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Linda Nails II

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601 Washington Ave # U, Manahawkin, NJ 08050 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About Linda Nails II

Linda Nails II, based on the comments provided, seems to have a variety of strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These strengths can be summarized as follows:
1. Skilled and Friendly Staff: The comments consistently highlight the skill and expertise of the staff at Linda Nails II. Both David and Hannah are mentioned specifically for their exceptional service. Customers appreciate their attention to detail and their ability to meet their specific requests. The staff is also described as friendly, making customers feel welcomed and valued. The fact that they remember customers' names further enhances the personalized and customer-centric experience.
2. Clean and Relaxing Environment: Linda Nails II is frequently praised for its clean and well-maintained salon. Customers appreciate the cleanliness of the facility, including the comfortable chairs and tranquil atmosphere. This clean and relaxing environment contributes to the overall positive experience and allows customers to unwind and enjoy their treatments.
3. Expansive Color Selection: Customers highlight the extensive range of nail polish colors available at Linda Nails II. This variety gives customers the opportunity to choose from a wide array of options, enhancing their overall satisfaction. Having a vast collection of colors ensures that customers can find the perfect shade to suit their preferences and personal style.
4. Attention to Detail and Long-Lasting Results: The nail services provided at Linda Nails II are described as thorough and meticulous. Customers mention that the manicures they receive have long-lasting results, lasting between 3 to 4 weeks without chipping or breaking. This attention to detail demonstrates the commitment of the staff to provide high-quality and durable results.
5. Wheelchair Accessibility: Linda Nails II is commended for its wheelchair accessibility. The salon is described as accommodating and caring towards individuals with mobility issues. This inclusivity is highly appreciated, and the salon is recognized for going above and beyond to ensure all customers feel comfortable and valued.
6. Competitive Prices: Multiple comments mention the reasonable prices at Linda Nails II. Customers appreciate the affordability of the services offered, considering the high level of skill and quality provided. This aspect makes Linda Nails II an attractive option for customers looking for good value for their money.
Despite these strengths, it is important to address the weaknesses mentioned in the comments to provide a comprehensive analysis of Linda Nails II:
1. Inconsistent Service Quality: One negative review states that the customer received subpar service, with clumpy and uneven nails. Additionally, the staff member who attempted to fix the nails did not perform a French manicure correctly. This inconsistency raises concerns about the overall quality and the training provided to the staff.
2. Pricing Issues: Another customer reported experiencing pricing issues. The customer was initially charged less to fix the poorly done nails but was then asked to pay an extra $5 for a French manicure. The customer felt frustrated by the additional charges as they would not have been necessary if the original service was done correctly. Furthermore, a $12 minimum charge was imposed, which caught the customer off guard.
While these weaknesses are evident, it is important to note that they are isolated incidents and may not reflect the overall experience at Linda Nails II. However, addressing these issues and ensuring consistent and transparent pricing can help enhance the salon's reputation and minimize customer dissatisfaction.
In conclusion, Linda Nails II appears to have numerous strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These include skilled and friendly staff, a clean and relaxing environment, an extensive color selection, attention to detail, long-lasting results, wheelchair accessibility, and competitive prices. However, there have been reported instances of inconsistent service quality and pricing issues that should be addressed to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Overall, Linda Nails II seems to be a reputable salon with a loyal customer base.

Best TL Reviews

I been going to Linda’s for over 3 years. David is my nail tech and he is amazing and makes me even happier to know that him and his wife Hannah are the new management . They have made incredible changes to the place and their service is great . His wife Hannah also does my eyebrows and don’t trust anyone but her , she is as incredible. All the staff is very nice and friendly . Highly recommend ????
I’ve been coming to Linda’s Nails for 5 years and David has always done my nails. I always leave happy! He is quick, clean, never sloppy, and always does exactly what I ask for. Everyone there is always so kind. The salon is clean. There is a very expansive color selection.
Terrible service!!!!!! After spending over an hour there my nails were clumpy and terrible. The lady cut me and I didn’t have time for her to fix them so I went back two days later for them to fix them and she said they were charging me 5 dollars more because she charged me less when she did them because she knew they were terrible. They were all white and uneven and disgusting. I changed to a French and then was told that would be an extra 5 dollars as well because they gave me a new set. When I wouldn’t have needed a new set if they were done right in the first place!!!! The person who fixed them didn’t know how to do a French and kept wiping it off and re starting. And they STILL don’t look good after the second time. Then when I went to pay the extra 10 dollars for them to fix their mistake! They said they have a 12 dollar minimum. I paid for it and I will never be back!!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous and would not recommend anyone going here .
I absolutely LOVE Linda Nails! Hannah & David and their staff take fantastic care of all their clients. They call most everyone by name, and take time to ensure that everyone gets the utmost in quality service. Attention to detail, cleanliness, and hard working, friendly faces. I always leave with pretty nails and a smile on my face!! I would recommend it to anyone... Linda Nails is TOP NOTCH! :-)
Linda Nails II is the best nail salon I have ever used, and I have tried almost all of them in New Jersey. The salon is clean and the people are friendly. It is so nice to actually have a conversation with my technician! Kim is amazing, remembers you by name, and is always so professional. I have not had a bad service from anyone there! I highly recommend them!
The experience was lovely! All of the staff were very friendly and professional. It’s so relaxing and quiet. By far the best nails I've ever had, my sister and I both absolutely love our work at Linda Nails II The quality is very good and they easily last for 3-4 weeks without chipping or breaking. My gel mani is probably the best I’ve ever had.
We cannot offer enough praise for Linda Nails from the lovely and always super clean salon with comfy chairs to the great staff including an owner. We have a male family member who is in wheelchair and we've been going to the salon for a few years tho it's been a year between this visit and our last. And they remain as accommodating and caring as always. The manicure and pedicure he gets is always perfect -they truly do the best made nail work of anyone around. Their compassionate attitude towards our male family is truly sincere and representative of how they treat all their clients based on what we've observed over the years. It's hard to find a salon that accommodates wheelchair/walker needs. And Linda Nails does so without hesitation-I can't tell how rare that is and how much is means to us to know our family member is treated with such care yet never made to feel awkward or a bother.
The most lovely staff with talents for design. They are always friendly and do the best work I've been many places and Linda Nails is my favorite in this area ???? Service quick, very good and great prices. I've gotten gel and regular manicures and both have lasted a long time

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