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#1 Nail & Day Spa

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330 N Eastern Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28301 United States of America
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Quick Facts About #1 Nail & Day Spa

1. Efficiency: Several customers mentioned that the salon is efficient and gets things done in a timely manner. This is a positive attribute, as it shows that the salon values their clients' time and prioritizes efficiency.
2. Safety measures in place: The first comment mentions that the salon had various safety devices in place for the protection of their patrons. This indicates that the salon takes the health and well-being of their customers seriously, which is important, especially in a nail spa where hygiene is crucial.
3. Attentive staff: One customer mentioned that the salon was attentive to the needs of their customers, even during a busy period. This demonstrates that the staff takes the time to ensure that each customer is satisfied with their service and receives individual attention.
4. Positive experiences: Several of the comments express satisfaction with the salon's services, such as loving the pedicure and enjoying the nails that were done. Positive experiences can be a reflection of the salon's skills and expertise in nail care.
5. Loyal customers: One customer mentioned being a loyal client for over a year and having enjoyed every visit. This indicates that the salon has been successful in building a loyal customer base, which is a strength as it shows customer satisfaction and repeat business.
1. Inconsistent service: A couple of negative comments mention poor quality service, stating that the nails were done poorly, rushed, or not as requested. Inconsistency in service quality can be a weakness as it indicates a lack of attention to detail and may lead to customer dissatisfaction.
2. Long wait times: While one customer mentioned not minding the wait, it is worth noting that another comment talked about there being a wait. Long wait times can be a drawback for some customers, especially if it becomes a frequent occurrence or if the wait is not adequately managed.
3. Lack of expertise: One negative comment criticized the salon for not knowing how to do nails properly. This suggests a lack of expertise or skill among some technicians, which can be detrimental to the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.
4. Poor communication: One customer mentioned that their requests were not met, and the nails were not shaped as requested even after showing a picture. This indicates a possible breakdown in communication between the customers and the nail technicians, leading to a dissatisfactory outcome.
5. Issues with nail durability: A negative comment mentioned that the acrylic nails fell off easily and were not applied correctly, resulting in an uneven and thick appearance. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and poor application techniques, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and the need for frequent repairs.
Overall, while #1 Nail & Day Spa has some strengths such as efficiency, safety measures, and positive experiences, there are also weaknesses in the form of inconsistent service, long wait times, lack of expertise, poor communication, and issues with nail durability. Addressing these weaknesses and focusing on improving overall service quality can help enhance the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.

Best TL Reviews

I am new to Fayetteville area and decided to try this Nail Spa because it is close to my families home. They are very efficient and had many devices in place for the safety of their patrons. I love my pedicure.
Number One nail is the best good experience people that works there and the two people that I deal with all the time is awesome
I read through the mixed reviews but decided to try them for myself. I will say, there was a wait but I don't mind a long wait when you are attentive to the needs of your customers. At the time of my visit, there were 3 nail technicians with an influx of customers and they took their time with each including me. I love my nails and I will be going back.
Came in for a full set , sat immediately lady who did my nails was rushing and just did a terrible job but said she only been doing nails 4 years . The fill in was thin & lumpy I asked to make it thicker they declined I also wanted a design and ended up
Just getting 1 color . This salon may be for an older crown who prefers things simple . I won’t be returning
#1 nails on eastern Blvd is the worse nail salon to go to besides them not knowing how to do nails they put blister on your fingers that last for weeks they filed my REAL NAIL down too far to where it was burning all my nails was different lengths. They have nasty attitudes when you tell them that their not right And the owners excuse was that her employee is old ! That’s not an excuse the best nail tech they had in that salon was Natalie but now she is at unique nails because she was making all the money in this shop she was the only one who did nails great
This is the best nail shop I have ever been too!!! The staff are so attentive to all your needs. They make you feel more than welcome and want you to have the best experience ever. I have been a loyal client for a little over a year now and have enjoyed every time
I visit. Every service they offer is 100% the BEST!!!!
When I went to this shop February 13th 2021 I got a full set and pedicure. When getting a pedicure the lady left sores and cut my nails uneven and my toes where burning and I didn’t even get my toes painted because of how bad my pedicure felt. my toes I have pictures of my sores and I WOULDNT RECOMMEND THIS NAIL SALON TO NO ONE.... THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN!!!!!!
I will never go here again after I go and get what they messed up fixed. Its only been 4 days since I got my acrylic full set and some are already starting to fall off. Not pop off, not break, but FALL off. She applied waaay too much acrylic making the nails too thick and uneven instead of smooth. The tech who applied the initial plastic nail did it incorrectly, so I had to sit there and get them popped off and reapplied, which is probably why they're falling off so easily. Also, they are not the shape I asked for after I stressed to them how I wanted it done. Even showed a picture. Waste of $30.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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