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Carrollwood nails

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3821 Northdale Blvd, Tampa, FL 33624 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About Carrollwood nails

1. Customization: Carrollwood Nails is praised for their ability to accommodate unique and specific nail designs. They are able to bring customers' ideas to life and create beautiful nail art.
2. High quality service: Customers appreciate the high level of service provided by Carrollwood Nails. They are willing to pay a higher price for the satisfaction they receive. Any problems that arise are quickly addressed by the salon.
3. Variety of services: Carrollwood Nails offers a wide range of services, including pedicures, manicures, and acrylic gel nails. This allows customers to have their nails done in one place, saving them time and effort.
4. Clean and friendly environment: Customers have mentioned that Carrollwood Nails is clean and has a friendly atmosphere. The staff is welcoming and accommodating, making the salon a pleasant place to visit.
5. Deluxe pedicures: Many customers have praised the deluxe pedicure at Carrollwood Nails, specifically highlighting the long and relaxing leg and foot massage. This service stands out and is highly recommended by customers.
1. Pricing: Carrollwood Nails is considered to be more expensive compared to other nail salons in the area. This may deter price-conscious customers who are looking for more affordable options.
2. Limited color options for dip powder nails: One customer mentioned that there were not many color options available for dip powder nails. This can be disappointing for customers who prefer a wider variety to choose from.
3. Language barrier: A customer reported feeling uncomfortable due to the lack of communication in English between the employees. This can create a disconnect and make customers feel excluded or misunderstood.
4. Inconsistent service: One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the results of their dip powder nails, suggesting that the technician might not have been well-versed in this particular technique. Inconsistency in service quality can be a drawback for customers seeking reliable and consistent results.
5. Lack of attention and communication: Another customer mentioned feeling neglected and unclear about the progress of their service. The technician did not inform them when their nails were finished, resulting in a lack of closure and a feeling of being disregarded.
In conclusion, Carrollwood Nails has strengths in customization, high-quality service, variety of services, a clean and friendly environment, and deluxe pedicures. However, weaknesses lie in pricing, limited color options for dip powder nails, language barriers, inconsistent service, and lack of attention and communication. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to maintain a strong reputation and retain customers.

Best TL Reviews

Each time I go to Carrollwood nails they never cease to surprise me. I always go in with a odd request of a different design that nobody's done and they work diligently and they complete the task and make my nails and toes beautiful, especially during the holidays. I give them a picture of whatever I want my nails to look like and they do it for me..
They are definitely not the cheapest in town but this is for sure of prime example of you get what you pay for. I would gladly pay more to be completely satisfied and if there's ever a problem they take care of it immediately.
Been going here for some time now and it’s amazing I love it I always get a pedicure and manicure and a full set of acrylic gel nails or a gel refill
Excellent and clean! Everyone was super friendly. They have many options for nail options & lots of colors to choose from. My new nail salon!
Absolutely wonderful deluxe pedicure. I'm not sure that I've ever had such a long and relaxing leg and foot massage. Would highly recommend and will definitely be going back!
Carrollwood Nails has been MY nail salon for years. I have been through the "new ownership transition" which ALWAYS has its ups & downs. What matters is how the "oops!" are handled. I had ONE "oops!" and was very pleased with how ownership handled it.
☆ THAT incident would make my decision to continue with Carrollwood Nails or seek out yet ANOTHER nail salon & if you are a regular, monthly pedi person, you KNOW that is no fun!!☆
Needless to say, I am a loyal patron of this great, locally owned small business.
I have had Tina & Linda "purr-fect" my nails. Both learned the shape I like & how to give me a pedicure, which TO ME, is a very personal issue! Good foot hygiene is really important to me. Of COURSE for appearance, but also for overall good health. I highly recommend Carrollwood Nails to anyone who is looking for a special occasion full set OR for folks like me who commit to mani/ pedi nail care.
You will not be disappointed. And, if for some reason you are, I assure you...speak up! Please don't just leave unhappy & never return! Get your point across & you will leave satisfied. Stay safe & healthy!
I was so impressed with my nails. They take walk ins and I was out of there in less than 30 mins. In dip they don't have a ton of colors to choose from but I was impressed with the technicians technique. She did an incredible job. Def going back
Upon going into the salon with my daughter, I asked for manicures, dip powder nails for me and shellack for her. Obviously we were having mother/daughter time, but for some reason they tried to sit us to opposite ends of the salon. When I asked to sit together I was pointed to the seat next to her, but no English words were uttered. The ladies that were doing our nails were talking vividly almost throughout the process to each other and other employees in the store in Chinese (?), but only one sentence was in English in the end: she asked if I liked the color I had chosen.
The television was in some weird loop where there was a unrecognizable/unclear picture jumping on the screen and it was playing an annoying piece of music again and again and again. Until it got quiet.
My daughter said she felt uncomfortable the whole time as the employee doing her nails was not very gentle with her nearing almost aggressive. Her nails ended up looking nice though.
My dip powder nails are ugly pink fat pillows. Increadibly unhappy with them. Usually the best part of dip powder nails is that you dont have to use uv light as much as you need to with gel. And they allow color layer nicer/thinner than gel. So I must conclude the lady doing my nails did not really know what she has doing. I will attach picture so you can see.
What came to the manicure part i had ordered, i was asked if I want the cuticles trimmed. Sure :) "that would be $5 extra".. to what? I had asked for a manicure, expected to get nice cuticles, massage, lotion and the whole nine yards. I did not get it. I got my cuticles trimmed. My daughter next to me got lotion and a litlle massage. I was happy for her.
In the end the lady doing my nail, told me to wash my hands and when I came back she had dissappeared. Then the lady doing my daughter's nails got up, went to the back room and when she came back, she said we can leave. The lady doing my nails never bothered to come back. I certainly did not know she had finished.
We just recently moved to the area and we are looking for a nail salon. This was not it. I do not suggest anyone to go to Carrollwood nails.
Linda and bay are amazing. Definitely takes their time and puts effort into their work. Highly recommend this place.

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