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Golden Nails

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Pointe South Shopping Center, 8506 GA-85, Jonesboro, GA 30238 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Golden Nails

Golden Nails place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment will be discussed below.
Strengths: 1. Good prices: Multiple comments mention that the prices at Golden Nails place are excellent and reasonable. This indicates that the salon offers competitive pricing, which can be appealing to customers who are looking for affordable services.
2. Friendly and accommodating service: Some comments highlight the friendly and accommodating nature of the staff. This suggests that the salon may prioritize customer service and strive to create a welcoming environment for their clients.
3. Skilled nail technicians: One comment mentions a particular nail technician (tech #6) who is described as awesome. This indicates that there are skilled and talented technicians working at Golden Nails place who can provide high-quality nail services.
4. Phenomenal pedicures: Another comment states that the pedicures at Golden Nails place are phenomenal. This suggests that the salon excels in providing pedicure services and has a strong reputation in this regard.
Weaknesses: 1. Rushed service: Several comments mention that the service at Golden Nails place was rushed. Customers reported feeling like their nails or pedicures were not properly done due to a lack of time or attention from the technicians. This could indicate that the salon prioritizes speed over quality, which can have a negative impact on customers' experiences.
2. Lack of cleanliness and sanitization: One comment highlights concerns about the lack of cleanliness at the salon, suggesting that Golden Nails place may not prioritize proper sanitization practices. This can be a major drawback for customers who prioritize hygiene and cleanliness in a salon.
3. Inconsistent quality of work: A few comments mention instances where the quality of the nail services provided was not up to par. This includes unevenly polished nails, rushed work, and designs that did not match. Inconsistent quality of work can be a major deterrent for customers seeking reliable and high-quality services.
4. Poor customer service: One comment describes an incident where the owner of Golden Nails place became loud and disrespectful towards a customer. This indicates a lack of professionalism and customer service skills, which can greatly impact the overall experience and potential recurring business.
5. Communication issues: Some comments highlight issues with communication between customers and the technicians. For example, one customer had to repeatedly ask for a proper nail removal technique, while another customer experienced miscommunications regarding the design and polish of their nails. These communication issues can lead to customer dissatisfaction and frustration.
In conclusion, Golden Nails place has strengths such as good prices, friendly service, skilled technicians, and excellent pedicures. However, there are also several weaknesses that include rushed service, lack of cleanliness and sanitization, inconsistent quality of work, poor customer service, and communication issues. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and reputation.

Best TL Reviews

Came in at 10:30
I was immediately seated, but the lady was trying to remove my the acrylic by just ripping it off with ANOTHER NAIL. Huh???
I do that at home myself….so why not soak them off? I had to ask her to soak…..which made the process a little easier.
The prices were excellent & I did end up liking my nails just hated how she started me off..
Rushed job. Same day pix and before leaving I asked is this what you think looks good, or quality? She said she’d do them over, however after my feet were finished she’d forgotten what she said. You can see my previous yellow polish. Gel polish fill-in… Never again.
I recently found this nail shop, I love my nail tech #6, he is awesome. The owner is very patient and professional. Their prices are reasonable!
I called and they took me right away for a soak off. The place definitely WAS NOT SANITARY TBH. The owner I assume starting soaking me and the the pedicure lady finished. She cut my real nail after me telling her no. I was passed. Also drilled on my nail bed too much and my nails were tender for 5 days. If I had to recommend this place I probably wouldn't. I'm a lil too bougie for this type of establishment.
Ist time here. ????????Received mani/pedi in 45 minutes. My service was rushed and half done. Nails look like my 10 yr old niece did them. ???? Curticles were not properly done. Water was not hot for neither. 1 coat of polish. I could have kept my $40. I'm still sitting here drying my nails. Had to ask to allow my nails to dry. It's 620p and no they are not about close. Will not be returning.
They did a good job. I was seated quickly but had a 30 minute wait time. I relaxed in the massage chair while I waited. Then, another wait for my nails. Friendly service though, and I like the way my nails looked.
I’ve been going to this nail-shop for over 5 years. I love how friendly and accommodating they are. Pedicures are phenomenal! I do think they could work on improving the overall cleanliness and presentation of the salon, however I often have an exceptional experience every time I attend.
Hello, I have been coming here for the past couple of months. The service is not wonderful, I normally go to Chung for my nails and the other day she completed a design on my nails which caused them to bubble, I came back to ask about it and was rushed out saying that was the design. When I went in yesterday, the young lady that did my toes completed my pedicure but painted my nails horribly. When I asked why they look like this they proceeded to tell me that it was the color or tried to imply that I just was not satisfied . The answer is this...no I am not satisfied with service that is not quality. In America , I do not have to Love something just cause a person did it, if I am paying for service, I expect it to look impeccable not sloppy.
Chung and Jennifer always charge exuberant prices for things that should not cost that much . I just paid 140 for nails and toes and when I complained about polish being on my skin or my nails not being polished all evenly I am wrong??? I will not go back to this place , for all others who had “good” experiences more power to you.
Yet and still ,I refuse to pay my money to a business that does not complete quality work. Yesterday she told me you never like your feet , yeah not if someone paints them wrong I do not like that and the only reason that I wanted to change my feet last time because after I got them done she put design on my nails that did not match my feet and I wanted to match and she responded that she could not do it when she is the one that suggested the design and then flipped on it with rushed work .
All in all ,on Yesterday I only asked to remove the polish and I would leave I had already paid.The owner Jennifer kept getting loud and I repeatedly asked her to lower her voice, as I was not yelling.She told me I would have to wait for someone to take off the polish since I don’t like her words not mine . I don’t like when people treat you anyway just cause they feel like it. Black people deserve respect as we are humans too. I will not patron any businesses that make me feel as if I am wrong just because they messed up I am supposed to smile and give them a tip. No I refuse to do this any longer.

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