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Spanish Lake Coin Laundry

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2023 Redman Rd, St. Louis, MO 63138 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Spanish Lake Coin Laundry

Spanish Lake Coin Laundry has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned is the vintage feel of the laundromat. This can give customers a unique and nostalgic experience, setting it apart from other modern laundromats. Additionally, the attendant is mentioned to be nice and welcoming, creating a friendly atmosphere for customers. The convenience of the laundromat being open 24 hours is also seen as a positive aspect, allowing customers to do their laundry at any time that suits them.
However, there are also several weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One major issue is the presence of roaches, which is a significant concern for customers. Despite reporting this issue to the manager, the explanation given about bugs being brought in by another customer raises concerns about the cleanliness and pest control measures in place at the laundromat. This could greatly impact the overall reputation and hygiene of the establishment.
Another weakness highlighted is the poor condition of the machines. Customers have mentioned gunk build-up and malfunctions, which negatively affect their laundry experience. Some machines are said to eat clothes, while others hardly work, leading customers to have to wash their clothes twice. This not only wastes time and money but also adds frustration for customers. Additionally, there is a lack of proper maintenance with no sign on how to lock the door or instructions on machine usage.
The issue of sewer backup is another major drawback. Customers have experienced their clothes being left wet and having to ring out excess water due to the sewer backup. This is unhygienic and can potentially lead to health issues. One customer even claims to have gotten sick from the sewer water that backed up into the washing machine. This serious issue raises concerns about the sanitation standards and overall safety of the laundromat.
Another weakness mentioned is the presence of homeless individuals, some of whom smoke inside the laundromat. This not only creates an uncomfortable environment for other customers, especially those who dislike cigarette smoke, but it also raises safety concerns. The fact that the owner has not addressed these issues and allowed them to persist is seen as unacceptable by customers.
Furthermore, the lack of an attendant being present and the issues with machines taking money without providing the proper service are additional shortcomings. This lack of customer support and the frustration of wasting money on malfunctioning machines can greatly impact the overall customer experience.
On the positive side, the laundromat is seen as convenient for those who do not have laundry machines at home, and the washing prices are considered affordable. However, the absence of free drying could be seen as a disadvantage for customers who have limited finances.
In conclusion, Spanish Lake Coin Laundry has some notable strengths such as its vintage feel, a friendly attendant, and being open 24 hours. However, the presence of roaches, sewer backups, malfunctioning machines, smoking homeless individuals, and poor customer service are significant weaknesses that greatly affect the overall perception and experience of the laundromat. These issues need to be addressed in order to improve the reputation and customer satisfaction of Spanish Lake Coin Laundry.

Best TL Reviews

1st time I've ever seen a roach here n it wasn't an outside bug, that was a house roach the ones that eat crumbs under kitchen tables!! Of course I told Manger on duty he said the lady next to the machine always brings bugs in there. Idk I just don't wanna come bk after seeing that.
Nice vintage
I would recommend professionally cleaning out all the washer units because of the gunk build up where you put your washing detergent and bleach.
Overall quite, and cozy. Attendant is nice an welcoming.
Dryers are only 8mins for 25 cents
Lowest washer is 2.5 or 10 quarters
I went there and my wash had stopped and I was told the sewer had backed up. I had to ring out the excess water in my clothes. I was given a refund. I was told the sewer was backing up and I couldnt finish my wash there. Later on that night I had started to have diarrhea and upset stomach. I believe I got sick from the sewer water that backed up.They know their sewer is messed up and need to fix it. People will get sick from the raw sewage backing up in the washing machine. I will not go there again.
I hate going to wash, but this place is never crowded and i can get in and out..again tonight, no one by myself and 1 other guy.. I love the peace and quiet of thug place.. Machines suck, moody don't work... But it's empty, so i can use what's available
Need new machines. Especially the older ones right in front of the door. Or there should be a sign how to lock the door. Then the other “newer” washers eat your clothes (if u have washed there you know what I’m talking about. Never mind that the washers hardly work and you need to wash your clothes twice, they also charge for drying; Twenty five cents for 8 minutes and you have to spend at least $2. Otherwise, the 24 hours is very convenient!!
There were homeless people sleeping which i can understand, i still put my laundry in and sat in my car, then swapped to the dryer they asked for change, whatever i get it. BUT after my clothes had dried and i went back inside those freeloadersa had been smoking. I was livid, youd think they would be on best behavior seeing as the owner hadnt kicjed them out, nope not the case. I abhor cigarettes to begin with and i was washing my linens for work. They simply cannot smell like smoke, so i went to a laundrymat in florissant. Ill NEVER go back just qunacceptable
Came to do my laundry no attendant in sight.
The machine took my money I spent double to wash.
Do not come here you won't get the proper service you deserve such as your money back for the machine malfunctioning while using it.
If I could give 0 stars I would. I've been laid off times are hard and there's someone here taking advantage of being at work pure BULL
No free dry but the price is right to wash. Some of the machines need to be replaced but the plus is, it's convenient for those who don't have machines at home. Open 24 hrs., Best during daytime.

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