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Alina Nails Salon

+1 352-602-4176
17195 US-441, Mt Dora, FL 32757 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Alina Nails Salon

1. Talented nail technicians: Multiple comments mention how talented the nail technicians at Alina Nails Salon are. They are praised for their ability to recreate desired designs and for their efficiency in completing services.
2. Wide range of options: Alina Nails Salon offers a variety of options for nail treatments, including chrome, ombre, colored acrylic power, dip, buildup gel, glow in the dark, and cat eye. Customers appreciate the variety and the opportunity to try different designs.
3. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere: Customers comment on the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Alina Nails Salon. They mention feeling comfortable and having good conversations with the staff. A customer even notes that the salon has a family feeling.
4. Good customer service: Customers mention the good customer service they received at Alina Nails Salon. They appreciate the attention to detail, the willingness of the staff to fix any mistakes, and the overall positive experience they had.
5. Affordable prices: A long-term customer mentions that Alina Nails Salon offers affordable prices. This can be seen as a strength as it attracts customers looking for quality services at a reasonable cost.
1. Inconsistent service: One customer mentions that they have been to multiple nail salons in town, and none have been consistently up to their standards. While they had a positive experience at Alina Nails Salon, this comment suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of service provided by different nail technicians.
2. Negative experience: One customer had a negative experience at Alina Nails Salon, describing it as the worst pedicure they have ever received. They mention issues such as polish all over their cuticles and a painful experience of having their toenails cut incorrectly. This negative experience could be seen as a weakness, as it can potentially deter customers from visiting the salon.
3. Lack of options at other nail salons in the area: A customer mentions that one of the weaknesses of other nail salons in the area is the lack of options available. While Alina Nails Salon is praised for offering a variety of options, this suggests that other salons may not cater to all customer preferences.
In conclusion, Alina Nails Salon has strengths in talented technicians, a wide range of options, a friendly atmosphere, good customer service, and affordable prices. However, there may be weaknesses in terms of inconsistent service and occasionally negative experiences reported by customers.

Best TL Reviews

The worst pedicure ever…. I still tipped the young lady but this is horrible. Than after I explained to her that this was the worst ever she wanted to fix it ???? how can you fix what you thought was perfect. You should fix it before completing the service. There is no reason for polish to be all over my cuticles my pedicure was so bad my kids laughed at me. This is exactly why I normally do my own nails
Why did she do this to me ?? She even butchered my toe nails this was a painful experience she kept cutting and snipping for what idk because I get a pedi EVERY 2 weeks. Her coworker agreed that this was horrible and laughed as well
I’ve been to just about every nail salon in town and nothing is ever consistent or up to my standards. After searching and reading reviews I found Alina nails and went with Sarah. She was absolutely amazing! Will be returning to see her biweekly!
Adore this salon! Nail techs are extremely talented! Work fast & efficient. Plus they created a relaxing experience with awesome cappuccino. Showed my tech a pic of what I wanted & she perfectly recreated it on my nails!
Great experience. Little gem in on the boarder if Mt. Dora and Eustis. David greeted me at the door and is who did my Ombre Acrylic overlay. He seemed to know the names of everyone that walked in. Family feeling, good convo, comfortable atmosphere. I was kind of a indecisive pain because I changed my mind like 3 times but David just went with it. My gel French pedicure was Lena ... even though I called her Linda 1/2 the time she was really nice. Offered me a beverage and was gentle but thorough.
btw- my issue with most of the places in the area are the lack of options. A lot of places cater to the older crowd. You will have to ask for it but Alina’s has a lot of different options... chrome, ombré, colored acrylic power, Dip, buildup gel, glow in the dark, the color that looks like cat eye that I don’t know the name of, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want or come with a photo. If you like the gems and trendy design stuff schedule Sara (I think that’s her name- just say the younger gal that does designs :)
I recently move to the area and needed a place near. My first time was amazing misty I believe her name was fantastic loved the whole experience. So of course two weeks later I returned this time I got Peter he was very fun and kind but unfortunately he cut my hands up. I will give This place another chance because it was all in all pretty good
I have been going to Alina’s for about a year now and I have sat in everyone’s seat. They are by far the best nail salon in lake county! Prices are even better! I even get my eyebrows done there as well.
This is my first time coming here and I will definitely be back. David was great! He helped me figure out what I wanted and my nails look great!
I just moved to FL and wasn't sure where to go, so I did my research and decided to try them out. I'm definitely satisfied with the job they did. The women that did my feet and nails were great! Very clean place and friendly. I got an acrylic set with gel and pedicure.. Found my nail place in my new home ????

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended


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