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Sun Nails

+1 618-351-1795
715 N Giant City Rd, Carbondale, IL 62901 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Sun Nails

Sun Nails Place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which can help identify its strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will focus on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the nail salon based on these comments.
Strengths: 1. Skilled and friendly staff: Multiple comments praise Rosa, a nail technician at Sun Nails Place, for her exceptional service and skills. Customers appreciate her attention to detail and the high-quality nails she consistently delivers. 2. Peaceful and inviting atmosphere: Customers describe the salon as quiet, clean, and relaxing. This can contribute to a positive customer experience and make clients feel comfortable during their visit. 3. Reasonable prices: One review mentions that Sun Nails Place offers reasonable prices, suggesting that customers can receive professional services without breaking the bank. 4. Returning customer base: Several comments express loyalty to Sun Nails Place, with customers stating that they will never go anywhere else. This indicates that the salon has built a strong customer base and has established positive relationships with its clients.
Weaknesses: 1. Long wait times and possible rushed service: A few comments mention that there is usually a wait at Sun Nails Place. Additionally, one review suggests that the salon may rush through services due to a busy environment. This can negatively impact the customer experience by making clients feel rushed and potentially compromising the quality of the service provided. 2. Inconsistency in service quality: Although most reviews praise the nail technicians, one customer had a negative experience with the acrylic service. They were dissatisfied with the results, claiming that the old acrylic was not properly removed and that the new application was minimal and sloppy. This inconsistency in service quality can be a weakness for Sun Nails Place, as it may lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of trust. 3. Pricing and billing issues: A couple of comments mention pricing issues, with one customer stating that they were overcharged for a sloppy and rushed job. Another customer complained about being charged more than the quoted price and the presence of crusty acrylic on their nails. These billing and pricing discrepancies can create a negative impression and undermine the salon's credibility.
Overall, Sun Nails Place has several strengths, such as skilled staff, a welcoming atmosphere, and reasonable prices, which contribute to positive customer experiences and loyalty. However, the salon also has important weaknesses regarding wait times, rushed service, inconsistency in quality, and pricing/billing issues, which can negatively impact customer satisfaction. To improve, Sun Nails Place should address these weaknesses and work on maintaining the high standard of service provided by their skilled technicians.

Best TL Reviews

Rosa has been doing my nails for almost a year now. She does a great job each time and I always look forward to my next visit. I recommend calling and making an appointment first because there is usually a wait.
Rosa has been doing my nails for about 2 years now. She always gives me her best. Sun Nails is quiet, inviting and so peaceful. I will never go anywhere else!
Awful acrylic service. Went in for a fill and cut down and they’re already coming off after 7 days. They took very little of the old acrylic off and seemed to be using as little new acrylic as possible. I was way over-charged for such a sloppy and rushed job.
very clean, relaxing environment with reasonable prices. sometimes it can be a bit busy and rushed. the only reason i won’t give 5 stars is because i only trust one girl there with my nails
Sun Nails is the best nail salon around Carbondale. The service is excellent and comforting. If your looking for a salon home, I highly recommend!!!!
I had a wonderful experience. The people were nice and patient. My service was great! Will be returning.
they told me $60 I left a $10 tip and got charged $79, they left my fingers with crusty acrylic all over, and never had me wash off the white dust so I left with crusty nails and fingers and an extra $9 out of my account!
This nail salon is terrible. First, the price for the service is too expensive. Second, they tend to make you wait to long then rush the job. Lastly, I noticed that you pay more than what the quoted price is on the service board. Overall, I rather polish my nail myself before I pay a alleged professional to half polish them. I wonder where did they receive their nail tech license from. Honestly they want full price for half the job. NEVER AGAIN.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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