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Eliza Dominican Beauty Salon

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1341 Chester Pike, Sharon Hill, PA 19079 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Eliza Dominican Beauty Salon

Eliza Dominican Beauty Salon has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the salon. In analyzing these comments, it becomes apparent that the salon has a few notable strengths and weaknesses.
One strength of Eliza Dominican Beauty Salon is the positive experiences some customers had during their visits. Customers have mentioned that they loved how their hair was done, with one customer specifically praising Jinette for her work with extensions. Additionally, a customer who went to the salon with her mother mentioned that both of their hair turned out great and that they would definitely come back if they were in Philadelphia again. These positive experiences suggest that the salon has stylists who are skilled in their craft and can deliver satisfactory results for certain customers.
Another strength of Eliza Dominican Beauty Salon is the quick service and availability for walk-ins. One customer mentioned that they were able to get their hair done quickly as a walk-in, which suggests that the salon can accommodate customers without appointments efficiently. This can be seen as a positive aspect for customers who may have last-minute hair care needs or prefer not to make appointments in advance.
A weakness highlighted by customers is the questionable customer service they received during their visits. One customer noted that the stylist they encountered on their second visit seemed disinterested and did not want to do any hair, leading them to leave and seek services elsewhere. Another customer expressed their disappointment with the lack of respect and courteousness they experienced, stating that they were treated poorly and like a nobody. These negative experiences suggest that the salon may have issues with providing consistent and satisfactory customer service.
Language barriers also seem to be a weakness of Eliza Dominican Beauty Salon, as mentioned by multiple customers. One customer highlighted a potential language barrier issue during their visit, noting that the stylist did not seem to understand them. Another customer mentioned that they encountered stylists speaking in Spanish and fighting over not wanting to do their hair, assuming that they couldn't understand the language. These incidents indicate that the salon may need to work on improving communication with customers who do not speak Spanish or addressing any biases or discriminatory behavior that may arise due to language differences.
Another weakness brought up by customers is the potential lack of professionalism and care when handling customers' hair. One customer mentioned that their hair was cut without proper consultation or recommendation, resulting in sadness and dissatisfaction. Another customer shared a distressing experience where their daughter's hair suffered severe damage after visiting the salon. These incidents raise concerns about the salon's practices and the expertise of their stylists, suggesting a potential weakness in the quality of service provided.
In conclusion, Eliza Dominican Beauty Salon has both strengths and weaknesses based on customer feedback. The positive comments highlight skilled stylists, quick service for walk-ins, and satisfactory results for some customers. However, negative comments reveal weaknesses in customer service, potential language barriers, unprofessional behavior, and damage to customers' hair. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses and make improvements to ensure a consistently positive experience for all customers.

Best TL Reviews

I went here to get hair done one time and it great besides the young lady that wash my hair didn’t understand me but that was cool, and left happy. The next visit on one morning was a different person, light brown Dominican woman and not the person did my hair two weeks before. My experience this time:
I went to the door and had to get buzzed in which was fine but when I got in the woman stood as if she didn’t want to do anything. So, I said, “ Goodmorning, I need a hair wash, dry and hair flatiron.” It was like air space lol so asked are you open for business right now I don’t want to interrupt anything. (I do believe that it is a language barrier that could be the issue but regardless) She still act like she didn’t want to do any hair but her shop was empty… So I left and got my hair done some where else…. To everyone that has morals and respect don’t go here.. They has no respect. Trust me, they know how to do but they look at you like you are a nobody but they want you money though.. disgusting!! Terrible customer service!!! If I can give a half of star I would. Giving them a two star is only because my first visit was nice so the two is very generous of me. As a customer I expect a courteous and welcoming greeting. Who goes to spend there money and get treated like trash … not I said the cat!
I was faithful of going to this salon for over three years. My hair has not been the same. I allowed the stylist (Yinette) to cut 2 inches of my hair and I felt saddened by it. The stylist never recommended cutting this much of my hair before. Last December of 2021, the stylist wanted to cut my hair again. I haven't returned to this salon since. Now, my hair has thickened again.
Rasheedah, M.Ed
I've been to this salon for the last three years and I love how they fix my hair, Jinette put some beautiful extensions on me, I love her work!!
I was in town from the Poconos and my stylist did a great job on my hair and my mother's hair. If I am ever in Philly again I would definitely come out to get my hair done again.
I am so heartbroken for my daughter. I’m calling the state I’m at going to fight! Even if I have to take them to court! Something is not right with either their products or not everybody is licensed!! I myself have been here over 5 times. My daughter twice. I take her once a year to get her hair straighten for her birthday. She keeps protective styles all year around because she is 100% natural. The last time we went February 2022. No issues her hair was straight. 2 weeks later it was time to go back to her protective style (end of Feb 2022). The hair dresser called and told me her hair smelled really bad!! Smelled so horrible as If perm was put in it. She washed it 3 times and notice her hair no longer was a puffy fro.I paid it no mind because her hair had not fallen out.. she braided her hair and it was left in until today. AFTER her hair was blow dried my child’s hair is gone!! She has about 3inches of hair in certain spots.. it’s stringy, It’s just falling out!! Why would they do this!! She is so heart broken!! Don’t let them in your hair!! Don’t do it!!
I like how Jinnet made my hair, she treated me very kindly and I highly recommend it
Black women DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. They are rude and slick to black women & purposely try to ruin our beautiful curls. I went to this salon when I was younger. The first two times, my hair came out okay but they were very rude the entire time and fighting over not wanting to do my hair in Spanish. I guess they assumed I didn’t understand Spanish because I’m black. The 3rd and LAST time I went, my mom left while I was getting my hair was done and the older Dominican woman, (I believe the mom of the twins who work there) put a small toothed comb to my ROOTS and RIPPED IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH MY 4C HAIR TO MY ENDS!!! It was so painful and damaged my hair for a long time! I was a teenager and too afraid to speak up without my mom there but NEVER went back. So I recently thought about the terrible experience & decided to come back and look at the reviews about 5 years later & LOW AND BEHOLD, there’s only black women who have had negative experiences with these hateful women. Let the Dominican women come to this place and PROTECT YOUR CROWNS BLACK WOMEN. If for any reason you HAVE to go here, PLEASE don’t allow your young black daughters/girls to be alone in the shop with them!!! 0 STARS! This establish is NOT black friendly! ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️
Brought all three of my daughters age 13, 8, and 5 hair turn out very nice. Last about a month as long as you tie it up. Walk-in too very quick service. Place is clean. Great prices

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Health & safety
  • Mask required
  • Temperature check required
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff get temperature checks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Gender-neutral restroom
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