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Quick Facts About Emily's Nails

Emily's Nails Strengths:
1. Quick seating and efficient service: Multiple customers mentioned that they were seated quickly and did not have to wait for their service. This indicates that Emily's Nails values their customers' time and aims to provide efficient service.
2. Gel polish lasting a long time: Customers mentioned that their gel nails lasted for a long time without chipping. This indicates that Emily's Nails uses high-quality gel polishes and provides effective application techniques to ensure the longevity of the nail polish.
3. Natural-looking and thin gel nails: Several customers commented on how their gel nails looked natural and thin, indicating that Emily's Nails pays attention to detail and ensures that the nails do not look thick or gloppy.
4. Excellent customer service: Multiple reviewers mentioned the fantastic customer service at Emily's Nails. Customers appreciated the friendliness of the staff and their attention to detail in meeting customers' requests and ensuring their comfort.
5. Diverse range of services: Emily's Nails offers a variety of services, including full sets, gel polishes, and dip manicures. This allows customers to choose the service that best suits their needs and preferences.
6. Affordable prices: Customers mentioned that the prices at Emily's Nails were reasonable and affordable, making it accessible for a wider range of customers.
7. Clean and pleasant environment: Customers remarked on the nice environment at Emily's Nails, indicating that the salon is clean and creates a pleasant atmosphere for customers to relax and enjoy their services.
Emily's Nails Weaknesses:
1. Issues with nail longevity and quality: One customer experienced nails popping off just four days after getting a full set and gel polish. Another customer mentioned nails coming loose and requiring repair. These incidents suggest possible issues with the longevity and quality of the nail services provided by Emily's Nails.
2. Complaints of rushed service: One customer mentioned feeling rushed during their service, and another customer commented on the owner or manager seeming busy and all over the place. This suggests that there may be instances of rushed service and a lack of attention to detail.
3. Lack of care during pedicure: One customer complained about their pedicure, stating that the owner or manager did not use any products to soften their nail bed and caused discomfort. This indicates a lack of attention to customer needs and preferences during the service.
4. Lack of communication and blame shifting: One customer mentioned that the nail technician made it seem like it was their fault when nails popped off. This suggests a potential lack of effective communication and accountability from the staff at Emily's Nails.
5. Glue and repair issues: A customer who had their nails repaired mentioned that the shape of the new nails was very different, and the glue used was noticeable. Additionally, another customer expressed concerns about the cosmetic appearance of the gel polish. These incidents suggest a potential lack of attention to detail and skill in providing repairs and ensuring a seamless finish.
In conclusion, while Emily's Nails has strengths in areas such as quick seating, long-lasting gel polish, natural-looking nails, excellent customer service, affordable prices, a diverse range of services, and a clean environment, there are also weaknesses in terms of issues with nail longevity and quality, rushed service, lack of care during pedicures, lack of effective communication, and glue and repair issues. Addressing these weaknesses and ensuring consistent high-quality services can contribute to the overall improvement and success of Emily's Nails.

Best TL Reviews

I tried them for the first time last weekend. The service was nice, they seated me quickly. I got a full set and gel polish. 4 days later 3 nails popped off. It’s like they were press on with the sticky tape. And two were about to come off. They allowed me to come in a replace them which I’m grateful for. The nail tech made it seem like it was my fault. I’ve never had nails just release them selves after a few days. Two nails were also loose and about to come off. He glued them back on. The shape of the new nails are very different and the glue is super obvious. The tech rushed the repair. My hand I’m not sure if I’ll return. If I do, I’ll request a different tech. At least they were kind enough to. It charge me because now I have to fix my nail shape and figure out to make the glue less noticeable. Smh
Unfortunately I came to this location without reading the reviews. Nice environment but rushed service. No products was used to soften my nail bed. I believe the owner or manger did my pedicure because she was greeting all of the customers and she was all over the place. When I asked her to be gentle she would say she know!! she know!! but this is the end result. I have been in pain since I left on 6/3/22. I will be going to urgent care to prevent a infection and potentially filing a lawsuit
A very positive experience at Emily's Nails! My gel nails always look natural, not thick. They look amazing and last for such a LONG time which makes them SO cost effective. My 1st time here and great prices, did my nails exactly how I wanted. Took care of me perfectly and gave me everything I asked for.
My manicurist did an amazing job, paying great attention to detail and making sure I was happy and comfortable with her work! She was so sweet and took her time (in a timely manner). I really wish I got her name because I will come back and use her services again! Other than that, the prices for Emily's Nails were excellent and overall had a great experience.
They got me in at the last minute and they couldn't have been nicer! The woman who worked there choose the perfect gel polish color for me! Then John gave me the BEST nail experience I've ever had! He was so nice and friendly! Plus he really cared about how my nails looked. And they look fantastic!! I will definitely be a repeat customer!!
I will never go anywhere but Emily's Nails for a manicure. My gel nails always look natural, not thick and gloppy! Their quality is incredible and my nails always look amazing. GREAT experience! I'm not from this area so I just went here because it was the only nail salon with reviews. I am so happy with my nails.
The best nail salon I've ever been to. The customer service is fantastic.
The best nail salon I've ever been to. The customer service is fantastic.
We got dip manicures, which is a technique I had never heard of up until this visit. The dip lasts three weeks without chipping; almost two weeks after my appointment, my nails are still looking just like they did day of. This is SO much better than gel because it's healthier for your nail and-- maybe it's just me and my paranoia with UV rays-- you don't have to put your hand under the UV light.
I really can't recommend this place enough. So excited to have found a great salon in South Fulton.
I wish I could give more than five stars! Love Emily's Nails, Absolutely Love how the dipped nail are done and how they feel light just like your very own. Absolutely excellent customer service and an even better manicure. The service is affordable and fast and I love the selection of colors. The atmosphere is great and the customer service is fantastic.

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