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Levels Barbershop

+1 212-203-9406
1782 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10035 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Levels Barbershop

Levels Barbershop has a mix of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned in the comments is the friendly atmosphere and sense of community. Patrons appreciate the conversations, laughs, and the feeling of camaraderie among both the customers and barbers. This sense of community is considered a positive aspect of the establishment and enhances the overall experience.
Another strength mentioned is the barbers' skills. Some patrons note that all the barbers are gifted in different ways and do a superb job cutting hair. This diversity in skills allows customers to find the right barber for their specific needs, ensuring they receive a quality haircut. The positive experiences with the barbers indicate that they are capable professionals who can deliver satisfactory results.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One recurring issue is the inconsistency in pricing. One customer mentions being confused about the prices advertised online, in the shop, and the final cost. This lack of clarity and the discrepancy between advertised and charged prices can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a feeling of being scammed.
Another weak point mentioned is the poor service received by some customers. There are complaints about rude staff members and instances where a barber left without fixing a mistake made during the haircut, resulting in an additional charge for a second cut. These negative experiences reflect poorly on the establishment as a whole and can harm its reputation.
Customers also mention concerns about hygiene and cleanliness at Levels Barbershop. Filthy tools are mentioned, suggesting a lack of attention to cleanliness and potential health hazards. In addition, some customers note that while getting their hair cut, they are turned away from the mirror, making it difficult to see what the barber is doing. This lack of transparency in the process can be frustrating for customers who want to monitor the progress of their haircut.
Furthermore, there are complaints about specific barbers' skills. One customer mentions a barber's lack of knowledge, stating that they are only proficient in cutting hair in the United States. Another customer expresses disappointment with a specific barber's performance, stating that they did a poor job, leading them to have to do touch-ups at home.
In conclusion, Levels Barbershop has strengths in terms of community, skilled barbers, and positive experiences for some patrons. However, it also has weaknesses in the form of inconsistent pricing, poor service, hygiene concerns, and varying skills among the barbers. Improving these weaknesses could help the establishment provide a more consistent, satisfying experience for all customers.

Best TL Reviews

The cut was ok but I’m confused why I was charged $44 for the cut. Online it said $20-$25 and in the shop it said $30. I’ve never spent that much in a barbershop.
Got scammed. Rude staff.
First barber who cuts my hair messes it up, come back to find he's not here and they charge for another haircut.
If i could give zero stars I would.
I asked for trimming my hair down to half the length and the barber spontaneously decided to cut them short to the skin. Just embarrassing.
The "barber" didn't know what he was doing. Only here in the United States.
Tools are filthy and when they cut they turn you around on the chair, away from the mirror, so be prepared to miss what the barber is doing. Good luck ????
Horrible experience with the barber on the right side last week soon as you walk in. He messed up the left side of my lining by pushing part of it back on two sides . Instead of saying something or trying to fix it he just kept giving me a horrible cut. Then went to shave me and didn’t put ANYTHING on my face. Legit put a dry razor on my face which caused me to break out. He also didn’t go a good job as I had to go home and reshave my neck and face.
Very friendly atmosphere with a unique twist on new school barbering with an old school feel. Each barber is unique and gifted at different things, and all of them cut superbly, they are a family. No competition needed. If they know someone else in the shop can do what you want better, they have no problem letting you know and sending you to them.
Just was an Ol" Veteran in serious need of a hair & Beard Cleanup
..Staff was amazing..did me a Solid.
Did have 2 pay 4 a 10gal trash bag 2 carry out the resultZ of a very kind crew!!!:DDD-*
My local Levels Barbershop is and has always been a place where men sharpen men. Good conversations, good laughs, music (for your listening pleasure as you wait for you favorite barber), and more importantly a sense of community amoung the patrones and the barbers. It's always a joy to come to a place where men historically have gather to share information and community new with one another. Levels Barbershop is certainly the place to get a good cut and expand your social awareness.
Legit place even for tourists! Ask for K. Moore. Thx, man!!

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