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Quick Facts About Spa Nails 3

Spa Nails 3 has a mix of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, let's break down the strengths and weaknesses of the salon.
Strengths: 1. Reasonable prices: One customer mentioned that Spa Nails 3 offers very reasonable prices, which is a positive aspect for budget-conscious customers.
2. Accommodating and fast service: A comment highlighted that the salon was accommodating for a group of five people and provided fast service. This indicates that the salon can handle larger bookings efficiently.
3. Relaxing and well-done pedicure: A satisfied customer mentioned that their pedicure was relaxing and well done, which suggests that the salon has the ability to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for customers.
4. Positive customer service: The comment about excellent and relaxing customer service indicates that the staff at Spa Nails 3 are attentive and provide good customer care.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent pricing: One customer noted that prices for the same service varied between visits, with one person being charged more for an easier service. Inconsistent pricing can lead to customer frustration and a lack of transparency.
2. Booking and scheduling issues: Several comments mentioned issues with booking and scheduling appointments. This includes not having a record of a pre-booked appointment, as well as delays in starting the services. These issues indicate a lack of organization and reliability.
3. Poor quality service: Another customer expressed disappointment with the quality of service received. Issues mentioned include extensive damage to nails during removal, dirty instruments, rushed painting, and a lack of attention to detail. These aspects suggest a lack of skill and professionalism among some of the staff members.
4. Short-lived manicure: One customer complained about their manicure peeling and bubbling off within three days. A manicure is expected to last longer than this, indicating a lack of skill or proper application techniques.
Based on these comments, Spa Nails 3 has several weaknesses that need to be addressed. They include inconsistent pricing practices, booking and scheduling issues, poor quality service, and a lack of longevity in their manicures.
In order to improve, Spa Nails 3 should focus on improving the training and skill levels of its technicians to ensure consistent and high-quality services. They should also work on improving their booking and scheduling systems to avoid any further mishaps. Additionally, addressing the issue of pricing inconsistency will help build trust and transparency with customers.
Overall, while Spa Nails 3 has some strengths such as reasonable prices and accommodating service, the weaknesses highlighted by customers are significant and should be addressed in order to improve customer satisfaction and attract repeat business.

Best TL Reviews

I got an acrylic removal and dip powder put onto my nails. So basically having a harder service taken off and then an easier one put on ! I am normally charged around 40$ for acrylics here with a special design or something added. My friend got the same exact service a few weeks prior and only paid 45$. And when I called I was told an acrylic removal and dip added would be 45$. So tell me why I was charged 60$ for an easier service?? I get the added charge for removing the nails but with the quality of services going down as well I wouldn’t be raising prices. But I won’t even get in to nitpicking that. Be careful all!!( I added a photo of the splotchy dip too :))
After booking a week in advance for a bridal party to get dip manicures and no chip pedicures, we walk in and they have no record of us booking. We were supposed to start at 630 and we didn’t get started until 715. 2 people got actually pedicures and the other 2 settled for just getting paint on their toes. 1 girl was able to get her nails and and the rest were told to come back the next day which wasn’t possible. I was one who got a no chip pedicure. This is 4 days after my pedi. I am very disappointed. When I spend money on my nails I expect them to be great. I won’t ever be back to this salon and I know the 3 other girls feel the same way.
Wow. I can’t even begin to list all the ways this went wrong. As I was explaining what I needed today - old overlay removed, cut down, no chip mani, and no chip pedi, I was cut off by the tech - she motioned vaguely to the opposite wall and told me to pick a color, and stood menacing over me. I picked a color and sat down. She started clipping my nails and slid a nail tip between the overlay and my natural nail, ripping them off and causing extensive damage. She refused to listen when i requested rounded square nails, put my hands is cold water for about 4 seconds, pulled out dirty instruments, and hacked at my cuticles. She had an appointment show up as she started painting my nails, quickly “painted”, forgot to turn the light on, and carried on anyways. I walked away $40 poorer, passed on the pedicure, and will not be back.
I had not gotten my nails done in soooo long because I was always upset with the outcome. But I’m so glad I came here!! Chloe killed it with the glazed donut nails ???? ( if ya know ya know )
Honestly if I could give a 0 star, I would. I didn't want powder. I do not like powder at all because if the person doesn't take their time, like Nina didn't, then it looks like a sloppy mess. I paid $65 for something my 3 yr old niece could of did better. The jewels aren't even straight and there is dip color all over my fingers. I had told the lady that was taking my payment that these nails weren't $65 worth and that the price should have been discounted to a lower amount due to the sloppy finish she gave me and the lady just SHRUGGED HER SHOULDERS after LOOKING at my nails!!! I am a loyal customer to this shop but I WONT be returning. I have attached my INSPO pic as well and it looks absolutely nothing like it.
Got a basic manicure on Wednesday. By Friday almost all of the nails were bubbling and peeling off. $40 for a manicure that didn't last 3 days. I will never be back. Terrible first experience here! Should have listened to the reviews!
Excellent and relaxing customer service! Another job well done by a Spa Nails branch! Very reasonable prices. I am an exceptionally picky about my nails. They not only filed them near perfect but also took care of my cuticles. The pedicure was very relaxing and well done. Great job with the polish! I love how they suggested a matching no chip. They were fun and very accommodating. I will definitely be back.
They were so accommodating for all five of us and fast! The all of the girls loved their nails! The bride wasn't 100% sold on her nail design, but that was her first time in a salon and it was the only bump in the road that day, so we were happy! Will be returning!

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