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41 Washington Ave, Grand Haven, MI 49417 United States of America
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Harbourfront Place has several strengths that make it an attractive destination for visitors. Firstly, the water scenery is a major highlight of the place. With plenty of baits and yachts around, it offers a picturesque view for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful environment. Families can also enjoy venturing out for a snack or some ice cream, making it a suitable place for all ages. Additionally, the beautiful views of the lake enhance the overall experience for visitors.
Another strength of Harbourfront Place is the presence of great restaurants and bars. This provides a range of dining options for visitors, catering to different taste preferences. The availability of diverse culinary experiences adds to the appeal of the place and encourages people to visit. Moreover, the great beer available at the location receives positive feedback, with visitors appreciating the full flavor and the helpfulness of staff even in the midst of COVID-19 precautions.
The presence of a great coffee shop within Harbourfront Place is another positive aspect. Visitors appreciate the quality of the coffee and the enjoyable environment provided. This allows coffee enthusiasts to indulge in their passion while enjoying the overall atmosphere of the place.
However, there are also certain weaknesses that need to be considered. One significant weakness is the difficulty in finding parking. This can be a major inconvenience for visitors, especially if they have to circle around or search for alternative parking spots. The lack of convenient parking arrangements can potentially deter some individuals from visiting altogether.
Another weakness mentioned is the noisy atmosphere. This could be a result of the large number of visitors or other factors. Noise pollution can detract from the overall experience, especially for those seeking a calm and serene environment. It may also impact the ability to hold conversations or enjoy the surroundings without disturbance.
Additionally, the shared restrooms receive negative feedback, particularly regarding cleanliness. This could be a significant concern, especially for visitors who value cleanliness and hygiene. Late at night, when cleanliness might be most important, the shared restrooms may not meet expectations, leading to dissatisfaction among visitors.
Another weakness highlighted is the limited options for non-beer drinkers. While the beer options receive praise, those who prefer other alcoholic beverages may feel left out. The cider and cocktails offered do not meet the standards of some visitors, with the cider being described as watered-down and the cocktails being premixed without any substitute options. This lack of variety and sub-par quality may disappoint non-beer drinkers and limit their enjoyment at Harbourfront Place.
Furthermore, the fact that the food options are provided by outside restaurants and require visitors to contact the restaurant themselves can be seen as a weakness. This process might be seen as inconvenient and could take away from the overall experience of dining at the location.
In conclusion, Harbourfront Place has several strengths that attract visitors, including the beautiful water scenery, great restaurants and bars, and a pleasant coffee shop environment. However, there are also weakness to consider, such as the difficulty in finding parking, the noisy atmosphere, the cleanliness of shared restrooms, limited options for non-beer drinkers, and the inconvenience of the food ordering process. Despite its flaws, Harbourfront Place still offers a unique and enjoyable experience for many, making it a worthy destination to explore.

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An excellent place to visit weather you are in town or out of town. If you like the water scenery, then this is the place. Plenty of baits and yachts around and a good place for the whole family to venture for a snack or even some ice scream as well along with a very nice beach and beautiful views of the lake too.
Hard to find parking. Noises atmosphere. There are several other places within the area as well. Nice area overall.
Houses some great restaurants and bars. Restrooms are all shared so beware late at night they are definitely not clean
Great beer! I expected the staff to be a little less than helpful given the COVID separation thing, but they were to notch, too. I was hoping to have their hazelnut barrel+aged stout and was disappointed they were out. However the recommendation of this Blackbeard's Bliss now will make it difficult to chose a favorite. Full flavor!
Really great coffee really great environment
I like this place and have been there several times but I'm only giving it 3 stars for their cider and cocktails. Beer is good, yes I realize that is what you go there for but some who are not beer drinkers might like to know about non beer options. Cider taste like watered down apple cider. Cocktails: these are all premixed no substitutes for spirits in them. I've had the Cosmo (overly sweet) and the vodka and lemonade, neither were good. I will give a separate review of beer and food options which are both good. Fyi food is from outside restaurants. go to bar to get menus and a number and call the restaurant yourself and give them your table number.
Went to Portabello with my sister and brother-in-law. It was a nice dinner. They had a nice view of the waterfront. Service was good. Sorry no pictures this time.
Fun little place with many treasures!

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