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8 Oswald Rd, Oswestry SY11 1RE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Lucky Star

Lucky Star Place has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In analyzing these comments, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant.
Starting with the weaknesses, it is evident that there are some serious issues with the quality and taste of the food. Multiple customers mentioned that the food was bland, poorly cooked, and even disgusting. Complaints specifically mentioned undercooked chicken balls, tasteless rice and chow mein, and a curry with dark-looking chicken and fatty skin. These comments indicate a lack of attention to food quality and proper cooking techniques, which is a significant weakness for any restaurant.
Another concern raised by customers is the poor customer service and rude behavior of the chef. One customer reported being insulted and called a derogatory term by the chef. This kind of treatment is completely unacceptable and reflects poorly on the establishment. It indicates a lack of professionalism and respect for customers, which is a significant weakness for Lucky Star Place.
There is also a comment about a potentially dangerous item found in a spring roll, which raises concerns about food safety and hygiene practices. The customer expressed worry about the possibility of a child being harmed by such an object. This incident highlights a weakness in their quality control and food handling processes, as rusty barbed wire should never be present in any food item.
Additionally, when a customer reported missing food from their takeaway order, Lucky Star Place did not offer a convenient solution. They required the customer to either drive back to collect the missing food or pick up the refund in person, which would have been costly in terms of time and fuel. This inflexible response to a mistake made by the restaurant is a weakness in their customer service and shows a lack of care for their customers' convenience.
Despite these weaknesses, Lucky Star Place does have some strengths according to positive comments from customers. One customer mentioned that the food and flavor never disappoint and that the prices are very good. This indicates that Lucky Star Place has the potential to deliver tasty food at a reasonable price, which can be a strength in attracting customers.
Additionally, one customer stated that the restaurant is exceptionally nice and helped them make a vegan order. They also rated the food quality as 10/10 and praised the cleanliness of the place. These positive comments suggest that Lucky Star Place has the ability to provide excellent customer service and cater to specific dietary preferences, which are strengths that can set them apart from competitors.
Another strength mentioned by a customer is the unique opening hours of the restaurant. While others in the area close on Mondays or Tuesdays, Lucky Star Place stays open on Wednesdays, providing an option for customers seeking Chinese food on those nights. This could be considered a competitive advantage and a strength for the restaurant.
In summary, Lucky Star Place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided by customers. Weaknesses include poor food quality, rude behavior from the chef, concerns over food safety, and inconvenient customer service. However, the restaurant does have some strengths, such as reasonable prices, good flavor, accommodating dietary preferences, cleanliness, and unique opening hours. Overall, Lucky Star Place has significant areas for improvement to address its weaknesses and enhance its strengths to provide a better dining experience for customers.

Best TL Reviews

I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! Food was very blandly disgusting chicken balls not cooked properly, rice and chow mein no taste what so ever and they refused to give a refund. An the chef who cooked the food was very rude he called my friend a c#"t!!! Will never be buying from here again!!!!
Had a chicken and mushroom curry tonight and it was horrid, could not eat it. The chicken looked dark like duck and the amount of fatty skin that was in it made it taste like fat. Could not taste the curry after a few mouthfuls it went straight in the bin.
Not what you expect to find in your spring roll. Shockingly they are also made on site at the lucky star Chinese in Oswestry who weren’t very concerned and basically asked us to keep it quiet…. I feel so sick as I only found this when I bit into it and it was in my mouth when it cut me ???????????????? please be careful if you use this Chinese. I’m so worried incase a child is given one or if it’s possibly in any of their other food. It could really cause some damage as it’s a disgusting piece of rusty barbed wire!!!!
Picked up takeaway and drove home only to find part of it missing. Asked them if they would refund the missing food, but I had to either drive back to collect the missing food or pick up the refund. We're not in town so would probably have cost more in fuel. Wouldn't transfer refund online so won't be using again. Shame
Amazing food like always! We always come to you as the food and flavour never disappoints and price is very good
They were shut tonight and I really fancied Chinese food, unfortunately for the first time in ages I went somewhere else, I only ate half of it but the dog enjoyed what I left. Next time it’s shut I’ll have Indian.
Lucky Star is the best in the area by far.
It was Tuesday, and we wanted a Chinese... round by us there was nowhere open... so I travelled for miles in a straight line till I found one. This. The first thing that struck me was, in its own way, it looked pretty cool from the outside. The young lady inside made me laugh when she said it is because they've got brains, because everyone else shuts theirs on a Monday or a Tuesday, so they shut theirs on a Wednesday.
We got a couple of McChinese things in that you get them everywhere, normally replicated - chicken chow mein and cantonese sweet and sour king prawn. The taste was brilliant. I also bought a seaweed and a duck and pork friend rice. The seaweed especially can be done badly and well. This was right up there with going to a very good restaurant. Wholeheartedly recommend. Bang on. Well worth the travel, and will put up with now, 20 minutes journey to make this my go to Chinese.
10/10 - what an amazing place, the girl taking our order was exceptionally nice and helped us to make our order vegan, food quality was 10/10, place is clean, it is hard to find a place this good. Definitely recommend and will visit again when in the area ????

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