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Quick Facts About Nail Trix

Nail Trix Place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one customer commented positively about the design of their nails, particularly the color-changing effect. This indicates that the salon is capable of creating visually appealing and unique nail designs. Another customer mentioned that the staff was friendly and that they liked the chemical smell of the salon. This suggests that the salon has a pleasant atmosphere and that the staff is welcoming to customers.
However, Nail Trix Place also has several weaknesses. One customer expressed embarrassment and disappointment with the quality of their nails. The nails were left smudged and smeared, indicating a lack of attention to detail and professionalism. Additionally, the customer felt that the salon was more concerned with making money than providing satisfactory services. This suggests that the salon may prioritize profit over customer satisfaction.
Another customer mentioned concerns about cleanliness and hygiene at the salon. They witnessed the nail technician using tools that were previously used on their feet to clean other tools, potentially leading to cross-contamination. This lack of proper sanitation practices is a major red flag for a salon, as it can contribute to the spread of infections and other health issues among customers.
Several customers mentioned negative experiences with their nail technicians. One customer complained about their technician filing their nails aggressively, resulting in pain and potential damage to their natural nails. Another customer felt uncomfortable and irritated when their technician made inappropriate comments about their personal life choices. These experiences highlight a lack of professionalism and customer service skills among some of the salon's staff members.
There were also complaints about the salon's pricing. One customer mentioned that Nail Trix Place charges significantly higher prices than other salons for similar services. This indicates that the salon may not offer a good value for money and may be overcharging customers. Another customer faced difficulty in receiving a refund after being overcharged, suggesting a lack of transparency and accountability in the salon's financial practices.
Overall, Nail Trix Place has strengths in terms of nail design and a friendly atmosphere. However, it faces significant weaknesses in areas such as attention to detail, sanitation, professionalism, and pricing. These weaknesses can result in negative customer experiences, causing customers to feel unhappy, embarrassed, and dissatisfied. The salon should address these weaknesses to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Best TL Reviews

I'm embarrassed and upset that my nails were left like this. I went with my daughter to have a good time together and get nails done for a wedding. I have no idea what to tell people when they ask me what the design is supposed to be on my ring finger. Dak (unsure thats his name) was very kind but in such a hurry to make business and $, he left my nails a mess. Put clear coat on top of black before it was dry and left it smeared up. 180$ for me and my daughter is expensive to be unhappy and embarrassed. All about the money here well i want my money back. Its a hassle for me to get there cuz im in a halfway house and im upset i have to go back to hopefully get my money back! I am not happy paying for this! Im including pictures of my fingers and toes and you tell me if youd be happy wearing the mess they gave me! Very sad! Wish your work matched your personality. It doesnt. And its like the women there are abused because they do not speak at all. Did my daughters without saying a word. She felt uncomfortable and awkward!They look at the men for words like they dont want to say the wrong thing. ????please send me my money back! Then i will remove my review!
The nails themselves came out nice the darker green on the tip of some of my nails in the pic is just from the color changing affect I picked, it reacts to temperature.
Short verson: My tech was very aggressive and my nails still hurt 9 hours later and my future step sister's tech was very unprofessional.
Longer version: Me and future step sister went to get our nails done for our parents wedding in 2 days. My tech filed my nails very aggressively and I'm assuming she lifted my natural nail when she went to dull the tip of the nail as she filed verticaly against the tip and not horizontally across the nail. My step sister's tech made a few jokes made us laugh a bit sure, but at one point I made a comment to my SS about me and my SO choosing not to have children and soon after my boyfriend called me and I told her adding that obviously I couldn't pick up. And her tech said "you don't want kids? You shouldn't pick up." And that comment made me very uncomfortable and honestly irritated. I didn't say anything not wanting to make a big deal, just stayed silent from the point out and watched my tech work.
I used to go to this place many years ago, but stopped coming because it went downhill. I came back to give it another try and got a gel pedicure. Firstly, it is not clean. They put a plastic shower cap type thing in the tub but then the nail tech used the NAIL TOOL JUST USED ON MY TOES to poke a hole in it to drain the water out! All of the tools they used they also proceeded to clean IN the tub my feet were soaking in, while my feet were soaking in there! Not using soap to wash them either, just dipping them in the water and then putting them back in containers in drawers full of other tools. The person also ended up using the callus sponge way too hard on the sides and top of my feet (which you aren’t even supposed to do) to where I audibly said “ow” and then got in my car only to realize - my foot had brushed cuts on the side and was bleeding! On top of all that, my toe nails were filed so short, you can see blood at the lining of them too and they hurt. Then they keep trying to push you to get a manicure done too (when my nails are clearly done) and they wait for you to tip them before you even pay. I will NOT be coming back here and don’t recommend it to anyone.
i love my anti hunter warning themed nails thanks guys ! and priced well. i liked the staff a lot. good chemical smell ????
Went in for a gel pedicure and now I’m afraid I’m going to get an infection in my toe. There was no reason I should have been cut. Will not be returning.
Nog was awesome
She did my nails perfectly
And helped me picking the color
I love them
The worst salon! First off this place is a rip off. They charge about 50/60$ extra than any other salon for the same services. Their work isnt the best. Very rushed, crocked lines. Not worth it AT ALL what they charge. I was very un satisfied with my pedicure. Last time I came here they over charged me 100$!! I came in and had to wait about 35 minutes to receive a "refund" and they claimed I was "lying". Its been almost 3 weeks and I havent received my refund. I called and they stated it takes 3-6 weeks to receive refund. 0/10
Rude technician! He rushed through my fill it looks terrible and I know he spoke English but didn't say 2 words to me! I said thank you many times with NO RESPONSE!. Huffing and puffing.. eye rolling...I get it we all have bad days at work but my God! I felt like I was bothering him by being there! Never again! I wish I could post a pic... very disappointed.

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