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P's Barber Shop

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4523 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 United States of America
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Quick Facts About P's Barber Shop

P's Barber Shop has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Starting with the strengths, one standout aspect of the barber shop is the exceptional service provided by Darryl. His assistance to a customer with mobility issues was highly appreciated, as he went above and beyond to help the individual with their coat and getting to and from their wheelchair. This demonstrates P's Barber Shop's commitment to providing a warm and inclusive atmosphere for customers.
Additionally, P's Barber Shop is praised for its wide range of services. Customers mentioned that they cater to all hair needs, including shape-ups, cuts, beards, and eyebrows. This versatility is beneficial for customers who have different hair textures and styles. The ability to cater to diverse hair types showcases the skills and expertise of the barbers at P's Barber Shop.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the affordability of P's Barber Shop. Customers found the prices to be reasonable, which is an important factor for many people when choosing a barber shop. The combination of quality services without breaking the bank is a significant advantage for P's Barber Shop.
Furthermore, positive feedback was given towards the overall atmosphere of the barber shop. The comment mentioned a warm atmosphere, which implies that P's Barber Shop creates a friendly and comfortable environment for its customers. This is a crucial strength as a welcoming atmosphere can enhance the overall experience and make customers feel at ease during their visit.
However, P's Barber Shop also has some weaknesses that were highlighted in the comments. One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of their haircut, stating that it was the worst they had ever received. They specifically mentioned that the barber did not follow their instructions and ended up cutting off more hair than desired. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and a failure to properly communicate with the customer, resulting in an unpleasant experience.
In addition, there were comments about the barbers' equipment and maintenance. One customer complained about dull clippers and excessive oil being used, leaving their hair oily. This indicates a lack of professionalism and attention to detail when it comes to maintaining their tools. Another customer mentioned that their friend was charged less for a similar service, implying inconsistent pricing practices within the barber shop. These issues reflect poorly on P's Barber Shop's overall professionalism and attention to customer satisfaction.
Another weakness mentioned in the comments is a lack of competence and professionalism from one specific barber. A customer requested a scissor cut but received a razor cut, resulting in a terrible outcome. This demonstrates a lack of attention to customer requests and a failure to perform the desired service correctly. Additionally, another customer complained about a barber cutting their forehead with a single blade razor, causing them to bleed. This incident, combined with a lack of antiseptic on hand, suggests a lack of proper training and safety measures within the barber shop.
Lastly, there were comments about long wait times. While it was acknowledged that waiting is normal in a barbershop, customers mentioned that at times the wait could be lengthy. This indicates that P's Barber Shop may need to improve its scheduling and appointment system to better manage customer expectations.
In conclusion, P's Barber Shop has several strengths, including outstanding customer service, a diverse range of services, reasonable prices, and a warm atmosphere. However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed, including inconsistent haircuts, issues with equipment maintenance, lack of professionalism, and long wait times. By addressing these weaknesses and building upon their strengths, P's Barber Shop can improve the overall customer experience and reputation of the establishment.

Best TL Reviews

Darryl(D) was outstanding! I'm 70% paralyzed and he assisted me with getting to and from my wheelchair and helping me with my coat. I'm having a bad day, sad about no family, friends I can't see for the holidays etc. He talked about his life and helped cheer me up. Very reasonably priced and a warm atmosphere. ✌️
One of the best Barbershops in the city,they cater to all your needs from shape ups,cuts,beards, and eyebrows.They also are very diverse cutting all types of hair textures. I would highly recommend and the staff is great.
Genuinely the worst haircut I have ever gotten. I've been growing out my hair fir the past eight months, and I get regular haircuts to keep all of the length but take away the additional volume. I told the guy "Im growing out my hair. Keep all the length but take out a decent bit of the volume." This guy took three inches off everywhere, and when I told him this afterwards, he said "oh my b. I thought you said the opposite." Here's to six more months of getting back to where I was.
Dull clippers and the bruh kept throwing more oil on it making my hair all oily. Go sharpen your clippers bruh and he overcharged me. My friend got a cut later on and they charged him less.
Very poor quality and unprofessional. Asked to do scissor cut, but the barber just didn't understand and used a razor to destroy my hair. This was easily the single worst hairdressing experience I've had in my life. Would never go again.
Normally their haircuts aren't too bad, but the last and final time I stopped by, the guy that cut my hair cut my forehead a significant amount with the single blade razor trying to line me up and got me bleeding on three spots on my forehead. Didn't have any antiseptic on hand either. I won't mention his name, but that was the last time I'd hit them up for a cut.
Great experience! P is a skilled barber, who always delivers a nice cut and line with flexibility on appointment times due to work schedule.
I only have gone twice two different guys. Both cuts were very dope. Lots of compliments about it. Sometimes you have to wait, but it’s a barbershop. It happens. These guys will hook you up. Just expect to wait if you go. Being a book.

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