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T & M Nails and Beauty

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Quick Facts About T & M Nails and Beauty

T & M Nails and Beauty place has a mix of positive and negative reviews, which provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment. It is important to analyze these comments in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business.
Starting with the strengths, it is evident that T & M Nails and Beauty place has a talented and skilled staff. Multiple customers have praised the quality of their work, mentioning that their nails turned out beautifully and exactly how they wanted them. The positive feedback about their ability to replicate designs and pay attention to detail indicates that the staff are experienced and knowledgeable in their craft. Additionally, the atmosphere of the shop is frequently mentioned as welcoming and friendly, which creates a pleasant experience for customers. The fact that customers feel at ease and confident after their visit is a testament to the staff's ability to create a positive environment.
Another strength of T & M Nails and Beauty place is their pricing. Many comments mention that the services are reasonably priced, which is appealing to customers. The affordability of their services may attract customers, especially in comparison to competitors who may charge higher rates. The availability of walk-in appointments is also a convenience for customers who may not have the time to book in advance.
Furthermore, the positive comments about the pedicures suggest that T & M Nails and Beauty place excels in this particular service. Customers mention that the pedicures are amazing and indicate that they are satisfied with the outcome. This could be a competitive advantage for the business, as it indicates that they have expertise in providing pedicures.
However, T & M Nails and Beauty place also has some notable weaknesses. One recurring complaint is that the staff can be rushed and not provide adequate attention to detail. Customers mention that their services were completed quickly and in a rush, potentially compromising the quality of the work. This could be a concern for customers who value precision and attention to detail. Additionally, there are complaints about poor communication and language barriers. Customers mention that staff members may have difficulty speaking English, which can result in misunderstandings and frustrations. Effective communication is crucial in ensuring a positive customer experience, and these comments suggest that it may be an area for improvement for the establishment.
Another weakness mentioned is the inconsistency in service quality. While some customers have had positive experiences, others have had negative ones. Complaints about poor manicures and pedicures not lasting long highlight the lack of consistency in the quality of work provided. This inconsistency could deter potential customers and result in negative word-of-mouth.
Additionally, there are comments that indicate a lack of professionalism and customer service. Complaints about overcharging, staff denying responsibility, and rude behavior from the cashier are indicative of poor customer service. Such negative experiences can leave a lasting impact on customers and could result in a loss of trust and future business.
In conclusion, T & M Nails and Beauty place has various strengths and weaknesses based on customer feedback. Their skilled staff, reasonable pricing, and inviting atmosphere are strengths that contribute to positive customer experiences. However, their weaknesses include rushed service, communication issues, inconsistency in service quality, and poor customer service. It is important for T & M Nails and Beauty place to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation in the industry.

Best TL Reviews

I use their services all the time but yesterday they've done absolutely amazing job!!! Asked for Union Jack flag design, I showed them a photo and I was very pleased with the result!!! 5*
Staff are absolutely lovely and so so friendly. They get the work done quickly and efficiently, my nails are absolutely beautiful. It cost me £30ish for a full acrylic set. I'd suggest booking before hand as they can get fairly busy and the staff get alot of harsh customers so please be kind to them. The ladies are lovely.
Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! The nails shop doesn’t deserve even a single star!
Spent £63 on my gel manicure and pedicure - not done properly, even after correcting them they still managed to mess up... just rubbish!
My manicure lasted only couple of days? Why? I have been told that should last two weeks at least!
My nails was shaped and then the gel applied, no cuticles cut?!! We agreed for £53 in total, but at the end I have been ask to pay £63! Poor English also spoken by the staff!
Everything was done within 45 minutes, in a rush! Never going back!
Lovely christmas nails done today, very neat and just what I wanted. Nail tech took his time and asked me throughout to ensure I was fully happy. Very welcoming and feel at ease.
Such a lovely atmosphere as soon as you walk in the shop door, amazing service and the staff do a fabulous job. Made me feel so welcome and they left me feeling confident.
I like this place.. does the job well.. pedicures are amazing.. good prices.. have walk in appointments.. can get very busy. Can get brows,lip chin wax as well x
So I asked for the Pinterest picture with the blue feature nails and the base pink with tip details and they did not dissapoint! He said he'll try his best and his best was amazing! Super happy! My mum got hers painted too, and needed extensions on only one nail which they said was absolutely fine, so we're super happy! Would recommend, staff are really friendly and the place is clean & well kept, thank you so much
warm experience with just a particular staff the first time, but the 2nd time they denied I didn’t forget my rings at the shop when I called severally, but on getting there another staff brought out the rings and today 7th Jan 2023, the cashier was rude. In summary they lack quality communication and they are LIARS and fail to take responsibility.

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