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Centifola nails&spa

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28257 Lexus Dr #6, Milford, DE 19963 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Centifola nails&spa

Strengths of Centifola Nails & Spa:
1. Excellent pedicures: Multiple customers have mentioned that they always love their pedicures at Centifola Nails & Spa. The technicians are careful when removing ingrown toenails and provide a great experience.
2. Professional and friendly staff: Customers have praised the professionalism of the employees at Centifola Nails & Spa. They report that the staff is friendly and provides a positive atmosphere.
3. Cleanliness: The salon is described as very clean by customers who have visited. This is an important factor for many people when choosing a nail salon.
4. Passionate and skilled nail technicians: Several customers have mentioned specific nail technicians who provided exceptional service. These technicians were praised for their craftsmanship and passion in pleasing their clients.
5. Comfortable and relaxing environment: Customers have mentioned the relaxing pedicure room and comfortable equipment at Centifola Nails & Spa. This adds to the overall experience of visiting the salon.
Weaknesses of Centifola Nails & Spa:
1. Inconsistent quality: There have been multiple comments about the inconsistency in the quality of services at Centifola Nails & Spa. Some customers have experienced great pedicures, while others have had negative experiences with nail designs and shapes.
2. Long wait times: Although an appointment system is in place, some customers have mentioned that the wait times at Centifola Nails & Spa can be lengthy. This can be frustrating for customers who have limited time.
3. Charging unauthorized fees: One customer mentioned that they were charged an extra $10 on their card without their permission. This reflects a lack of transparency and can negatively impact the customer's trust in the salon.
4. Inattentive nail technicians: Multiple customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the nail technicians at Centifola Nails & Spa. Complaints include not listening to customer requests, filing fingers more than nails, and not putting enough coats of nail polish.
5. Inconsistent nail designs: Some customers have had issues with the nail design services at Centifola Nails & Spa. Nails have been reported to be misshapen, with some flipping up or being completely sideways. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and skill in nail design.
In conclusion, Centifola Nails & Spa has several strengths such as excellent pedicures, professional staff, a clean environment, and passionate nail technicians. However, there are also weaknesses including inconsistent quality, long wait times, charging unauthorized fees, inattentive nail technicians, and inconsistency in nail designs. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and reputation of the business.

Best TL Reviews

I always love my pedicures, no matter who does them! I get terrible ingrown toenails and they are always careful when removing them. I took my daughter as well and she had a great experience. The wait times can be a little lengthy even with an appointment, but not terrible. Very clean, everyone is professional.
Do not waste your time going here!
The first time I went was over the summer, there was an older gentleman who did ok on my nails. But then they charged me an extra $10 on my card without my permission.
I went back last week and showed them what I wanted for my nail design and the shape. They didn’t even come close. It was pointed out to me by a friend the mess up they did. I have 3 nails that flip up in the air, 1 nail completely sideways, and they were all thicker than I normally get. I paid $90 for that nonsense. Of course I wasn’t paying attention until it got to my design part and they couldn’t do that right! I had to go to another salon in Dover and have them fix them the way I wanted. So I spent another $51.
I was told this is the best place in Milford…yeah for the ladies in the back doing pedicures. They are sweet. But for nails, ABSOLUTELY NOT! It’s like they have newbies fresh off the street working.
If there was an option for zero stars that’s what I would have given them. My nails looked so bad as I was check out the guy offered to fix them. After he did his best to fix them they still looked terrible. This picture was taken the next day. When I called to let them know I was unsatisfied, all they offered was for me to come back and have them fixed, would not refund my money. Worsts nail salon experience ever. The nail tech did not listen to anything I asked for and filed my fingers more than my nails.
Today I had a super time at this nail salon. This is my third visit. My nails were done by an exceptional nail technician by the name of NINA!!! Absolutely lovely disposition, great at her craftsmanship, and above all passionate about pleasing her clients.
My nails were decorated for the Christmas season. I told her to BLING them out. She surely delivered to the task. My nails are totally ready for ????.
My feet are ready too!
I'm so glad I get to share my feedback. The pedicure was 2nd to none. It was the best pedicure I've ever had. When I went to get my nails refilled the nail technician convinced me that I needed a full set which now, I don't think I needed. He proceeded to take off my old nails hurting me several times. He actually gave me this dirty look when I yanked my hand away because it hurt. He was rude when I asked him questions about who should I pay for both types of services. He was annoyed when I asked what the name of the woman who did my pedicure was. It was clear he was annoyed when I asked him to spell her name so that I could call her by the proper name. And ask for her again. When he painted my nails he did not put on enough coats & I can actually see through my nails. When he did the design, one nail on the right hand is completely off center and looks horrible. I felt like he was annoyed the whole time doing my nails. I will never return to him. I will continue to get a pedicure there though. I tip very well for good service. Even after all that he did, I still tipped him $10. Maybe he should realize that I'm his customer & if he didn't have customers, he wouldn't have a job.
Halana was the technician who did my pedicure and eyebrow waxing. She was very gentle and understanding of what I wanted. I appreciated that. The eyebrow waxing and pedicure were very carefully done. Thank you. I liked that the rooms were private from the nail part of the salon. Kim was the technician who did the removal of my gel acrylic nails. She did a good job buffing, filing, and cutting. Even the lavender oil smelled very good. Just the filing of the gel acrylic was a little rough. I have a few burns/cuts near my cuticles because of the bit of filing it off. Overall, nice experience. I enjoyed my visit. I hope to return in the future.
Centifola nail & spa is amazing place to work and amazing place to come manicure and Pedicure
Relaxing Pedicure room
Comfortable Requioment and quality materials
Don’t miss the service in January 2023
You will love it????????????????????
Place was very nice. Confirmed our reservations which was appreciated. We booked 4 pedicures. Three classic one lavender. Two of us got paraffin. My polish was great. My daughters polish was a bit lumpy.

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