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Westgate Shopping Center, 112 Magnolia Dr S, Tifton, GA 31794 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Nails Studio

Nails Studio place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, one positive aspect mentioned by a customer is the husband who takes his time with every customer. This suggests that there is at least one staff member who provides good service and pays attention to detail. Additionally, another customer mentioned that Andy does an awesome job on SNS nails, showcasing that there may be a skilled nail technician at the studio. This suggests that the studio has the capability to provide high-quality services in certain areas.
Moving on to the weaknesses, hygiene seems to be a major concern at Nails Studio place. Several customers complained about the unhygienic practices observed. One customer mentioned that the staff used the same wax stick repeatedly on different customers during eyebrow waxing, which raises concerns about cross-contamination. Additionally, it was mentioned that old face masks were used as wax strips, indicating a lack of proper sanitation and hygiene practices. Furthermore, the presence of mold in the sprayer and dirty tubs suggest a lack of cleanliness and maintenance at the studio. These hygiene issues are significant weaknesses and can lead to health risks for customers.
Another weakness mentioned is the inconsistency in the studio's opening hours. One customer reported that the studio sometimes opens 2 to 3 hours later than the stated opening time. This lack of punctuality can be frustrating for customers who expect the studio to be open as advertised.
Poor customer service is another weakness highlighted by customer comments. One customer mentioned that the staff would not listen to their requests, refused to correct mistakes, and engaged in arguments. This suggests a lack of professionalism and customer-oriented approach. Another customer mentioned that they pleaded with the staff to fix their nails but were ignored, leading to disappointment in the service provided. These experiences point to a lack of good customer service and a failure to meet customer expectations.
In terms of pricing, customers expressed dissatisfaction with the value for money. One customer felt that the prices were too high for the quality of the service, mentioning that they paid $17 for a nail polish job that started peeling off in less than two hours. Another customer mentioned that they found the price of $25 for a 2-year-old to get their nails done to be excessive. These comments suggest that the studio may overcharge for the quality of service provided.
Overall, Nails Studio place has some weaknesses that need to be addressed, particularly in terms of hygiene, punctuality, and customer service. While there are a few strengths mentioned, such as skilled technicians in certain areas, the negative comments outweigh the positive ones. Improvements in these areas could help enhance the studio's reputation and attract more satisfied customers.

Best TL Reviews

These people are filthy when it comes to waxing your eye brows they use the same wax stick over and over again and on every one which is a corn dog stick and for the streps I watch her take of her black and flower design mask and cut the cloth into pieces and use them as the wax streps. Her and her daughter do a terrible job on acrylic nails and painting they rush everything and when you're get your feet done they rush and don't massage you feet or even clean out your toes only great thing about the business Is the husband he take his time with EVERY ONE but if you're looking to get waxes by someone who use the same wax stick and old mask for wax streps this is the place for you
Great service but don’t open when stated on the door sometimes they open 2 to three hours after
A lady before me got her eyebrows waxed and I notice the worker kept sticking the same stick in the wax that she used in the lady, also they use old face mask to snatch the wax off. So I told her no I didn’t want my eyebrows waxed because that is nasty to double dip and not the right strips. Also when I was getting my foot did I seen mold on the sprayer YUCK! After she was done with my foot, she cleaned out the tub. But when another customer came to get her foot done she notice the tub still was still dirty and she told her “No that’s dirty,” but the worker said “All good, All clean.” Which it definitely wasn’t clean! I wouldn’t refer this place to anyone. And Their customer is Terrible!!
Less then 2 hrs and the nail polish is literally peeling of $17 dollar for a 5 year old ridiculous not to mention all they did was put color no manicure nothing im not going back never you guys are over priced for the work you do horrible service
$25 for a 2-year-old to get their nails done that was too much just painted don't go there no more
Horrible place!!!!!!
He refused to put gel on my toe nails because its "too hard to take off" and because "toe nails don't need it"....
Instead, he just put nail polish which i could have done a better job with my eyes closed.
The finger nails got lucky, for he put gel on them but look for the quality on the picture below. Please, give yourself a favor and don't waste your precious time and money in that hole!!!!!
Andy does an awesome job on SNS nails. He takes his time and they look amazing!! He is friendly, courteous and professional! If you are not going here, you are missing out on a great business!
Staff would not listen to what I requested of my nails. I begged them to correct the mistakes and they refused. I went in for a fill in and left still needing to have one. She caked on the polish and it would not dry underneath. I pleaded with them to correct it and the man only wanted to argue that they were fine and left new chip marks on my nails. I was very disappointed with the service. I asked to keep the same shape and they ended up crooked and uneven and skinny at the tips, beyond my actual nail. I would give no stars if it would let me.

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