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All Nails and Spa

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61 Bell Blvd N Suite #6, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About All Nails and Spa

Strengths of All Nails and Spa:
1. Good customer service: Many comments mention that the nail technicians are kind, respectful, and polite. They provide attentive service and make customers feel comfortable and valued.
2. Efficient and timely: Some comments note that the salon works well under pressure and performs the services in a timely manner. This indicates that the salon can handle a busy schedule and provides efficient services to its customers.
3. Attention to cleanliness: One comment mentions that the salon is clean. This indicates that All Nails and Spa prioritizes hygiene and maintains a clean and sanitary environment for its customers.
4. Positive experience for some customers: A few comments express satisfaction with the services received. Customers mention that they are happy with their nails and had a good experience at the salon.
Weaknesses of All Nails and Spa:
1. Inconsistent quality of service: Multiple comments highlight inconsistency in the quality of service. While some customers had positive experiences, others had negative experiences where the nail technicians rushed through the job, resulting in missing polish, bad filing, and uneven nail art. This inconsistency suggests that the salon lacks consistency in its training and standards for nail technicians.
2. Lack of attention to detail: Some comments mention issues with the salon's attention to detail. The complaints include nails not being cured properly under the light, inadequate application of rhinestones, and patches of acrylic left on the skin. These issues indicate that the salon may lack attention to detail and may need to improve its quality control processes.
3. Price discrepancy and gender bias: One comment mentions that there is a price difference based on gender, with services being more expensive for males. This demonstrates a potential issue of gender bias and price discrimination within the salon, which may deter some customers from choosing the salon.
4. Long wait times and poor appointment scheduling: A couple of comments note that customers had to wait for a significant amount of time past their scheduled appointment time, suggesting poor appointment scheduling and management. This can be frustrating for customers and may result in a negative experience.
Overall, All Nails and Spa has strengths in customer service, efficiency, and cleanliness. However, the salon needs to address its inconsistency in service quality, lack of attention to detail, issues with pricing and gender bias, and improve appointment scheduling to ensure a better overall customer experience.

Best TL Reviews

i went to this nail salon a total of three times. the first two times my nails came out just fine. but this third time was a completely different experience. the lady i was with seemed to look at me confused everytime i told her what i wanted. she didn’t cure my nails as long as i think they should have been cured. normally they keep them under the light for at least a minute and a half but it seemed like they were only under there for a few seconds. i decided to just let her do her job and trust the process. it wasn’t until halfway through she changed the setting on the light to be a little longer. then i asked for rhinestones and again she gave me a blank look. once the whole process was finished, i loved my nails, they were so gorgeous. i got home (this was a thursday) and took a shower and instantly every rhinestone came off. you can still see the small spots from the glue. didn’t think much of it and it wasn’t a big deal. well a few days later (saturday) i got out of the shower and noticed pink flakes on my arm. looked at my nails and this is what i saw. i will be finding a new salon.
The nail techs are very kind and respectful. They work well under pressure and in a timely fashion. Even my mother likes this salon.
My mother and I got our nails done here. 4 stars only because we waited close to 30 minutes after the scheduled appointment time. All the guys that worked on us were very nice. I am extremely happy with my nails. My mom had a great time chatting with her guy. All in all not a bad experience. Showed a picture of what I wanted and got what I showed. We will be back.
The best nail salon experience of my entire life! The attention to gentle was astonishing: they were respectful, clean, polite, and gentle. They take their time while still not keeping you too long.
I wish I lived here so that they could only do my nails!! Handled me like whip butter!
I only got my nails cleaned. I never get color or anything like that. I got a man-pedi cleaned, no color. I still got 5 star treatment! Worth every last cent!
Got the job done, but my friend and I went together, male and female. The exact same job costs more for males. The tech working on me rushed through the entire job, two of my gel fingernails are missing polish, and the filing is terrible, nails keep getting caught on fabrics.2 other fingers got something caught under the polish.
I came in for a new set and got overlooked I had sat for almost an hour and seen other women who had appointments also getting there nails done before me mind you my appointment was at 3 I didn't get seen until after 4 what's the point of an appointment if I have to sit for an hour
I love it here. Very much recommended ❤️
i never get my nails done and this was the first time in forever that i went to do them at a salon. i was convinced this place was good after seeing the reviews and pictures by one of the male nail techs
but i was so wrong. the lady who did my nails was clearly doing them in a rush & was SOO rough while filing. she tugged on my entire finger every time she moved the hand file. not only that but she filed the corners of my actual nail off & now it looks weird because they’re too thin. some places on the nails are patchy as well, especially near the edges. when she moved on to the electric file, she left nics and cuts on every other finger. then came the nail art. the lines are sloppy, chunky, and uneven. the circles on my thumbs are barely circles. there was also so many flakes and patches of acrylic left on my skin around the nail. from a distance, they look decent.. but that’s the best they’ll ever look. mind you, i was charged SIXTY DOLLARS FOR THIS. if i didn’t have social anxiety i most likely would’ve asked for another tech but i was too nervous to even look at someone else. next time i go i’m making sure to go with the man that did the nails in the pictures.

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