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Pink Petals Nail Spa

+1 941-358-3851
3315 University Pkwy #102, Sarasota, FL 34243 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Pink Petals Nail Spa

Pink Petals Nail Spa has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. The strengths of the salon can be summarized as follows:
1. Clean and beautiful location: Multiple reviewers mention the cleanliness and elegance of the salon. This is an important factor for customers as it creates a pleasant and relaxing environment.
2. Talented and professional staff: Customers consistently praise the staff for their talent, professionalism, and skill in nail design and application. The fact that the salon employs experienced and skilled technicians is a major strength.
3. Excellent nail durability: Multiple customers mention that their nails have lasted for several weeks without breaking or chipping. This indicates that the salon uses high-quality products and techniques to ensure nail longevity.
4. Strong customer service: The friendly and welcoming nature of the staff is mentioned in several reviews. Customers appreciate feeling comfortable and valued during their visits.
5. Lash extensions: In addition to nail services, Pink Petals Nail Spa also offers eyelash extensions. Customers are impressed with the technique and skill of the lash technician, Jenny, and they highly recommend her services.
6. Accommodating and patient staff: One customer shares a positive experience of the salon staying open late to accommodate her and her daughter's nail services. The staff work diligently and ensure customers are not rushed or made to feel like an inconvenience.
7. Highly recommended by referrals: Several customers mention that they have referred friends and family members to the salon, and all have been highly satisfied. This indicates strong word-of-mouth marketing and customer loyalty.
8. Detailed and neat nail art: One reviewer specifically praises Jenny for her attention to detail and the neatness of her nail designs. This level of quality is appreciated by customers who value the artistry and precision of nail technicians.
9. Long-lasting gel manicures: Another strength noted by customers is the longevity of gel manicures. With the quality products and techniques used, customers report that their gel manicures last at least three weeks before needing to be changed.
In spite of the overwhelmingly positive comments, there are a few weaknesses that can be identified:
1. Limited information: While customers share positive experiences at Pink Petals Nail Spa, there is limited information on specific services offered, pricing, and additional amenities. This lack of detailed information may hinder potential customers from making informed decisions.
2. Lack of diversity in technician recommendations: Although customers mention multiple positive experiences, the focus is mainly on one technician, Jenny. While this illustrates Jenny's talent and popularity, it may indicate a lack of diversity in the salon's staff or an insufficient number of reviews for other technicians.
In conclusion, Pink Petals Nail Spa has numerous strengths, including a clean and beautiful location, talented and professional staff, excellent nail durability, strong customer service, and a range of services. However, the limited information and potential lack of diversity in technician recommendations can be seen as weaknesses. Despite these weaknesses, the overwhelmingly positive reviews highlight Pink Petals Nail Spa as a highly recommended salon for nail services and lash extensions.

Best TL Reviews

Can't recommend this place enough, won't go anywhere else in town for my nails! Seconding all the other reviews that mention how clean and beautiful the location is, as well as how friendly, professional, and talented all the staff are as well! I've had a pedicure & foot massage here and it was just out of this world. My nails always turn out phenomenal, have never had one break- this most recent set with just a simple red & coffin shape I've had for going on four weeks now and I'm still getting compliments on them! So glad to have found them ????
Best nail salon in town. You need to check them out. Jenny is the best. She always exceeds my expectations. I show her a picture of what I want and she does exactly it. They make you feel so good when you are there. The place is clean and so elegant. Besides my nails, Jenny does my eyelash extensions as well and she’s the best at it! Love coming here and won’t go anywhere else.
10/10 would recommend to anyone who has thought about going to get their lashes done here. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. Jenny is the lash tech here, she makes sure you are comfortable during the whole process, she is so gentle and fast if you are on a time frame. Her lash technique with separation is amazing and you won’t be disappointed!!!
Best nail salon in the area. Jenny and John do an impeccable job. They seem to enjoy their profession and truly have talent for nail design. I cannot wait to keep going back and trying out new things. Friendly staff, clean, comfortable & great pricing. Both my sister and I have referred friends that have all been highly satisfied. 5/5, for sure.
We showed up at Pink Petals Nails late on a Saturday. I needed my nails done before morning. They graciously allowed us to come in close to 5 on a Saturday. They worked til almost an hour after close. They never once rushed us or made us feel we were in the way. They did a beautiful pink/white ombre on my nails, and a gorgeous rose gold glitter on my toes. My daughter had amazing decorated nails. Designed with glitter and assorted matching colors. Again, these things took extra time, but they were so accommodating.
I highly recommend Luxury Nails in Montgomery! I can't recommend 1 person, because we had 4 different, amazing nail techs .
This is my go to place! Beautifully designed and very relaxing. The techs there are sooo nice! It’s a great visit each time. Jenny typically does my nails and this time she went above and beyond! She always gives me neat and detailed nails, theyre never too thick and the paint blends well with the cuticle. She cleans up the underside and it’s so hard to find an artist that has amazing quality like her! Super happy with their whole team.
I’ve been here at least 5 times now and I absolutely love it! The staff is so friendly and the quality of my gel manicures is always top notch! My gel manicures last easily 3 weeks before they need a change. They offer several different pedicures as well, depending on how fancy you want to get with the spa aspect of it. No complaints! Highly recommend!
Jenny is amazing!! The nail shape, color options & pedicure was perfect. Place is clean, they have drinks and plenty of space and very friendly.

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