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P&T Nails Spa

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2200 Winter Springs Blvd suite #109, Oviedo, FL 32765 United States of America
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Quick Facts About P&T Nails Spa

P&T Nails Spa has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of this place, it is important to analyze each comment individually.
Starting with the negative comments, one customer mentioned that the service has become much worse over time. They specifically asked for gel nail polish, which should last longer than regular nail polish, but their nails started peeling after only four days. This indicates a lack of quality in the products or technique used by the technicians. Additionally, another customer complained about the poor customer service they received. They stated that they were kept waiting for a long time, even though they were a walk-in customer, and were seated after people who arrived after them. The lack of explanation or apology from the staff further added to their negative experience. Furthermore, a customer was disappointed with the outcome of their nails, stating that the technician did not do a good job and that the colors did not match what was requested. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and communication between the customer and technician.
On the other hand, there were several positive comments that highlight the strengths of P&T Nails Spa. One long-time customer praised the owners, Tammy and Billy, for being sweet and maintaining a clean and sanitized salon. They also recommended making an appointment in advance due to the popularity of the salon. Another long-time customer expressed their loyalty to Tammy and commended her excellent service, punctuality, and skill. They particularly appreciated the long-lasting results of the pink and white acrylics with gel polish. Another customer had a great experience getting their nails done for their wedding. They were impressed by the speed, pricing, and attention to detail provided by the salon. Additionally, a customer who was visiting from out of town praised the efficient and professional service they received, as well as the immediate availability of an appointment.
Based on these comments, the strengths of P&T Nails Spa include a pleasant and clean environment, reasonable pricing, skilled technicians (especially Tammy), and efficient service. However, there are some weaknesses that need improvement, such as the decline in service quality, poor customer service, lack of attention to detail, and possible issues with the longevity of their products. Addressing these weaknesses would help improve the overall customer experience at P&T Nails Spa.

Best TL Reviews

I have been to this salon at least 20 times. The service has become much worse. I've specifically asked for gel so that it lasts longer than regular nail-polish. My nails were all pealing in 4 days. After giving so many chances to this salon, I will never be going back and found a new salon.
I've been getting my nails done here for like 15 years. Tammy and her husband Billy are the sweetest people. The salon is always clean and they sanitize in between customers. Prices are decent. I highly recommend them. Personally for I will not go anywhere else even if in a jam. Tammy is my go to girl.. I do recommend calling for an appointment she does get busy. They also give really relaxing pedicures. ????????????
I’ve been to this location intermittently several times. Everything has always been fine. Today I walked in and 2 people were having their nails done and no one else was in there waiting besides me. I sat in the waiting area and watched as multiple people came in after me. Each time new people came in, they were asked what they wanted done and then told to sign in. They weren’t appointments and didn’t appear to be regulars. I had no problem waiting for the people they were already working on to be done, because I was a walk in. After a while, I’m asked to go to a nail table. I tell the man my color and he says it’s not a color that works with dip so I take literally less than a minute to pick another one. As I pick the other one, he seats someone who came in after me, in my previous spot, and turns to me, starting the pedicure water and tells me to sit there. I had asked for a manicure and pedicure. So I wait and wait and watch as they’ve taken 2 people that came in after me before they assist me. I thought maybe they were finishing up on someone and would take me but after 15 minutes, I left. As I got up to leave, all the guy said to me was, “you leaving?” “You leaving?” He didn’t offer an explanation, an apology, nothing. He picked up a towel to give me for my wet feet but I didn’t want anything from him at this point. I usually tip them 30-40% and today wouldn’t have been any different. Their nail services are average-good but their customer service is a joke. I work in customer service which is why I tried to be patient and didn’t cause a scene but not picking the right color doesn’t mitigate throwing me to the back of the line. Please do better in the future. I’m writing this as I get a pedicure at Elite Nails in the Oviedo mall. They’re further away from me but well worth it
The first picture is what I wanted and if you look at the heading it has the PT nails Logo on there, and it shows that it was from their website. I was stunned about how many times i tried esxplaing to them that I just wanted the nail from the picture and after multiple attempts I thought they understood what I was explaing..I say " please can i get the same thing in the picture or something close"? They say sure.... but the whole time I am like I dont think it working.
Basically the moral of the story is..the technician didnt do a good job, She was nervous and Timid but i was hopeful that it might work but it didnt and I am sad, because this place had a lot of good reviews. ultimately it was a bad expeirincece.. Like I remember someone named billy trying to help the technician figure out the colors..but it still did not turn out the way I wanted. really disappointed.
I have been a customer here for a year and it has been my favorite nail spa to date. Tammy is excellent. On time, respectful, beautiful work. My pink and white acrylics with gel polish often last several weeks. I love my pedicures here too. And the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend P&T. Ask for Tammy. Appointments are best.
Got my nails done for my wedding and this location was fantastic! Fast, great pricing, and stellar attention to detail!
My sister, friend and I decided to try a new place yesterday and were not too happy with the decision. My sister ended up waiting over an hour to get her nails done even though we had an appointment. They actually say another lady down that had an appointment and hour after ours before my sister! The pedicure was lovely, however. If your looking for a quick place I do not recommend P and T. Also, the manicure lasted one day before chipping.
Out of town visiting and theme parking for 6 weeks. My nails were an absolute wreck after 4 weeks of salt water and amusement parks. Bill was wonderful with my nails and Tammy finished up with a great massage after my manicure. They were nice, professional, and efficient I got in right away. Will definitely be back and would highly recomnend.

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