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Quick Facts About #1 Beauty Supply

The #1 Beauty Supply place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided by various customers. It is important to consider these factors when evaluating the overall quality and service of the store.
Starting with the strengths, multiple comments mention that the store offers a wide variety of products at affordable prices. This is a positive aspect as it provides customers with options and the ability to find what they need for their beauty needs. The store is also praised for having a large inventory of hair and hair products, including synthetic and human hair. The quality of their human hair is specifically highlighted as being nice. This indicates that the store offers products that are suitable for different preferences and budgets.
Additionally, some customers appreciate the prices at this beauty supply store, especially in comparison to other stores in the area. It is a positive when customers feel that they are getting a good deal and value for their money. This affordability factor can attract customers who are looking for budget-friendly options.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses that have been mentioned by customers. One major weakness is the decline in customer service. One customer mentions that the store used to have wonderful customer service years ago but has experienced a decline in recent times. This specific comment highlights an incident where the customer had a negative experience with the staff. The customer felt that the staff had an attitude and were reluctant in assisting them. This indicates that the store needs to improve its customer service in order to retain and satisfy its customers.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the poor quality of the products. Several customers mention that they purchased hair bundles that turned out to be of low quality. In one instance, a customer brought back a bundle and the staff tried to blame the quality on the "type of hair." This shows a lack of accountability on the store's part, as they did not take responsibility for the poor quality of the product. Another customer experienced excessive shedding with a hair product and the store refused to admit their mistake. This suggests that the store needs to ensure better quality control and address customer complaints more effectively.
Other weaknesses mentioned include the lack of organization in the store and the fact that prices are not displayed on products. These factors can create confusion and inconvenience for customers, as they have to rely on staff for pricing information or spend additional time searching for products. Additionally, one customer mentions that the store locks its doors earlier than the advertised closing time, which can be frustrating for customers who arrive close to closing but still expect to be able to shop.
Furthermore, one customer accused the store of racism and discrimination. While this is a serious allegation, it is essential to consider the context and gather more information to fully understand the situation. If the accusation is valid, it would significantly impact the reputation and credibility of the store.
In conclusion, the #1 Beauty Supply place has strengths such as affordability and a wide variety of products, but it also has weaknesses concerning declining customer service, poor product quality, lack of organization, and potential allegations of racism and discrimination. These weaknesses need to be addressed for the store to improve its overall quality and reputation.

Best TL Reviews

I gave the store 2-stars because they used to have wonderful customer service years ago. I went there today and the customer service was horrible. I brought some yaki straight bundles and the quality was horrible. When I took it back in the girls were trying to convince me that it was like that because of the “type of hair.” When I insisted on getting something different (since there are no refunds), the young ladies had an attitude towards me as if I was pestering them. I’m sorry, but if I am a customer and I’m not happy with the quality of the hair then it should be only right that you help me find something that’s up to my standards. I eventually settled on something I didn’t want but only bc they were very reluctant in assisting me. I will not be returning anymore :(
This is a pretty affordable beauty supply store. They have a large inventory of hair and hair products and the quality of their human hair is pretty nice too. I wish their were a bit more organized and had prices on their products, but overall a decent place to shop for synthetic and human hair.
Horrible customer service terrible products I brought a bad bundle of hair I showed the guy the hair was supposed to be 16 in but only about 5 the ends was thin and terrible he was nasty and rude told me to keep wrapping it around … around where sir? We’ll just keep it for a sew in I’d what he advised
They lock their doors at 7:46 when their sign says they close at 8:00. I haven't been in there for 3 mins and two men rushed me out and I ended up paying for the wrong wig. And they didn't have a lot of stock or none at all. Why have wigs on display if you don't have them in the back? And, no, I don't want the wig on the mannequin when it's already beaten up. Just bum behavior.
They have some of everything with good prices. A lot of wigs, Hair products and crochet hair.
A whole lot of variety. More than the beauty supply by my house. This one just became my new beauty store.
Was sold terribly blended blonde hair . Excessive shedding . My stylist couldn’t even use it . Store didn’t wanna admit their wrong doing . 100$ lost .
Honestly this is the worst beauty supply in Orlando. They are very racist and discriminatory and I will never give them my black dollars again.. and for all other black women that shop at this beauty supply store find somewhere else because they do not respect you And I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau ..(cheap low quality wigs)

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