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Nails By David Lee

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3507 Tully Rd #150, Modesto, CA 95356 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Nails By David Lee

1. Great Service: Many customers mentioned that they received great service at Nails By David Lee. This indicates that the staff is attentive, friendly, and provides a positive experience for customers.
2. Quick Service: One customer commented on the quick service they received at the salon. This suggests that the salon is efficient and can accommodate a large number of customers within a short period of time.
3. Reasonable Prices: Multiple customers mentioned that the prices at Nails By David Lee are reasonable. This can attract customers who are looking for affordable nail services without compromising on quality.
4. Skill in Nail Design: Customers mentioned that the salon is skilled in creating unique and intricate nail designs. This showcases the expertise and creativity of the nail technicians, which can attract customers who are interested in personalized and creative nail art.
5. Long-lasting Nails: One customer mentioned that their green nails lasted almost four weeks. This indicates that the salon uses high-quality products and techniques to ensure that the nails last longer, providing customers with value for their money.
1. Inconsistent Cuticle Clean-up: One customer mentioned that their cuticles were not cleaned up before applying acrylic nails. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the level of attention to detail and thoroughness in the service provided.
2. Refusal to Fix Mistakes: A customer expressed dissatisfaction with the salon's refusal to fix their nails, which had fallen off and bubbled due to a technician's error. This indicates a lack of accountability for mistakes made by the salon's staff, leading to an unsatisfactory customer experience.
3. Rude Customer Service: Multiple customers commented on the poor customer service provided by the owner, David. They mentioned his rude demeanor, lack of eye contact, and attitude towards customers. This reflects negatively on the overall customer experience and can deter potential customers.
4. Overcharging: A customer felt that they were overcharged for the services they received, which resulted in them feeling dissatisfied with the value they received for their money. This indicates a lack of transparency in pricing or a misalignment between the quality of services provided and the prices charged.
5. Lack of Appointments: Some customers expressed frustration with the salon's policy of only accepting walk-ins and not offering appointments. This can inconvenience customers who prefer to plan their visits in advance or have a busy schedule, potentially leading them to seek services elsewhere.

Best TL Reviews

Great Service. Pretty nails, but I would love if my cuticles were cleaned up before the acrylic. However due to the price I can understand why. Very quick service. #23&24 ????????
Update: green nails are going for almost 4 weeks strong!
I have been here multiple times. David really works on his customer service. However, this morning 1/21/23 I went in to get my nails fixed from 1/19/23 due to the design falling off & bubbling from the nail technicians error. The gentleman in there refused to fix. I was leaving out of town and unable to wait for the technician that did my nails. After spending $65 on a set of nails I feel that they should stand behind their work regardless of technician. Rude and now will not be going back.
I used to come to this place regularly over 13 years ago! Moved back to town recently and gave them a try very last minute and I’m just as happy as I was 13 years ago! I love this place! Do an excellent job and prices are very reasonable! Thank you David’s nails!!
27 lanna and 28 kevin are the best they have. I don't go to anyone else.. they only accept walk ins unfortunately no appointments. But they are worth the wait my nails always last.
Pink nails are my sisters .. green are mine !!!
I usually get the same person for my feet and nails. Lee does a wonderful job, if she's busy I usually wait for her. David is a good guy. I been going to this business for a very long time. His assistant manager Tommy I believe is his name. He is a great person.
Love that they can always do my crazy designs. Great job by Kevin today but each time it’s a great job no matter who dies the work.
The customer service at this location is absolutely horrible. The owners (David) customer service is so horrible. He’s only nice to the old white women. But if you ask for an appointment or any question he’s rude, has a nasty attitude. He mumbles under his breathe doesn’t even make eye contact. Just straight up has an attitude. If you try paying with card or so he will get mad and catches yet ANOTHER attitude. The nail techs are the only ones that are nice. Go if you want to be rude at.
I asked the lady to fix an acrylic nail that she made and looked awful. She got mad at me because I told her after she put the tools in her bag. Yes my bad for wasting 2 mins of her time after they had me wait almost 30 mins to get my nails painted because they could not figure out who was going to do my nails. It was busy but I was one of the first to get there and very last to leave. I wanted a design on my nails but felt uncomfortable asking since they didn’t ask. I feel I got overcharged for what I got. I give them 2 stars because my nails came out ok. Only reason this place gets so packed is because apparently it’s cheaper than other places.

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