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Blooming Brows Threading Salon

+1 347-627-2700
1476 A Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Blooming Brows Threading Salon

Blooming Brows Threading Salon has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Firstly, the salon has received praise for the professionalism and skill of some specific employees, such as Neha. Customers have commented on her gentle touch, ability to make them feel comfortable, and great conversation. This indicates that the salon has employees who are well-trained and capable of providing a positive experience.
Another strength mentioned is the cleanliness of the salon. Customers have noted that the place is nice and clean, which is important for maintaining a hygienic environment. A clean salon creates a more pleasant experience for customers and indicates that the salon takes care in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.
Additionally, the salon has been commended for offering a range of services such as eyebrow threading, waxing, and eyelash extensions. This demonstrates that the salon caters to a variety of needs and can provide multiple beauty treatments to its customers.
However, there are also weaknesses that have been highlighted in the comments. Several customers have mentioned experiencing uneven and choppy eyebrow threading. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of the salon's services, indicating a potential weakness in training or technique.
Another weakness mentioned is the poor customer service experienced by one reviewer. They felt disregarded when the staff greeted and served another customer who arrived after them, indicating a lack of respect and efficiency in handling customers. This highlights a weakness in the salon's customer service and suggests a potential need for improved training in dealing with customers.
Hygiene practices have also been criticized by a customer who claimed that the workers do not wash or sanitize their hands. This is a significant red flag, as maintaining proper hygiene is essential for a salon environment. Failure to adhere to hygiene protocols can lead to the spread of infection and dissatisfaction among customers.
Some negative experiences were also reported regarding the quality of services offered. One customer mentioned having the worst lashes ever and needing to remove them themselves, while another customer reported a painful and potentially damaging wax experience. These instances demonstrate a weakness in ensuring consistently high-quality services at the salon.
Overall, the strengths of Blooming Brows Threading Salon include skilled and personable employees, cleanliness, and a range of services offered. However, weaknesses include inconsistent service quality, poor customer service, and potential lapses in hygiene practices. Addressing these weaknesses through improvements in training and customer service protocols would help enhance the overall experience for customers.

Best TL Reviews

I got the wax done by well mannered and charming tall slim lady named Neha. she is amazing and too gentle even though I kept moving I just love the way. She kept asking if i was okay!made me feel comfortable, great conversation.From now definitely going again again to her. Thank you blooming for kind employee . I highly recommend this place, amazing, polite, sweet and quick ladies.
Worst eyebrow threading experience I’ve ever had. My eyebrows are uneven & choppy. The vibe was off as soon as I walked in, starting with the lack of a greeting. As I waited patiently, the staff proceeded to greet a white customer when she walked in after me and put her in the chair right away. They then had the audacity to act confused when I calmly stated that I was there first and that I was getting the same thing done as the customer they took before me. Do yourself a favor and save your coin for an establishment that respects their customers.
Neha was beyond excellent. She took her time with my wax and lashes. I have been coming here for years and never leave unhappy. Great service.
Tbh I’ve had good and bad experiences here. Today was by far the worse. I went to get my eyebrows threaded. I left there with one eyebrow high and one low. I’ve been here twice and both times were busy days. The workers do not wash or sanitize hands. Which is highly disgusting because you are touching people’s faces and ringing up money as well. DO BETTER.
I am a very happy client for about a month.Neha is my angel and she does a great job. SHE IS THE BEST. I do eyebrows, waxing and eyelashes. All the time I get compliments. The eyelashes look so natural, I love it!!!!!
The place was nice and clean the girl.who worked on me was awesome. I tend to be super picky but she was on point. I got a Brazilian wax done I chose chocolate wax because it's what I'm familiar with. I did not wait and they took me right in. I paid $35.00 and I couldn't be happier right now!
Worst lashes I’ve ever had. I wasted money and now have to remove them on my own!! They really went downhill.
Today I had the absolute worst wax experience. I requested a sensitive wax. The young lady kept her mask on opposed to pulling it down to cool off the wax. When she placed the wax on the right side of my private area I told her it was hot. She then started the left side. After applying the wax again I stated it was hot. She apologized and fanned the wax with her hand. After pulling the wax strip off, she turned around to get more strips and said you’re bleeding. I didn’t think of anything too bad because 1 I didn’t feel it and 2 I thought small spots of blood. She wiped it with a paper towel and I saw the amount of blood. One of the other ladies came into the room and told me take pictures. I believe I was burned and my skin was also taken off. I wish I could post the pictures. I am in so much pain

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