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Quick Facts About Fab Nails & Spa

Fab Nails & Spa, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses in various aspects of their service. In order to provide an in-depth analysis, let's break down these strengths and weaknesses:
Strengths: 1. Wide range of nail polish options: Although they did not have the color the customer wanted for a foil, they had a variety of other choices, such as crackle polish. This indicates that Fab Nails & Spa offers a diverse selection of nail polish options for their customers to choose from.
2. Ability to think creatively: The customer appreciated the fact that they were encouraged to think outside the box and try a different color under the black polish. This suggests that the staff at Fab Nails & Spa are open to new ideas and are willing to work with clients to achieve unique and personalized nail designs.
3. Quality work: Multiple customers mentioned the top-notch quality of the work done at Fab Nails & Spa. This indicates that the salon has skilled technicians who provide excellent service and deliver satisfactory results.
4. Friendly and accommodating staff: Several customers mentioned that the staff at Fab Nails & Spa are nice and accommodating. This positive interaction contributes to a pleasant overall experience for clients.
5. Loyal customer base: One customer mentioned that they have been going to Fab Nails & Spa for three years and expressed their satisfaction with the owner and the service provided. This demonstrates that the salon has built a loyal customer base over time.
Weaknesses: 1. Lack of professionalism: A customer complained about an employee talking on the phone while attending to their nails. This suggests that the staff may not always prioritize their clients or maintain a professional demeanor during appointments.
2. Inattentiveness during appointments: One customer expressed their dissatisfaction with the frequent interruptions during their nail appointment. This included the nail technician prioritizing new customers, rushing the service, and even leaving the customer unattended for extended periods. These issues indicate a lack of attention to customers and a failure to provide a consistent and dedicated service.
3. Long waiting time: While some customers mentioned that the wait time was longer than expected, others did not comment on this aspect. However, it is important to note that one negative review mentioned a four-hour visit for a full set of nails. This excessive waiting time can be frustrating for customers and is a significant weakness of the salon.
4. Lack of punctuality: One customer mentioned that their appointment times were not honored by the salon. This indicates a lack of punctuality and respect for clients' time, which can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.
In conclusion, Fab Nails & Spa has several strengths, including a wide range of nail polish options, the ability to think creatively, quality work, friendly staff, and a loyal customer base. However, there are also several weaknesses, such as a lack of professionalism, inattentiveness during appointments, long waiting times, and a lack of punctuality. These weaknesses can negatively impact the overall customer experience and should be addressed by the salon in order to improve and retain their customer base.

Best TL Reviews

I wanted a foil done but they didn't have the colors. She showed me the crackle polish they had and loved that... They loved how I thought outside the box and got a different color under the black instead of white, which is what people mostly get...I just don't like how she didn't go all the way down to my cuticle with the black.
We decided to do a spa day & had the best time! Wait was a little longer than expected but the work is TOP NOTCH! Will visit again when I'm in town.
Horrible from the start. Employee was talking with a friend on the phone while trying to communicate with me. She stayed on the phone and tried to work on my nails at first but eventually hung up. Everytime a new customer would enter, she would quit working on my nails to assist them or even worse, rush the drill causing an uneven file. She poorly and awkwardly filled my acrylic. It felt like she had not learned how to properly apply/tend to acrylic nails. Woman even left me once again to give someone else a full pedicure while my nails are still unfinished. Perused snapchat for a while. After waiting half an hour she returns but still rushed. Worst nail salon I have ever experienced. The result was sloppy and I regret straying from my usual salon. Do not recommend.
Absolutely love this place! They are so nice and accommodating. The "by hand" nail designs are awesome!
I always love the work they do here. Always top quality and great service
I have been going to Fab Nails and Spa for 3 years. The owner Vanh is very friendly and polite. She is a perfectionist and wants your nails to look nice. Whether she does my nails or someone else does them, she always makes sure that my nails are done correctly. She is wonderful and I will only go to Fab Nails. Gel polish lasts a long time when they do a manicure with gel polish. Just can't say enough good comments about this place.
I recently moved to the area and have tried several different salami s with no luck on being happy with the final outcome until today! Thank you Vanna for the amazing job you did. They are perfect and I couldn’t be more happy! You have gained a loyal customer!
Terrible service. They do a great job however I made an appointment 3 different times to which she never honored my apt time. Started my nails each time and left me sitting while she left to run "errands" which is completely unacceptable. The lady knows nails dont get me wrong she can do any and everything you want and they look great but I don't think a 4hr visit is okay for a full set especially with only one other customer in the building. And no im not talking about one bad experience, every single visit was over 4 hours!

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