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6013 Marlboro Pike, District Heights, MD 20747 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Tip Nails

Strengths: 1. Quick service: The commenter mentioned that they were able to get a gel pedicure and gel manicure done quickly, despite it being a busy day. This shows that Tip Nails is efficient in providing their services. 2. Good customer service: The young man who performed the commenter's service was apologetic and willing to fix any mistakes that were made. This demonstrates that the staff at Tip Nails cares about the satisfaction of their customers and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience. 3. Long-lasting nails: Several commenters mentioned that their nails lasted for a long time after visiting Tip Nails. This indicates that the salon uses high-quality products and provides excellent craftsmanship in their nail services. 4. Experienced and highly recommended nail technicians: Commenters praised specific nail technicians at Tip Nails, stating that they were highly skilled and provided exceptional service. This suggests that the salon has experienced and talented staff members who are able to meet the needs and preferences of their customers. 5. Clean and hygienic environment: One commenter mentioned that the salon is clean, which is an important aspect for any nail salon. A clean environment creates a more pleasant and comfortable experience for customers and also ensures proper hygiene during the services.
Weaknesses: 1. Poor gel application: One commenter mentioned that their gel manicure did not set properly on their fingers and that the polish did not last, resulting in chipping and loss of polish. This indicates that the salon may have issues with their gel application technique or the quality of their gel products. 2. Inconsistent pricing: One commenter mentioned that the prices at Tip Nails were more inflated than the norm range, suggesting that the salon may not have consistent and transparent pricing policies. This can be a negative aspect for customers who expect fair and reasonable pricing for their services. 3. Painful and sloppy service: The same commenter mentioned that they left the salon bleeding and with several nicks on their fingers and baby toe. This indicates that the nail technician may have been careless or inexperienced, resulting in a painful and sloppy service. 4. Bulky and lumpy manicure: Another commenter mentioned that their manicure felt bulky and their other fingers looked lumpy. This suggests that the nail technician may have applied too much product, leading to an uneven and unappealing result. 5. Expensive prices: One commenter mentioned that the salon is expensive, which may deter potential customers who are looking for more affordable options. This could limit their customer base to those who are willing to pay a premium for high-quality work.
Overall, Tip Nails has strengths in terms of quick service, good customer service, long-lasting nails, experienced and highly recommended nail technicians, and a clean environment. However, they have weaknesses in terms of poor gel application, inconsistent pricing, painful and sloppy service, bulky and lumpy manicures, and expensive prices.

Best TL Reviews

I went to this shop for a quick gel pedicure and gel manicure. I left bleeding and nicked up terribly. My gel did not set on my fingers. No good clean up on the services that took over an hour and half to complete. I had a flight the next morning. My manicure was bulky by next morning. The 1st day in Barbados i lost the polish on both my thumbs. I had paint my thumbs with regular polish. The other fingers felt and looked lumpy. I should've known something was wrong when everyone would come in and request pricing and prices were way more inflated than the norm range. I sucked it up as i was pressed for time. The worst money spent. This salon used to be good about 10 years back.
The young man who did my service was apologetic and had to re start alot of nails due to cuticle clipping that bled onto the polish. In total 3 nicks on my finger and my baby toe was also stingy at cuticle bed. ????
Treated my mom to a pre-Mother's Day Spa experience here. We thought for sure it was going to be a long wait because of that and because its Saturday but absolutely not. They took us both in and got to work right away. My feet feel amazing and look it too. She enjoyed the dip powder for the first time and got a very nice pedicure too. If you're in the area definitely stop by!
Tip Nails is the first nail salon that I've been in since 2002-2003!
Thanks again to my wife; for feeling comfortable enough to give me the green light!!!!
I had a really bad experience in one of those years that I don't care to remember.... thanks Cindy! & I'll be back.
Love Tracy and Cindy been coming here for over 17 yrs. And can't or won't find a decent place closer to home,now that I'm not on that side anymore. Expensive but quality work.
Tip nails is the best in Forestville. Just ask for Cindy when she fix my nails it lasted for 8 weeks. Can I give 10 stars if possible. I love Tip nails
Kathy Kathy Kathy!!! You may have to wait (she's the best I've experienced in the shop and know why she's highly recommended) but it's worth it. She usually doesn't arrive until after 11am tho.
I love this nail shop I forgot to give you a picture of just done. This is 3 weeks later and I am in construction, my first time here I told her please put on thick. I am always coming back
This place is clean and the price is right.I love the pedicure they give.

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