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Karol's Canine Cuts and Doggy Daycare

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520 Meade St, Watertown, NY 13601 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Karol's Canine Cuts and Doggy Daycare

Karol's Canine Cuts and Doggy Daycare place has received mostly positive comments from customers. These comments highlight the strengths of the business, such as their professionalism, love for dogs, and quality grooming and daycare services. However, there is also one negative comment that points out some weaknesses of the business, including a lack of responsibility and communication issues.
One strength of Karol's Canine Cuts is their professionalism. Customers appreciate the fact that the staff are professional in all capacities, providing excellent customer service and maintaining a clean facility. This professionalism instills confidence in customers and helps build trust in the business.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the love and care that Karol and her staff have for the dogs. Customers can tell that the dogs are spoiled and loved before they even walk in the door. This love and care create a positive and welcoming environment for the dogs, making them feel comfortable and happy during their visits.
The grooming services provided by Karol's Canine Cuts are also praised by customers. They mention that their dogs love being groomed here and come home exhausted after a day of play. This indicates that the grooming services are not only of high quality but also enjoyable for the dogs. Additionally, customers mention that their dogs come home looking pretty and more comfortable, suggesting that the groomers are gentle and skilled in handling the dogs.
The doggy daycare services offered by Karol's Canine Cuts are highly recommended by customers as well. They appreciate the accommodations, cleanliness, and friendliness of the staff towards the dogs. The affordability of the daycare services is also mentioned as a positive aspect, making it accessible to a wider range of customers.
However, there is one negative comment that sheds light on some weaknesses of Karol's Canine Cuts. The customer mentions a negative experience where their dog was handled poorly, without their consent, and faced challenges with communication and appointment changes. This comment showcases a lack of responsibility and consideration on the part of the business, leaving a negative impression on the customer. This negative experience highlights a weakness in the business's ability to handle difficult situations and communicate effectively with their customers.
In conclusion, Karol's Canine Cuts and Doggy Daycare place has several strengths, including professionalism, love for dogs, quality grooming services, and affordable doggy daycare. These strengths are evident in the positive comments from satisfied customers. However, the negative comment highlights weaknesses in terms of responsibility and communication. It is important for the business to address these weaknesses to ensure continued customer satisfaction and success in the long run.

Best TL Reviews

The kindest people around. They are professional in all capacities. You can tell how much they love all the dogs. Go see Karol and Alyssa for doggie daycare, over night needs, or grooming. Tell them George and Sparky sent you.
Karol’s Canine Cuts is family owned and operated. It is clear Karol and staff love what they do. The dogs are spoiled before they even walk in the door. My black lab and two yorkies love being groomed here and exhausted after a day of play. There is no lack of lovins while they are there and come home exhausted. It’s a WIN WIN for us humans and our fur babies. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
I do not recommend this place. Our first visit was cool, but since the lady who cut our dogs the first time is not there, this place is the worst. On the second visit with our dogs, they charged us a different amount than the first, before delivering the dogs he began to tell me how badly my puppy had behaved, that he had bitten her, that he had to place a bosal when my dog ​​has never been aggressive, the dog does have anxiety but we have never had big problems with a trim. She took by her own decision to trim the entire dog without the consent of the owners, which I let her know, I did not agree. I think we all know that if something is wrong, we should consider talking with the owners, she did not do it with me. Although she did not want to give a bad review because the other dog did well. After this appointment, I received 3 calls. She required me to have the dog medicated to be able to take care of him, I go to the vet, I get the medication, (even not agreeing) but to make her job easier, she called me 3 times to remind me of the medication and change the appointment, of which 8 am to 1 pm, from 1 pm to 12 pm. Today was finally the appointment, after almost two months of waiting, and she calls me at 10 am, having already given the dog the medication, to tell me that she will not attend him because according to her he is in poor health (which is difficult to believe when you've made the whole process so difficult). All because yesterday when they called me to confirm the appointment, I asked her to be with her and the puppy during the process to make sure my dog ​​was calm and everything was fine.
This site is missing something important, responsibility. I am not used to giving bad reviews and less to small businesses because I know how hard it is to find clients, but the lack of consideration and responsibility bothers me a lot. They demanded too much, and then they did not attend to us. I will never return to this place, but I do not recommend it for those who love their dogs as children.
I highly recommend this place for anyone who owns animals. My family and I have been bringing our dogs to this business for years. Karol, Alyssa and the staff are very professional, friendly, and run a great grooming/day care service for any local animal owners. There is a reason why they have been in business for years and will continue to be for many years to come.
My dog Ace goes to Karol’s for doggy day care 2-3 times a week. It is reasonably priced, the staff love & care for him as if he were their own, and the facilities are clean. I appreciate the thoroughness in the staff double checking all vaccinations and flea medicine is in place before allowing the dogs to be exposed to each other. I recently had Ace groomed for the first time here as well and they did a great job!!
Our family loves doggie daycare with Karol and friends! They are super accommodating, clean, and incredibly friendly toward all pups. Really affordable too!
Time and time again i would recommend Karol and Alyssa…..my 2 year old goldendoodle has been going there for Daycare for almost a year now and she loves it, has so many dog friends, is always happy tired from playing all day, and is loved so much by the staff there! I am the type of person that treats my dogs as if they were my own children, and Karol and Alyssa have always been kind, patient, flexible, and attentive whenever i have any questions or want their advice. With having a new puppy added to our family, they have gone over the top to help me and i know that my dogs are in wonderful care when left at Karols. My pups go for grooming as well and i am always happy with how they come back to me! With having gone to other groomers before and seeing my dog shake or tail between her legs, when i bring her to Karols she is happy, ready to go, no shaking and i know that she feels safe there! I would trust Karol and Alyssa with my dogs and know that they are treated the way i want them to be, and that is just the kindness of their hearts! If you are ever looking for grooming, or daycare….its not even a question, Karols is the place to go! Your pups will have a blast and you will feel so secure bringing them there!
I love the care our dog gets at Karol’s. She is always so gentle with her. The dog is not a fan of “spa day” but she comes home looking so pretty and I know she’s more comfortable. I’m not sure any dog loves it but our dog has to have this done and I’m very comfortable leaving her there.

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