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Oceans Bar

+44 1492 876258
Llandudno Pier, Llandudno LL30 2ND United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Oceans Bar

The strengths of Oceans Bar can be summarized as follows:
1. Atmosphere: Many customers describe the bar as "gemütlich" and having plenty of atmosphere. The small size of the bar, combined with its location at the end of the pier, contributes to a cozy and intimate ambiance.
2. Views: Oceans Bar offers excellent all-round views of Llandudno. Situated at the end of the pier, customers can enjoy panoramic views of the Great Orme and the open water. This scenic setting adds to the overall appeal of the bar.
3. Outdoor seating: The bar has plenty of outdoor seating options. This is advantageous, especially in good weather, as customers can take advantage of the stunning views and enjoy their drinks outside.
4. Friendly staff: The staff at Oceans Bar are described as friendly, helpful, and polite. This contributes to a positive customer experience and helps create a welcoming atmosphere.
5. Good quality drinks: Many customers mention the good quality of the drinks served at Oceans Bar. Despite being a seaside bar, the drinks are reasonably priced, which is an additional advantage.
6. Interesting drink selection: Customers appreciate the variety of drinks available at Oceans Bar. Some mention the absence of ale, but the presence of different beers, tea, coffee, and festive drinks compensates for this.
7. Intimate and quiet: A few customers mention that the bar can be quiet, which provides an opportunity for conversations and a peaceful atmosphere. Those seeking a relaxed and laid-back environment would find this appealing.
While Oceans Bar has several strengths, there are a few weaknesses that should be considered:
1. Limited indoor space: Some customers mention that the indoor bar area is small. This may result in limited seating options during busy periods, especially when the weather does not permit outdoor seating.
2. Lack of ale: A few customers mention that Oceans Bar does not offer ale. For beer enthusiasts, this could be a drawback as ale is a popular beverage choice.
3. Lack of vibrant atmosphere: Some customers note that there was not much of an atmosphere during their visit, particularly in March. Although this can be advantageous for quiet conversations, those seeking a livelier atmosphere may find this disappointing.
In conclusion, Oceans Bar in Llandudno has several strengths that make it an attractive location for visitors. Its cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, great views, and good quality drinks contribute to a positive customer experience. While there are a couple of weaknesses, such as limited indoor space and the absence of ale, these factors may not be significant enough to deter customers from enjoying the overall experience at Oceans Bar.

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Sehr gemütlich
Freundlich, gute Qualität, "retro-style"
This small bar has plenty of atmosphere, situated at the end of the pier it offers excellent all round views of Llandudno. There's plenty of seating outside and a few tables inside. Drinks are a little more expensive but indulge yourself, staff were helpful and polite.
End of pier bar in Llandudno. Plenty of outdoor seating with great views of the Great Orme. Small indoor bar area. Drinks reasonable for a seaside bar.
Great little pub at the end of the pier,good selection of drinks and fantastic views
Lovely little bar on the endow the pier, plenty of interesting drinks. No ale, a few beers, tea or coffee. & festive drinks too. Great to get out of the wind for a drink.
Lovely little bar at the end of the Pier we love sitting here the views are amazing staff are amazing
Stunning place with wrap around views of open water. Staff are friendly but don’t say a lot, they leave you to it. Around March time there wasn’t much of an atmosphere but quiet for conversations and annoying my dad.

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  • Outdoor seating
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
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