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Quick Facts About Top Nails

Top Nails Place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses in terms of their services. These comments highlight various aspects of the salon, including eyebrow waxing, nail replacement and manicures. Below is a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Top Nails Place.
1. Speed of service: One customer mentioned that their first visit was fast, indicating that the salon may be efficient in providing their services. This could be a positive aspect for individuals who are looking for quick treatments.
2. Attention to detail: Another customer praised a specific nail technician, Kayla, for her attention to detail and gentle hand. This suggests that there are skilled technicians at Top Nails Place who are capable of providing high-quality services.
3. Friendly staff: One customer mentioned that the nail technician who did their nails was super-friendly. This indicates that the salon has staff members who create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.
1. Lack of precision and professionalism in eyebrow waxing: One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the rushed and imprecise eyebrow waxing service. The technician did not take the time to ask about the customer's preferences and ended up burning their skin with hot wax. This highlights a lack of professionalism and attention to customer needs.
2. Incompetence in nail replacement: A customer mentioned that they visited the salon for a nail replacement, but the technician did a poor job. The technician initially failed to match the customer's preferred color, and even after attempting to fix it, the result was unsatisfactory. This highlights a lack of skill and competence when it comes to nail replacement services.
3. Poor quality of pedicure and polish: Another customer expressed disappointment with the quality of the pedicure and polish. The customer's nails were poorly done, and even when they switched to a different technician, the outcome was still unsatisfactory. This indicates a lack of consistency in the quality of services offered at Top Nails Place.
4. Unprofessional behavior of the owner: One customer had a negative experience with the owner of the salon, who attempted to do their nails while talking on the phone. The customer also mentioned a lack of professionalism in the stylist's behavior, arguing with them when they expressed dissatisfaction. This suggests a lack of professionalism and customer service skills among the staff.
5. Lack of proper nail repair techniques: A customer mentioned that when they returned to have their nails fixed, the technician simply added glue to the lifting nails. This indicates a lack of knowledge and professionalism in handling nail repairs.
Based on the comments provided, it is evident that Top Nails Place has several weaknesses in terms of their services. These weaknesses range from rushed and imprecise treatments to unprofessional behavior and lack of proper nail repair techniques. However, it is worth noting that there are also a few strengths highlighted, such as speed of service and the presence of skilled technicians. Overall, the negative comments outweigh the positive ones, indicating that there are significant areas for improvement at Top Nails Place.

Best TL Reviews

I went to get my eyebrows done yesterday, and it felt rushed— as soon as I laid down she immediately put very hot wax on me and and quickly did each side without any precision. without even asking what I was looking to do with my eyebrows. It took her about 3 minutes max, and although my eyebrows look average, it looks the same as I came in except cleaned around the sides. Anyway, it honestly burned when she rushed to do them and she said “done” and left the room right after. I understand they’re busy, but I don’t mind waiting for a few minutes for better service. I woke up this morning and saw the burn marks of the hot wax. I get my eyebrows waxed very often at other locations, so I know she definitely burned my skin and didn’t take the time to cool down the wax or make sure everything was okay. I don’t have sensitive skin so it’s definitely not me. It was this experience with the woman who did my eyebrows. I wouldn’t have gone there if I knew this was the type of service I would have received. It hurts and burns today, even with water. This is honestly embarrassing have a professional job and I don’t look presentable.
They don’t know WHAT THEY ARE DOING DO NOT GO HERE…I came here for a nail replacement because I had broke one …After he had put on the nail on my fingers he realized he didn’t have the color that I had before…so I said just do the style on my fingers with white instead HE DID A HORRIBLE JOB AT IT so I said just color the whole fingers with white he did that and still did a horrible job at it…IM SOOO SOO UPSET RIGHT NOW!!! I really liked my nails before and he messed that up ….the before and after is what I am going to post
I have been twice now. The first time was a lot faster, but I came at a slower time. I have been with Kayla both times. She doesn't talk much which I actually prefer and she does a great job with attention to detail and a gentle hand. She did such a good job on my natural nails, and even takes care to use acrylic powder to fix any nail abnormalities I have so that they all look the same.
Just No. Simple as that. It’s like a funny farm. My nails look like a three year old did them. The guy that did my pedi was weird and did a horrible job polishing. The lady beside me while I was getting a pedicure kept saying how bad her nails were so I looked over there and indeed…they were ugly lol I thought I had a chance since I was going to another tech…. Unfortunately I was wrong. This man was a whole hot mess ???? $130 on a full set and pedi wasted.
Terrible!!!! Owner tried to do my
nails while talking on the phone. When she finished before putting the nail polish I said something to her about my nails being too thick and she started to arguing with me. Then she asked the other girl Nery to finish my nails. Nery looked at my nails and tried to fix them. They look better but still don't look good.
Wasted $45. Stay away from this place!!!!
The worst nail experience ever. He couldn't even do a simple French manicure set. When I asked him to fix it he had the worst attitude and left acrylic all over my fingers.
Was recommended this place by a few of my coworkers so I decided to try it out and i was impressed! The guy who did my nails was super friendly and took his time! Overall great experience
I got my nails done on Friday and Saturday three nails was lifting. I went back to the mail salon and was told they told I must of been bending my nails for them to lift. The male who did my nails said he will fix them. His fixing was adding glue to the lifted nails. All the times I got my nails done I never experienced not professionalism. I know you just done add glue to repair a nail. I will never go there again. I know one lost customer does mean anything. This we not my first time going there.
You should be able to stand behind your work. It not like I was asking for money back. I just wanted my nails fixed properly. I spent 100 dollars in service.
Updated later that day one glue down nail popped off!!!!!

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