and potential for positive customer interactions, they also struggle with communication, transparency, and customer service. These weaknesses need to be addressed in order to improve customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation for the service centre.

Best TL Reviews

Hertz Cooperation mit Eurowings
Ein Hertz Leihwagen wurde über Eurowings für Köln gebucht. Eurowings cancelte den Flug wegen Corona kurzfristig. Infolge versuchte ich langfristig (mehrere Wochen) den Leihwagenvertrag zu stornieren. Weder bei Eurowings noch bei Hertz gelang mir das. Jedes Kundencenter wählte eine schmackige Bandabsage. That was it.
Es gelang mir via Email Fallzahlen zu erwirken um die Fälle kümmerte sich niemand. Den Termin nahm ich per Auto wahr und kündigte vor Ort in Köln den Vertrag. Nach mehreren Mahnungen wurde mir ein Teilbetrag rückerstattet, ein Differenzbetrag aber wegen der zu kurzen Kündigungszeit verweigert. Ich hätte die Kündigungsrichtlinien nicht eingehalten. Wochenlang ließ sich niemand bei Hertz auf meine Kündigingenen ein um dann widerrechtlich anzumahnen, ich hätte die Kündigungsfristen nicht eingehalten. Dem Kundenservice und der Sachbearbeiterin kann ich nur eine mangelhafte Einsatzbereitschaft atestieren und das gilt auch für den Kundenumgang. Ich sterbe nicht von der einbehaltenen Stornogebühr. Eine Sauerei ist das aber allemal. Wochenlang wird jeder Service verweigert und mit Coronaargumenten jeglicher Service verweigert um letztlich dem Kunden noch aus diesem Fehlverhalten Geld abzuknöpfen. Eurowings hat dabei Hertz zur Seite gestanden. Diese Anbieter braucht kein Mensch,
Helmut Hoffmeister
Vorsicht bei Hertz! Kassieren nach Schaden "Auslagenpauschale" in Höhe von 68 Euro ab - nicht bezahlen oder notfalls Anzeige. Am besten nicht bei Hertz mieten, dann passiert sowas nicht.
I really liked this place. I love to work there , I meet a lot of nice people.I hope everything is alright in the canteen ????.
But now just a Good memory !!!
Ho preso in affitto un’auto a Parigi e riconsegnata ad Orly
Mi è stato accreditato un “graffio” sul copri ruota per un costo totale di 170,00 euro
PS posso mostrare foto da Loro effettuate al ritiro e da me effettuata alla consegna
The Hertz european customer relations service is based in Swords.
Thus, they answer to questions through standardized emails but it's almost impossible to have any contact with a human being or to get any understanding about a problem that occurred.
A shame for a company like Hertz, who apparently doesn't care anymore about its customers satisfaction.
Terrible company. The parent company of Firefly car Rental. Do not under any circumstances hire a vehicle from this company. Terrible service. They engage in fraudulent and criminal business practises and when you contact them about your experience they have zero interest. Never again . there are to many good companies out there to ever have anything to do with this one again. I had to rate them 1 star but hey in fact deserve none.
Rented a car from Hertz in France. I sustained a small scratch on the rear bumper and was charged a whopping 525 euros which was just debited from my card without notifying me of the extortionate cost of repair. Bewarned.
You can't trust this company.
I had a confirmed booking for €163,29 in Barcelona and when I came to the check in desk I was told I can't have the car for that price and been offered to pay over €245.
I'm a frequent traveler and it is the first time something similar happened to me. When you in the airport at 10:00pm after a long flight with a small child you don't have many choices and we had to pay it.

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance