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2449 10th Ave N, Lake Worth, FL 33461 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Ny Nails

Ny Nails Place, based on the provided comments, seems to have a number of weaknesses that customers have experienced. These weaknesses include inexperienced staff, overcharging, poor customer service, unprofessionalism, lack of sanitation standards, subpar results, and low-quality products. On the other hand, there is one comment praising one particular staff member for their skill and service. Let's further analyze these strengths and weaknesses in detail.
Starting with the weaknesses, many customers express their dissatisfaction with the quality of the services provided. One person mentions that their nails turned out to be a disaster, possibly due to the inexperienced staff member who had no idea what they were doing. Another customer claims that the instrumental hygiene was poor, leading to a nail infection. This indicates a serious flaw in the salon's sanitation standards.
In addition to the quality of service, there are many complaints about poor customer service. Customers mention that the owner ignored their complaints and showed no concern for their discomfort or pain. This lack of accountability and failure to address customer issues reflects poorly on the salon's professionalism. One customer even states that the owner only asked for a picture of their face, rather than taking responsibility for the unsatisfactory service. This indicates a lack of empathy and customer-centric approach.
Another common complaint is the excessive waiting time. Customers mention waiting for over 40 minutes despite making appointments in advance. This suggests that the salon prioritizes walk-in customers over those who have made reservations, which is unfair and reflects poor management.
Several customer comments also highlight issues with the pricing. They mention being overcharged and feeling like they wasted their money on low-quality services. One person states that their gel pedicure chipped just two days later, leading to disappointment and a sense that the service was not worth the price paid.
Lastly, there are complaints about the salon's cleanliness and adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols. One customer mentions that the salon did not go beyond requiring masks and that the nail technician did not properly dry the nails, causing inconvenience and pain.
Turning to the strengths, one customer explicitly praises a staff member named Tam for her skill and service. They mention that Tam is a beautiful person inside and out and does an excellent job with their eyebrows. This indicates that the salon may have at least one staff member who provides exceptional service and satisfies customers.
In summary, Ny Nails Place has several weaknesses that need to be addressed. These weaknesses include inexperienced staff, poor customer service, lack of sanitation standards, excessive waiting times, overcharging, low-quality services/products, and cleanliness issues. However, there is one comment praising a specific staff member, suggesting that there may be potential for improvement if the salon can consistently deliver such high-quality service. Overall, Ny Nails Place has significant room for improvement in order to provide a satisfactory experience for customers.

Best TL Reviews

Worst expérience ever!!!DO NOT GET YOUR NAILS DONE HERE!!!My nails turned out to be a disaster! The young lady seemed new and had no clue what she was doing and they overcharged . And this is my nails after 3 days. I was so bad I had to remove the polish. Complained to the owner and she completely ignored me
Beware of this place - irresponsible and unprofessional and health & sanitation standards are well below average.
I made appointment 24 hours in advance for manicure & pedicure. After pedicure owner passed me off to another nail tech J. for manicure so she could take in a walk in. Owner also made my daughter wait over 40 minutes so she could keep taking in walk ins even though she also had made advance reservation. Instruments used on nails must have not been sterilized because I developed a nail infection on ring finger immediately after cuticle trim that's been swollen and painful for over a week. When I called owner she was less than concerned and had texted me asking for picture, so I sent her proof of infection on my finger and she has audacity to ask for a picture of my face so she could try to remember who I was...WTH like my face had nothing to do with the careless service that caused my nail infection. Never took into consideration the pain and discomfort I went through, didn't hold herself accountable and did absolutely nothing to make things right. Just blew off my whole infection and complaint. Horrible customer service and reckless operation.
Tam is a beautiful person in and out I just love her ❤️ I love the way she does my eyebrows and I'm a very picky person. Been coming to her for several months.
Worse place ever, the girl have absolutely no knowledge about so ever my nails are looking so ugly and grotesque and it was horrible, don't waste your money thede
If I could zero stars I would! I spent nearly 4 hours in there with my mom not only did the lady cut out nail beds but they also did not protect my nails. As soon as.i left I washed my hands and the paint faded and caused white streaks in my grey/blue.polish. she did not allow the paint to even dry before trying to put more paint and still missed spots somehow, as well as used an excess of glue on my nails. Usually I wouldn't complain however for it to have taken almost 4 hours for sub-par results is ridiculous.
I spent three hours here and I will never go back. There was a white film over my nails and they were very lumpy. The salon is not clean and they're not being sanitary for covid other than requiring a mask to be worn. When I left the nail tech said my nails were dry and when I got to my car they were still wet, sticking to everything. My fingers are all cut up from rough filing...I had to have my nails redone somewhere else today because my fingers were in so much pain.
If you’re thinking about going here, don’t. I paid $50 for a gel pedicure that chipped 2 days later. I also paid $40 for a fill in with design and not only did my design chip away, multiple nails cracked the same day! I went back and they were willing to fix my toe but would not reimburse me for the fill in. Instead, I was told I needed to be more careful. Good quality products don’t cause problems the same day you get them done! Though the ladies there are kind their nail services are a complete waste of money and time. Save your hard earned money and go somewhere else!
I came here to get a fill in for my gel nails. The girl working said she didn’t much gel experience and asked if she could do acrylic instead. I said sure it was fine asked some questions, and was told they last 2-4 weeks or longer because they’re durable. It’s been a week and a half and one fell off, 2 more are falling off, and the polish is chipped. She took 2 and a half hours to take off nails and put acrylics on. She was also watching netflix full volume while doing my nails.

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