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Hair Depot

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4026 Market St, Youngstown, OH 44512 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Hair Depot

Hair Depot, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses that can be identified.
One of the strengths mentioned is the customer service provided by the staff at Hair Depot. One comment praises their excellent customer service, stating that they were made to feel important and that the staff took the time to show them products. This suggests that the employees at Hair Depot are attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful, creating a positive shopping experience for customers.
Another strength highlighted is the wide range of products available at Hair Depot. One customer was impressed by the variety of items they found during their first visit and expresses their intention to return. This indicates that the store offers a diverse selection, catering to different beauty needs and preferences.
However, there are also several weaknesses that are worth noting. One recurring issue is the perception that employees at Hair Depot engage in racial profiling. Multiple comments mention feeling followed around the store or accused of stealing without sufficient evidence. These experiences are both unsettling and offensive, suggesting a lack of professionalism and discriminatory practices within the business.
Additionally, there have been complaints about the store's return policy and customer support. One customer recounts purchasing extensions that did not meet their specified requirements. When they tried to return the item, they were refused due to COVID-19 restrictions and faced dismissive and unhelpful responses. This lack of accountability and willingness to assist customers in resolving issues raises concerns about the store's commitment to customer satisfaction.
Another complaint relates to the pricing of products at Hair Depot. One customer mentioned purchasing a hair dryer that malfunctioned shortly after use. Despite attempting to return it within a short timeframe, they were met with resistance and a refusal to honor the store's advertised policies. Additionally, the customer discovered that the same item was significantly cheaper on an online marketplace. This suggests that Hair Depot may have inflated prices compared to competitors, putting customers at a disadvantage.
In summary, Hair Depot has strengths in terms of their customer service and product selection. However, there are notable weaknesses, including reports of racial profiling, poor customer support, and pricing discrepancies. These issues raise concerns about the overall shopping experience and may deter potential customers from choosing Hair Depot as their beauty store of choice.

Best TL Reviews

Hair Depot is my best beauty store for a long time. Customer service is 100% good they made me feel important waiting on me showing me products. Specially I recommend Ebin stuff to all my friends to buy here. Thank you Hair Depot????.
My girlfriend went here and asked for extensions that were a specific length and color. The employee helping helped with color but the length was WAY off. When we called and told them of the problem the response we got was oh sorry, due to Covid we can’t take returns and we can’t help so sorry. Now we are out of $50. It feels like they scammed us out of the money. If you need extensions.. GO ANYWHERE ELSE!
If I could give them a zero, I would attended the store yesterday night at 6:35 me and my man went to grab a couple of things we were followed around the whole store, and at the end of our trip after we paid for our items, the employee Angela grabbed my man’s area while he was holding our 6 month old child and accused us of stealing. I was angry, and tried to explain to her that it is wrong that she grabbed him. If she believed that we were stealing she should have locked the doors and called the police even after she followed me to my car and continued harass me worst experience, ever do not attend. (said she was show me the footage never showed it to me because she knew she was wrong)
Didn't know this place had so much stuff. 1st time there and was amazed. I'll go again 1 day
I don't go there often because they follow you around the store as if you're gonna steal and that's not kool.
Traveled from PA get to the store 20 minutes before they open (My fault) so I wait, the store opens I go in only to be told I can't be helped because there's only one person there and to come back after 10, I have never seen or heard anything like it!!!!
They are rude as hell and are not very personable I can find a better establishment to spend my money with
Bought a hair dryer, took it home used it and the tip melted. Took it back to the store 2 hours after purchase for an exchange because of course they won't refund you. You can't find a store like it that will, but that's neither here nor there. I took it back for a replacement because I just spent $65 on it. They told me to call the company to replace it because it worked before giving it to me. That wasn't the complaint. It still worked when I took it back but had melted. These people didn't care, wouldn't replace it or nothing. But that's how you're treated after spending $70 in their store. I wouldn't recommend shopping here and it's definitely my last time. I mean honor what you say. Store credit or replacement if brung back within 7 days of purchase. Mine was bought back within 2 hours and this is the service I get. DON'T SHOP THERE!!!! Oh and the same dryer was $30 on Amazon...but they charged $59.99+ tax????

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