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Second Blessings Thrift Store

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5178 US-70, Morehead City, NC 28557 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Second Blessings Thrift Store

Second Blessings Thrift Store has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. The strengths include a large selection of items, good pricing, organized and neat store layout, availability of furniture, friendly and helpful staff, and the ability to find a variety of items.
One of the biggest strengths mentioned by multiple commenters is the large selection of items available at Second Blessings Thrift Store. Customers appreciate the wide variety of items that the store offers, including furniture, housewares, clothes, and knick-knacks. This extensive selection allows customers to find what they need and explore different options.
Another strength is the pricing at Second Blessings Thrift Store. Multiple commenters mention that the pricing is reasonable, and compared to other thrift stores in town, it offers the best prices. This affordability attracts customers who are looking to furnish their homes on a budget.
Customers also appreciate the organization and cleanliness of the store. The positive comments highlight the neat and organized layout, making it easy for customers to browse and find what they need. Additionally, the store's cleanliness contributes to a pleasant shopping experience.
The availability of furniture is another strength of Second Blessings Thrift Store. Customers mention that the store is a great place to buy furniture on a budget. This indicates that the store has a good selection of furniture items for customers to choose from.
The friendly and helpful staff is also mentioned as a strength of Second Blessings Thrift Store. Customers appreciate the polite and welcoming attitude of the staff. Some even highlight their ability to assist with pricing when items are not tagged, which further enhances the customer experience.
On the other hand, there are some weaknesses that are mentioned in the comments. One significant weakness is that the store only accepts cash. Some customers express frustration with this policy, as it may inconvenience those who do not carry cash or are not aware of this requirement. One customer even decided not to support the store anymore due to this issue.
Another weakness mentioned by a commenter is the behavior of an older lady behind the counter. This comment suggests that the customer had a negative experience due to the staff member treating people poorly. This kind of behavior can discourage customers from returning to the store and impact its reputation.
Some customers also mention that the store's pricing is high compared to the quality and condition of the donated items. They feel that the store should offer lower prices, considering that the items are donated. Overpricing can deter customers from making purchases and may lead to negative reviews.
Lastly, one commenter mentions that the store has limited items and lacks space for strollers. This could be a drawback for customers who require stroller accessibility or are looking for a wider range of items to choose from.
In conclusion, Second Blessings Thrift Store has several strengths, including a large selection of items, good pricing, neat organization, availability of furniture, and friendly staff. However, there are also some weaknesses, such as the cash-only policy, poor treatment by some staff members, high prices compared to the quality of items, and lack of space for strollers. These strengths and weaknesses should be taken into consideration when evaluating the overall performance of the thrift store.

Best TL Reviews

I hit up most of the thrift stores in Morehead on Good Friday.
This one has the most stuff and best pricing. Very large selection. I didn't purchase anything at this trip. I did see something I would have bought....
BUT THRY ONLY TAKE CASH!!!! It wasn't worth a $3.50 charge to use their atm to buy a $4 item. I will know in the future to have cash.
Everything was organized and neat. I had no complaints about the store itself. There is a lot to look at. Great place to buy furniture.
I don't look at clothes so I can't speak to their selection. It was pretty busy when I was in there. I enjoyed looking. Will definitely be back when I'm in the area.
A lot of Great stuff! Especially compared to others in town. A lot of great stuff and a lot of space with another furniture part of the store just next door. Great place for furnishing your place on a budget.
I never leave reviews, let alone a bad one but every single time I've been in there the older lady behind the counter treats people so horribly!!! Can you at least try to be nice.
Store is well organized but I will no longer be supporting this store.
My favorite place to shop. Always clean and the ppl are great too.
We thought this thrift store was great! We went in with a pretty eclectic list of needs because we were camping and found EVERYTHING that we needed. We could have found a lot more but we are traveling with limited space. Tons to look at, very organized, If i lived here i would be in here regularly.
They don’t have many items but the staff is nice so I gave it more stars. Also very narrow .. no room for strollers ..
I try to be nice as possible..but I have been here FOUR times..everything is donated..why charge $10 for a pair of worn jeans? Most items are WAY over priced..if you are given a blessing by other's that donate to your cause..why not bless other's that come to buy in your store with cheaper prices? I just don't get it..
A pretty good place with a number of housewares and lots of clothes and a decent amount of knick backs. Was very happy with the polite staff and their ability to help on prices when there were no tags. Find a number of things and there is plenty to look at. Will return.

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