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Quick Facts About Hanancy Nail Salon

Hanancy Nail Salon is a popular nail salon with a mixture of positive and negative reviews. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, we will examine the comments provided by customers.
One strength of Hanancy Nail Salon is their efficiency and quick service. Many customers appreciate the fact that they can get a pedicure and manicure with no-chip polish in just 35 minutes. They consider this a time-saving benefit, especially for individuals who have busy schedules. Additionally, the salon is commended for their professionalism and friendly staff. Many customers mention that the employees are nice and provide excellent customer service.
Another strength of Hanancy Nail Salon is the quality of their work. Several customers mention that they do a beautiful job on their nails and are satisfied with the results. Customers also express their appreciation for the wide selection of nail polish colors and designs available at the salon. This variety allows customers to choose a style that suits their preferences.
Hanancy Nail Salon is also praised for their fair pricing. Customers mention that the prices are reasonable and affordable. This is seen as a positive aspect, particularly for individuals who are budget-conscious. Furthermore, the salon is acknowledged for their willingness to fix any issues. Several customers mention that their broken nails were fixed promptly and satisfactorily.
However, there are also several weaknesses of Hanancy Nail Salon highlighted in the comments. One recurring complaint is the poor quality of the services. Some customers mention that their no-chip manicures did not last and looked bad the next day, leading them to believe that the services were rushed and of low quality. Similarly, one customer mentions that their fill was not properly done, as the sides were missed and the coating was too thick.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of attention and care given to customers. Multiple customers complain about rude and inattentive staff members. One customer mentions that they felt ignored as the manicurist talked on the phone instead of listening to their requests. Another customer states that the salon does not care about their customers.
Additionally, a few customers express concerns about the rough treatment experienced during their visit. One customer mentions that their nail technician cut their cuticles and shaved their nails too far, causing pain. Another customer mentions that the pedicure massage was painful and did not meet their expectations.
Another weakness noted is the inconsistency of service quality depending on the nail technician. Customers mention that their experiences differed based on who served them. Some customers had positive experiences while others had extremely dissatisfying ones.
In conclusion, Hanancy Nail Salon has both strengths and weaknesses. Their efficiency, professionalism, fair pricing, and wide selection of nail polish colors are strengths appreciated by customers. However, the salon receives criticism for poor service quality, lack of attention and care, inconsistent experiences, and rough treatment. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and maintain their positive reputation.

Best TL Reviews

Horrible service! They made me pedicure and manicure no chip in 35 min!!!!! Very fast and bad quality, the next day my no chip manicure was bad! Don’t come here, is waste money
I love coming here. They are quick, professional also very nice. They do a beautiful job on my nails. The prices are very fair. Also they have a big selection to choose from. No complaints. They even fixed my two broken nails from the last time I came.
I went in for a fill. They missed the sides. Manicurist asked if I would like coffin shape (what I came in with) I said yes. I'm not quite sure what this is? Super thick coating. I guess the cheaper prices make sense on account of them not painting the whole nail.Honestly the broken nail I came in with was better. I plan to come back to get them fixed. I will update my review afterwards.
Just got done getting them "fixed" the manicurist talked on the phone rather than listening to me. Though the only nail that was redone is actually what I asked for the rest of my nails arent. They just wanted me to get out.
They dont care about their customers. Would not recommend.
I went with my sister for a school dance. The lady who did my nails completely Ruined my real nail. I get Acrylic nails and when she was filing them she cut my cuticles and shaved my nail so far that it was painful. I will not be returning to this place. It used to be my favorite place growing up but the ladies so rough I can’t do it anymore.
everything is super over priced charged 40 dollars for a fill and did a terrible job. acrylic all over my hand as well as polish. pedicure was amazing. best ive ever had.
EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED with the rush and carelessness of my visit this morning. I was here once before and apparently from previous reviews Patrick must have been the person who gave me my pedicure before. This time I wanted a mani pedi. I wanted the nice massage, the relaxing vibe, etc. What I got was Pick the color, she laid down 5 rings of samples then immediately grabbed my left hand and started working, which left me to my roght hand to go through the colors which only gave me a few moments cuz then my left hand was in water and she was working on my right hand and then she was asking "what color" Ummmmmmm I hurriedly picked a rose gold glitter. Bad choice because it was snagging on the tips when I left.
I was half tempted to go to the next nearest salon to just get a polish change as soon as I got in the car.
Pedicure was not much better. The other guy, I remember put warm lotion on my legs and slowly massaged them and was sooo relaxing. This woman squirts cold lotion on my legs and I freaking HATE that. Hate hate hate ice cold lotion with no warning. When it came to the stones, I swear she was rubbing my legs down like she was washing a car. Then when she was putting the polish on, she didn't use the toe separators, she used a paper towel ON ONE FOOT. Uhhh don't both feet need to be separate? I don't get it. I don't understand what the hell happened.
When going for a relaxing time but end up stressed out, it's very upsetting. I'll never be back here. I very rarely give any reviews, but when I was reading other reviews, I felt like they were all accurate depending on the person who was working.
Lady with reddish brown hair is rude and super rush jobs. I sat down to pick a color and she asked me what color 5 times back to back didn’t give me a chance to respond at all, you can tell she is super stressed and over worked. If that’s the case stay home and relax and come back to work smiling and she gave me a name Jane don’t know if that was true or not Because she see me writing this review during my terrible services
I went in for a pedicure, because so many reviews said this is the “best” place to go for a pedicure. Part of the experience of the pedicure is the massage. The lady didn’t do so well on my massage. She was practically just rubbing my shin really hard. It was painful and did nothing for me. My nails looked nice afterwards, but after I removed the color from this pedicure I noticed my toenail was falling off. This has NEVER happened to me before. Not sure what could have caused this, but that’s enough to make me not want to go back.

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