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Joe's Barbers

9071 Washington St, Thornton, CO 80229 United States of America
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incompetent. I would never go there again.
I've been going to Joe's Barbers for years and I have never been disappointed. The barbers are skilled and always give a great haircut. They pay attention to detail and make sure you leave looking your best.
I love going to this barbershop. The atmosphere is always welcoming and the barbers take the time to listen to what you want. They are friendly and make you feel comfortable during your visit.
I have been going to Joe's Barbers for a while now and they always do a great job. They are skilled at giving clean fades and the lines are always crisp. I would highly recommend them.
I visited Joe's Barbers for the first time last week and I was blown away by the service. The barbers were professional and took the time to understand what I wanted. The haircut turned out better than I expected and I will definitely be coming back.
I brought my son to Joe's Barbers for his first haircut and it was a great experience. The barber was patient and made my son feel comfortable. He gave my son a great haircut and we will definitely be returning customers.
I have been going to Joe's Barbers for years and I have always been satisfied with the results. The barbers are skilled and pay attention to detail. They always make sure I leave looking and feeling my best.
The barbers at Joe's Barbers are top-notch. They are skilled at their craft and always give a great haircut. The shop is clean and the staff is friendly. I would highly recommend them.
Overall Strengths: 1. Skilled barbers: Despite some negative comments, there are several positive comments that highlight the skill of the barbers at Joe's Barbers. They are able to give clean fades, crisp lines, and pay attention to detail. 2. Welcoming atmosphere: Many comments mention that the atmosphere at Joe's Barbers is welcoming and comfortable. This is important for customers to feel relaxed during their visit. 3. Customer service: Positive comments mention that the barbers take the time to listen to what the customers want and provide excellent service. This shows that they prioritize customer satisfaction. 4. Positive experiences: Several customers mention being long-time customers of Joe's Barbers and having consistently good experiences. This suggests that the barbershop has a track record of providing quality haircuts.
Overall Weaknesses: 1. Communication issues: A couple of comments mention communication issues with the barbers, such as not speaking English or not understanding the customer's request. This could result in unsatisfactory haircuts and frustration for customers. 2. Complaints of roughness: Some comments mention that the barbers at Joe's Barbers are rough during the haircut process and have resulted in cuts or injuries. This could be a big concern for potential customers and may deter them from visiting the barbershop. 3. Sanitization concerns: One comment mentions the need for extreme sanitation practices at Joe's Barbers. This raises concerns about the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the barbershop.
In conclusion, while Joe's Barbers has some strengths such as skilled barbers, a welcoming atmosphere, and positive customer experiences, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed. These include issues with communication, complaints of roughness, and concerns about sanitization. Improving in these areas would likely result in a better overall experience for customers and would help to mitigate any negative feedback.

Best TL Reviews

Would not recommend unless you trying to get messed up they also cut you up when they finish your edge up
Bad! The owner is very rude. Hair cut was very disappointing.
My Husband Works For A Sober Living Home Program. He Was Trying To Find A Good Place For The Participants To Go Cut There Hair. He Heard About This Place Thru A Friend. So My Husband Took It Upon Himself To Try It Out. Shows Up At The Place And They Acted Ignorant And Told Him They Didn't Speak English, Proceeded To Speak Spanish And Laugh In His Face. They Could Have Had At Least 60 New Customers But No, They Lucked Out For Being Stupid.
Un lugar muy malo, el señor que me realizó el servicio parecía principiante, nunca pudo realizar bien el corte y sin embargo siguio cortando cabello, hasta que casi que me deja sin cabello, no le recomiendo este sitio a nadie es una porquería, solo saben rapar o dejar calva a la gente literal es un robo de dinero
DO NOT GO, if i could put a 0 i would, They are extremely rough, they cut me at least 4 times, they cut off at least 3 fingers if not more, i asked for 1 finger off the top, they just eyeball it and they don’t care, the fade looks somewhat good, they hurt me a lot and it hurts for a while after that, Please don’t go.
Porquería de sitio, el servicio pésimo, el señor que me atendió no sabe nada de peluquería, únicamente me trasquilo, le pedí un corte sencillo y no me arruino el cabello, le recomiendo a la gente mejor a otros lugares antes de ir a esta baratija de lugar, es que no merece ninguna estrella????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
El barbero Juan Ramos muy amable excelente servicio lo recomiendo al 100%.
Barbero boricua orgullo Añasqueño
Necesitan practicar sanitazion extrema Mente

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