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Temmy African Hair Braiding

+1 630-914-0699
498 W Boughton Rd suite 203, Bolingbrook, IL 60440 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Temmy African Hair Braiding

Temmy African Hair Braiding has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the business, we will break down the comments and evaluate each aspect individually.
1. Skill and Quality of Work: Multiple customers have praised Temmy for her amazing work and the various styles she has created. Customers have received compliments on their braids, indicating the high quality of her work. Additionally, one customer mentioned that Temmy doesn't braid too tight, preventing damage to the hair and edges.
2. Durability: One customer mentioned that Temmy's work lasts for a significant amount of time. This indicates that the braids are well-done and can withstand daily activities without unraveling or becoming loose.
3. Clean Shop: A customer commented on the cleanliness of Temmy's shop. A clean environment is crucial for the comfort and satisfaction of customers, as it creates a professional and hygienic atmosphere.
4. Efficiency: One customer mentioned that Temmy was prompt and efficient in her work. Another customer praised her for taking minimal breaks during the long process of braiding. This highlights Temmy's commitment to providing a fast and efficient service to her customers.
5. Customer Service: Several customers expressed their satisfaction with the customer service provided by Temmy. They described her as professional, caring, and someone who prioritizes the customer's wishes. This indicates that Temmy values her customers and strives to ensure their satisfaction.
6. Education on Hair Care: One customer mentioned that Temmy took the time to educate them on hair care while braiding. This shows that Temmy goes beyond just providing a service and actively shares knowledge with her customers to help them maintain and care for their hair.
1. Late and Poorly-executed Service: One customer expressed disappointment with Temmy's tardiness and the tightness of the braids. They also mentioned that the parts were not clean, resulting in hair breakage. These issues indicate a lack of attention to detail and could result in customer dissatisfaction.
2. Personal Intrusion: Another customer mentioned that they found Temmy to be too personal and nosey during their first visit. While some customers may appreciate a friendly and conversational atmosphere, others may prefer a more professional and business-oriented experience. This could be a weakness for customers who value privacy and a strictly professional interaction.
3. Communication and Pricing: One customer mentioned that Temmy abruptly hung up on them after charging $60 for cornrows. Additionally, another customer mentioned that payment had to be made in cash before the service was provided. These issues with communication and payment methods may deter potential customers who prefer more transparent and convenient transaction processes.
In conclusion, Temmy African Hair Braiding demonstrates strengths in terms of skill, quality of work, durability, cleanliness, efficiency, customer service, and hair care education. However, weaknesses include issues with punctuality, attention to detail, personal intrusion, communication, and pricing methods. It is important for Temmy to address these weaknesses and build upon her strengths in order to provide the best possible experience for her customers.

Best TL Reviews

I've been going to Temmy for 2 years and she does amazing work! I've gotten so many different styles and I get compliments on all of them. She doesn't braid too tight where my edges fall out or I feel like my hair will get damaged. Her work lasts awhile too! I will continue to go to Temmy!
I took my daughter to get braids with this lady. She was late getting to my daughter’s hair and braided too tight. The parts were not clean. Which caused hair breakage. She was also too nosey and personal for my 1st visit. I really don’t like her way of conducting business and how she made my daughter’s hair break. I would not recommend her.
Called, she charged 60$ for cornrows with my natural hair! And she hung up. Will definitely bot patronize
Temmy was amazing!! She has a really nice, clean shop; she is prompt & efficient. She braided my hair for 8 hrs (I have A Lot of hair) and only took a minimal lunch break . Wasn't distracted by other things - was straight forward when I asked her about the best type of braid. Box braids came out absolutely great - just a little sore but I was able to lay on them that night with minimal soreness! Will definitely be returning.
Update. 4/29/22
Another fantastic job ! I had a big chop so my hair is very short in some areas; despite that she did a great job with my box braids. Gave me tips on keeping hair healthy in braids 10/10 would recommend!
I loved my experience at Temmy African Hair Braiding!
I was looking for a protective style for a couple of months to get away from the heat from flat irons. I decided to get box braids for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never had any type of braids before. After texting Temmy the style I wanted she was able to quote me a reasonable price. The braids are so neat, secure, and beautiful. Temmy is experienced, efficient and professional. I highly recommend anyone wanting their hair braided to go see Temmy.
Top quality, customer service was apt. Temmy hair also took time in educating the use of the product.
Temmy and her other hair braid did an amazing job on my box braids. I have soft thin hair and my braids are not tight on my edges which o very much appreciate. Be prepared to pay before your hair is done which is cash only...I will definitely come back to her.
Temmy did a wonderful job on my braids. She is absolutely amazing! Temmy is very professional, caring, and always puts the customer’s wishes first. I have never been disappointed when coming to Temmy. Friendly environment, the cost of hair braiding is very reasonable and she does hair very well! I highly recommend coming here.

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