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7930 N Mesa St B10, El Paso, TX 79932 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Creative Nails

Creative Nails Place has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment, we will analyze the comments provided.
Starting with the negative comments, several customers expressed dissatisfaction with the service they received. One customer mentioned that they went in for nails and showed the technician an image of what they wanted. However, the technician became defensive and refused to refund the customer's payment when they expressed their dissatisfaction. This highlights a weakness in customer service and a lack of willingness to address customer concerns. Another customer mentioned that they experienced rough treatment during a pedicure, with bruising and improperly trimmed nails. This indicates a weakness in the technical skills and attention to detail of the technicians at Creative Nails Place.
Additionally, there were complaints about long wait times and lack of communication from staff members. One customer mentioned that they had to wait for a technician to become available after already waiting for an hour and a half for their pedicure. This suggests a weakness in appointment scheduling and efficiency in managing customer wait times. Another customer mentioned that they were not greeted properly, not offered a beverage, and not spoken to for most of their service. This lack of attentiveness and customer engagement is another weakness in the overall customer experience at Creative Nails Place.
On the other hand, there were positive comments from customers who had satisfactory experiences. One customer mentioned that they had a wonderful experience and were pleased with their nails, pedicure, and wax. They specifically noted that the staff was incredibly friendly, and they received compliments on their nails afterwards. This indicates a strength in the quality of the manicures and pedicures provided by the technicians at Creative Nails Place.
Another customer mentioned that they had a good gel manicure and pedicure, suggesting that the technical skills of the technicians are competent. Despite this, they mentioned that they were not greeted properly and were not spoken to for most of their service. Therefore, while the technical skills may be a strength, the overall customer service and experience may still be lacking.
Based on the comments, it can be concluded that the strengths of Creative Nails Place lie in their technical skills for nail services and the friendliness of some staff members. However, weaknesses are evident in areas such as customer service, attentiveness, wait times, and overall communication with customers. Improvement in these areas would greatly enhance the overall customer experience at Creative Nails Place.

Best TL Reviews

i would give 0 stars if i could this i a TERRIBLE place please please dont go here , i went in Saturday afternoon for nails i showed them an image of what i wanted and they said they could do it , I trusted the person who did them as he was putting the acrylic it looked Chunky & i nicely let him know that didnt like them chunky he got mad and said that they look like that because they are LONG and he was just complaining in general because i chose to get them long , long story short he finishes and i pay at the end i let him know i dont like them to give me back my money he refuses and grabs my hand and cuts my nails all mad .... this is bad service ever since they got the new owners
This was just a wonderful experience. went in to get a fill, pedicure and wax. I was pleased with everything. Everyone was incredibly friendly and after leaving I got compliments on my nails at the two places I stopped. I will be returning!
I think the actual gel manicure and pedicure I received were good. However, I was barely greeted, was not offered a beverage and was not spoken to for most of the service. Other guests were similarly treated. Only one nail technician was working mid day on a Saturday. Based on my experience, I would not go back.
February 13th I walked in... February 22nd my nail fell to prove all my nails have air bubbles... and to pay $50 for this?? Don't worry yall lost a customer, never going back there.. didn't get her name but a lady did my nails.. didn't speak a single word to me but yet, was very rough with my nails..
The technician was very rough on my feet. Kept squeezing me really hard and left bruises. Also did not trim my nails properly. Will not go back
Take my daughter to get her nails done, and they did horrible job,
Just did a full set less than a week ago and they are awful. Nails were not leveled, mishapened, and she purposely made my nails pulled away from my cuticles thinking this woud make me come in for a fill sooner... Clearly I went else where... This place used to be great. I have no idea who is runing it now that the quality of work has gone so far down. Will never return to this place again. I should've walked out when she kept stopping to text on her phone...
Got there at 9:15 , they open up at 9:30 so I'd be in and out, took the guy 1.5 to do a regular polish pedicure, was there first and left last, the women that went in before me were gone , hands and toes done within an 1.5hr still had to wait for someone to become available to finish my hands. They've lost a loyal customer.....

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